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matched - Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area
Episode 1
Congratulations on adopting a match!
Your contribution means that a young person will benefit from the
guidance of a caring mentor for the next year.
What is the impact of your investment on the life of a child or youth?
What is it like to have a Big Brother or Big Sister? Based on the stories
and experiences of the many matches we have guided, we’re pleased to
share with you Matched - the ongoing tale of new mentor Andy and his
mentee Josh told through snippets of modern-day communications. As we
move through the year, you will receive periodic updates on their story. We
hope you enjoy it.
About Big Brothers Big Sisters of Calgary and Area
In 2013 Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada celebrated 100 years of
changing the lives of young people through mentoring. Big Brothers Big
Sisters of Calgary and Area (BBBS Calgary) is a volunteer driven, donor
supported organization founded on mentoring as a proven strategy for
child and youth resiliency. BBBS Calgary programs serve more than 2,000
children and families from Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, High River, Okotoks
and the surrounding areas.
1 The Story of A Match
Mom & Dad
Sept 9, 2013
Guess what!?
Mom & Dad,
Was great to see everyone at dinner over the weekend,
as usual it was delicious mom. Thanks!
Remember how I was talking about doing something
more meaningful with my spare time? Well, today on
Fan960 they interviewed volunteers from Big Brothers
Big Sisters in Calgary and they’re looking for Big
Brothers. So I went to their website and applied! It is
pretty intense, I did an interview and a police check.
You can expect someone from BBBS to contact you for
a reference too.
Now I’m a bit anxious. Do I have the time to be a Big
Brother – and will I be any good it? Growing up with
Matt must have been good practice though, right? Only
one way to find out I guess.
Wish me luck!
Love Andy 2
JJ! Josh's Journal!
May 21, 2013
Today mom signed me up to get a Big
Brother. They told me I will have to
wait for the right mentor, someone
specially for me. I'm really excited. I hope
somebody wants to be my Big Brother.
JJ! Josh's Journal!
November 12, 2013
Yesterday when I got home from school,
mom told me we have to go to the Big
Brother office next week because there's
someone who wants to be my Big Brother!
WOW! I didn’t think it would ever happen.
Now I'm really nervous.
3 The Story of A Match
Mom & Dad
Nov 12, 2013
Guess what!?
Hey Mom & Dad,
Got a call from BBBS today. Going in next week to meet
a kid they think will be a good fit for me. He’s in grade
five, loves video games, hockey, and snowboarding.
Sounds a lot like me, right?
Don’t tell Matt, but he might have competition in the
little brother category soon!
I’ll meet him and his mother and we’ll all decide if it’s
a good match. I’m pretty nervous. What will we talk
about? What if we don’t get along? What if he doesn’t
like me?
Love Andy
P.S Don’t worry mom, we’ll do more than just play video
games! 4
JJ! Josh's Journal!
Nov 19, 2013
Today I went with my mom to Big
Brothers. The lady there had me meet
Andrew but he told me to call him Andy.
They asked me lots of questions, but I
could tell right away that he was going
to be my Big Brother. We got along really
good cause he likes some of the stuff
I like. Mom likes him too and he said he
would call me on Friday after school and
we would do something.
I can't wait!
5 The Story of A Match
Find out how Josh and Andy’s first day went AND who won
the hockey game in Matched Episode 2 ... 6
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