Capacity Building Campaign -FinalPhase


Capacity Building Campaign -FinalPhase
Since 1972,
helping children in
Will and Grundy
Counties reach
their potential
relationships with
mentors that have
a measurable
Capacity Building Campaign - Final Phase
“For every $1 spent on this program,
we save $10-$20 in remedial costs
for expensive rehabilitation and
correctional programs later.”
Proven Cause, Sound Investment
Increased Visibility & Space to Serve More Children
Will County State’s Atty. Jim Glasgow
The new location, across from the University of St. Francis (at Taylor St. & Route
30) allows for unprecedented collaborative partnerships..
“Children in this program truly believe in
themselves because a Big Brother or Sister
believes in them. It’s important to do the right
thing by supporting Big Brothers Big Sisters —
one of the right things in life!”
Will County Executive Larry Walsh
Vacated Facility: Flooding, Termites, No Room
Appraised as
nor is it
reasonable to
rehab or add
Terence Guider-Shaw/
Narrow hallways
were not up to
code with the
Americans with
Disabilities Act.
Terence Guider-Shaw/
Mushrooms grew
from the ceiling.
Besides the building’s restrictive layout, there were serious structural issues
caused by water retention after any appreciable precipitation which created a
fertile breeding ground for termites and rodents infestation.
$1M Capacity Building Campaign
...increasing our ability to serve the growing population of at-risk children in Will and Grundy Counties.
Carroll Klotz
Sheriff Paul Kaupas
Stofan Agazzi & Company
County of Will
Mark Lichtenwalter
Tom Grotovsky
Spesia, Ayers & Ardaugh
Current ‘Big Brother’
R. Berti & Sons
Annette Leck
Laird M. Ozmon
Management Strategies
Law Office of Laird Ozmon, Ltd.
Laurie McPhillips
Jim Serr
Coldwell Banker
Clarity / Current ‘Big Brother’
Larry Coyle
Ernesto Tan, M.D.
Exelon Nuclear-Braidwood
Advanced Urology Associates
Former ‘Big Brother’
Roxane Geraci
Larry Walsh
Will County Executive
Val Rand
Rand’s Hallmark
Office of W ill County
Executive Larry Walsh
Paul Gantzert
Jim Roolf
Gantzert Investments Co.
Former ‘Big Brother’
First Midwest Bank-Joliet
Illinois Tollway Board of Directors
Larry Wiers
Lewis University
This is more than simply a building...
It allow us to help children for years and years to come.
Founded in 1972 by Daryl Alderson, Big Brothers
Big Sisters has served thousands of children in Will
and Grundy Counties for 37 years. Today we offer a
variety of site-based mentoring programs, in
addition to the original community-based
mentoring programs.
Imagine trying to help 1,000 children a year find
mentors and positive role models. Now, imagine
doing that in makeshift offices, in a dilapidated,
termite-infested building. Previously, employees
were crammed in to small offices without even a
room large enough to accommodate our Board of
Directors, much less provide training and assistance
to our Bigs and Littles.
There are an estimated 14,241 single-parent
households and 16,294 children living in poverty in
Will and Grundy Counties. Currently, Big Brothers
Big Sisters is able to work directly with 500 of those
children each year, and by 2010 we plan to double
that amount.
Our larger facility increases our effectiveness
significantly at a time when our community needs us
the most. Big Brothers Big Sisters has to grow
efficiently and effectively to meet the expanding
needs of our children.
Children & Volunteers Served
Will & Grundy Counties
2007 & 2008
Big Brothers Big Sisters matches
at-risk youth with volunteer adult
mentors through safe, high quality,
professionally supported programs.
Research shows that children who have a
Big Brother or a Big Sister are:
• 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
• 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
• 52% less likely to skip a day of school
• 1/3 less likely to resort to violence
Partner in something BIG
Major donations from generous individuals
have enabled Big Brothers Big Sisters to be a
pioneer in promoting volunteerism and developing new ways to reach young people
who need our services the most.
417 W. Taylor Street · Joliet, IL 60435
(815) 723-BBBS