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ShotByShot-CIC-Summi.. - California Immunization Coalition
Our Community:
Connection In A
Virtual World
Amanda Roth, M.S.W., M.P.H.
California Immunization Coalition
Dr. Samuelson’s Story
Building An Online
Community n, A place
where people come together
to share common interests.
Why Shot By Shot?
We live in a time when there is more fear
from theorized side effects from vaccines
than from the diseases themselves.
Tony’s Story
“Influenza isn’t ‘That Bad’ right?...”
-Hugh, Tony’s Dad
“Nobody ever marched
on Washington because
of a pie chart.”
Andy Goodman, Storytelling Guru,
Cofounder and Director of The Goodman Center
Story Gallery
Web Content
A Hib Story
“I could have
prevented this
as a mother if I
had just gotten
his shots.”
-Matthew’s Mom
Rachel’s Story
“I kind of thought that
if everyone else had
done it [vaccinated], I
perhaps didn’t need
to. And that
complacency cost us
so much as a family.”
Lola May’s Mom
Provider Outreach
Dr. Brooks’ Story
"In your mind as a
doctor, you’re like,
'No, this patient is
not going to die as
long as I’m taking
care of him!'”
-Dr. Oliver Brooks
“You try to
protect your
Kristen’s Dad
Launching Facebook
Our Community Is Born
Kaliah’s Story
“I kissed her on
the forehead and
told her I loved
her so much and
she wouldn’t have
to fight anymore.”
Kaliah’s Mom
Fostering Our Community
Our Community Is Supportive
Our Online Community
Tony’s Story
Our Twitter Community
Our Community Is Global
Our Collaborative Community
Jesse’s Story
“We want to warn
other parents that
while chickenpox
is often a mild
disease, you
can’t count on it.”
-Jesse’s parents
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