Kidsnewsletter0614 - the United States Taekwondo Academy


Kidsnewsletter0614 - the United States Taekwondo Academy
Peer Pressure— Noun — Social pressure on
someone to adopt a type of behavior, dress or attitude in order to be accepted as part of a group. “Come on! ALL of us are
cutting math. We’re going to take a walk and get lunch instead. Let’s
go!” says the coolest kid in your class. Do you do what is right and got
to math class or do you give in and go with them?
Making decisions on your own is hard enough, but when other people
get involved and try to pressure you one way or another, it can be even
harder. People who are your age, like your classmates, are called
peers. When they try to influence how you act or to get you to do
something, it’s called peer pressure. It’s something everyone has to
deal with — even adults. It’s tough to be the only one who says ”no” to
peer pressure, but you can do it!
Have you ever felt pressured to do something you didn’t want to do just
because your friends were doing it? What are ways you can tell your
friends “no,” if you don’t want to do something?
Why did the computer go to the doctor?
Because it had a virus!
What do you call a bear with no teeth?
A gummy bear!
Mother’s Day is coming soon! This is the day we
honor our mothers for all they do. Stop and think
about everything your mom does for you. She
fixes your meals, washes your clothes, makes
sure you get to school on time, washes the
dishes, cleans the house, and tucks you in to
bed at night. And some moms do this while
working a full-time job. Wow, that’s a lot of work
for one person!
How often do we express our gratitude to our
mothers for what they do for us? This month,
think of a special way you can tell your mom,
“Thanks!” You could make a meal for her, do
the laundry, or wash the dishes. She will appreciate anything you can do for her; it’s the
thought that counts!
Help mom find the baby’s rattle!
If spring showers bring spring flowers, what kind of flowers would bloom?
What is your favorite kind of flower? Draw and color it in the space below!
Unique (Noun) \ yoo-neek \
1. Only one: being the only one of a kind.
2. Special: different from others in a way that makes
somebody or something special and worthy of note.
The platypus, a mammal that lays eggs, is a unique animal.
Unique originated as a French word in the early 1600s meaning
single or solitary. By the mid-19th century, it developed a wider
meaning of not typical and/or unusual.
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”
~ E.E. Cummings
Each number represents a letter. Some are filled in for you.
Can you guess the rest? HINT: Think of words with the letters you have.