Pimp my Ride!!


Pimp my Ride!!
! Year 8 Homework. Autumn Term. The Smart!
We have a problem!! Climate Change Road transport accounts for 22% of total UK emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) – the major contributor to climate change. Local Impacts Vehicle use affects our whole quality of local life. Traffic can be dangerous and intimidating, dividing communities and making street life unpleasant. Abandoned vehicles cause nuisance, whilst air pollution and traffic noise can make urban living uncomfortable. Air Quality Air pollutants from transport include nitrogen oxides, particles, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons. All have a damaging impact on the health of people, animals and vegetation locally. .howstuffworks.com
http://www.environmental­protection.org.uk/transport/car­pollution/ Your challenge!! Task 1. Research into car pollution… Construct an information piece telling your viewer all about the problem with car pollution. The piece can be in a format of your choice… •A leaflet •A chapter in your ‘project’ •A poster Its up to you! Remember all the ways you can convey information to an audience in a visual way… You can use images, writing, mind mapping, colour­ the more visual you make your work the more exciting it will be to look at.
The Smart! Task 2… What is a smart? The Smart car is a new and vibrant concept in car design. What makes it so? What is so different about the Smart? What is the ethos behind the ‘smart’ design? The ethos of ‘smart’ not only applies to the car but runs through the ideas of the whole company. What is that ethos? What is the smart company ‘vision’? The next ‘chapter’ in your project will tell us all the answers to our questions. Research the car and its maker… give us the answers we want!! www.truthaboutsmart.co.uk
Pimp your Smart! They want a Mojo!!!! Task 3… Choose from the following target market… Surfer Urban cool cowboy Eco­organic Warrior Yummy Mummy Late teen early twenties business shark 50+ (still be slick at 50. look at Madonna!) You need to product a set of designs to Pimp your Smart for your chosen target market. You will need to show… Initial design ideas/concepts Developed design ideas Final orthographic design. Your work should be fully annotated, rendered and presented beautifully. Remember the company ETHOS while designing! (There are car plans further on to help you).
Even better… ? Can you go the extra smart mile!? Extension­ You can now take your Smart even further with the net we have given you and actually make a 3D model of your design… Just like the design you have just done you must make sure the model is beautifully rendered and drawn… Can you take your work one step further? Are you up to the challenge? On the following 3 pages there are recourses to help you with your drawing and your 3D model. Feel free to use the ones we have given you, they are there to help.