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Pork Crawl 2014 Recipe
Recipe Name: Fricase de Patitas y Cachetes de Cerdo (Pigs Feet Stew)
Restaurant: Pikayo
Chef Wilo Benet
10 lb. pigs feet, cooked, bones removed and diced
10 lb. pork cheeks, diced
6 lb. smoked ham hocks, skin removed, diced
1 cup sofrito
1/4 cup garlic clove slivers
1 qt. onions, small diced
1 qt. Spanish tomato sauce
3 bottles (750 ml.) dry Spanish sherry
½ qt. raw English peas
80 -100 Petit Parisienes (raw) of "apio" or any other root like tanier, taro etc.
1. Place all the ingredients with the exception of the "apio" and peas in a heavy bottom pot large
enough to accommodate all the ingredients, stir to incorporate all of them well and simmer for
two hours.
2. At this point taste for seasoning and correct with salt and pepper to taste, add the peas and
3. Continue cooking for three to five minutes.
4. Serve immediately or hold in a water bath for service.
Serving Suggestion:
1. Serve stew with white rice, pork cracklings, fresh avocado and pique to compliment according
to tradition and personal preference.