6ª. Calle Norte Poniente No. 109 B. Santa Cecilia
Comitán de Domínguez, Chiapas, México C.P. 30060
R.F.C. ICS-930811-U1A
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Dear Brethren
I am pleased to greet you through these words and to share with you what God is doing
with our brothers from Pushilá Chiapas.
As you know, our brothers and sisters were able to return home in late December 2013.
Their houses are damaged but are habitable. The trip from Comitán to Pushilá takes
approximately 6 hours by dirt road, but with a beautiful landscape.
Pushilá is located at the tip of the mountain.
To get there, we need to pass around the hills.
The weather is cold.
Here is Pushilá, you can see the low
sky; corn, coffee, bananas and
vegetables are grown.
For now, the children have not returned to classes because the teachers were dismissed
in November 2013 due to personal problems with village leaders. However, people in Pushilá
are in talks with city officials to make possible the return of the teachers in fulfillment of the
agreements. As soon as teachers return, the children will attend classes.
Because of the tension existing, for now there are not many pictures, but on the next trip
I will be visiting the brothers' homes and I hope to have more photographic material. Also, at
the next town meeting, we will try for the possibility of receiving authorization to build a
temple in the village.
The churches of the region contributed corn; there is now enough for all families for four
months. We also delivered some groceries. Thank God there is peace in Pushilá.
This is the place that was constructed for a place of worship.
We were in the kitchen of Sister Angelina. We were greeted with a huge smile.
Like everyone, she is happy to have her kitchen and her house back.
As I reported in the previous report, we were not able to join our brothers in the return,
so we did not know what would be the reaction of the people when they saw us. Thank God
we did not have any disagreement. Any uncertainty was dispelled by seeing our brothers and
sisters happy to be back at home and enjoying the peace of God. They continue being witnesses
to their faith in Christ, and the fruit is that a new family has accepted Christ.
Personally, and on behalf of each of them, we appreciate your support and also we
continue pleading for your prayers as our brothers continue with their lives preaching the
gospel of Jesus. Also pray that they have what they need for their support until such time that
they can plant their lands.
Thanks again and God bless you.
Pastor Guadalupe Vivar

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