DOWNLOAD Refinery29`s featured products


DOWNLOAD Refinery29`s featured products
The UNSEEN Magick, enables the Spinel to visualize this energy loss with a color change
gradient, through black - orange - red -green - blue - purple. Using the Swarovski stone ensured
precise regularity across the stones.
MUSE - Your personal meditation assistant
Real-time feedback lets you hear what’s happening in your brain
while you meditate
Simple exercises that show you exactly what to do
Challenges, milestones and awards to keep you motivated
*Clear your mind to dream big
Unobtrusively clipped to your belt or
bra, SPIRE knows when you're stressed
and helps you reduce tension with
smart notifications and gentle
Once you’ve placed LUCY in a spot with a view of
the sun, point its nose towards the ceiling of the
room you want to illuminate. When the reflected
sunlight hits the ceiling it scatters all around
creating a natural glow that evenly distributes the
illumination in the room.
With the PRYNT case’s interchangeable adapter system you can use Prynt from any phone. Each
Prynt photo is the key to a piece of digital content. When you take a picture, our app records a
video and stores it in the cloud, linked to that photo. After it’s been printed, your friends can use
the Prynt app to see your hidden message. Click the play button to see it in action.
*Create tangible memories anywhere*
NORMAL: an innovative brand selling tailor-made, premium earphones. Customized by
the user, Normals are fully personalized for each user’s ear, engineered and 3D printed in
New York City. The company is a leader in using 3D printing technology to mass produce a
consumer product, changing the rules (and future) of American manufacturing.
FLIC is a small wireless button that you
can stick anywhere. It connects to your
iOS or Android device and can do
anything your phone can.
With its 360° audio & video camera and a powerful video
projection system that moves up and down at a 90°,
KEECKER lets you project movies & images, listen to music,
browse the web, make video calls, play video games and even
redecorate your home.
PANCAKEBOT Our included user-friendly software allows you to design your own
pancake by tracing any image right on your computer. From your favorite piece of
art or character, a child's drawing, a product image or your company or team logo,
the software creates the file and the PancakeBot does the rest. As the artist, you
control what lines are drawn first, which in turn lets you determine the shading of
the pancake. The BEMOR App lets users switch between your connected
Behmor devices with a swipe of your finger. Control your
Behmor roaster and brewing equipment with pro tools and
NIMA is a discreet, portable device that allows you to
test liquid and solid foods for gluten in about two
minutes. Developed by 6SensorLabs, Nima alleviates
the stress around unknown food ingredients, delivers
social freedom and makes mealtime enjoyable again.
Nima will offer a community component on
smartphones with the ability to share food test results
with other users via a connected app.
The Anova Precision Cooker
circulates water around the pot.
The circulation brings food to a
very precise temperature. Food
never overcooks. It’s just how you
like it, every time.
HERE provides advanced audio tools engineered to give you dynamic control
over your audio environment. Volume control, a five-band EQ, pre-set filters
and layered effects like bass boost, reverb and flange let you curate and
enhance every listening experience.
Small as a credit card - Simply attach the iTRAQ to any
of your valuables and locate them anywhere in the world
using your smartphone.
Each KEYRIOUS key is the
beginning of a journey.
More than a hand-crafted piece of
fine jewelry, Keyrious’
Percy pendant is also a unique
digital key that will unlock a
personalized surprise.
AWAY Maximum allowable size for all major airlines
Made from 100% virgin Makrolon® polycarbonate hardshell
Integrated TSA-approved lock on top of bag
Removable laundry bag and compression divider
Built-in 10,000 mAh battery charges smartphones, tablets, etc.
PAULINE VAN DONGEN - In sunlight, the shirt produces 1W of electricity – enough to
charge a typical phone. The shirt can charge smartphones, MP3 players, cameras,
GPS systems and other USB-compatible handheld or portable devices. Electricity can
be stored for later use in the shirt’s battery pack
OM Smart Shirt, OM Smart Box and
OM Smart App act like a personal
coach, making fitness more fun and
helping you achieve your fitness goals
quicker. Welcome to the perfect
workout team.
REBECCA MINKOFF - This studded
bracelet seamlessly converts into a
USB connector. The gold clasp hides
the USB connectors
THINX - Period
proof underwear
that protects you
from leaks and
keeps you feeling
ATHOS - The world’s first smart fitness
apparel that measures muscle activity
and heart rate all in real time.
revolutionary smart
running shirts that
coach you to run faster
and faster
Never need a personal trainer again, UPTIGHTS are
the smart yoga pants that give you real time body
messaging to get the perfect form.
THESIS has redesigned the high heel shoe from the
inside out. Using structural engineering and
advanced materials, our patent-pending
architecture redistributes pressure across the foot for
a longer-wearing stiletto.
A JOE’S JEAN designed to carry
and charge your smart phone
AEROREACT is uniquely engineered to adapt to changes in a runner’s
temperature. Supporting the body’s existing thermoregulation capabilities, the
textile’s bi-component yarn senses moisture vapor and opens its structure to
maximize breathability.
EIGHT is the first mattress cover designed to
track and improve your sleep.
Once you place Luna onto your mattress, your
sleep will never be the same again.
AURORA is your very own dream
assistant. It tracks REM to enable lucid
dreaming, helping remember and
control more dreams
AWAIR measures the indoor air
quality by reading five data points in
the air: Temperature, Humidity,
CO2, VOCs and Dust. It then
analyzes their aggregate levels to
determine the air quality of a
specific space.
Start enjoying quiet nights, better sleep, and
fresh mornings with NORA, the first smart
and non-invasive snoring solution that stops
snoring before it wakes your partner.
Hear your little one's coos and cries and enjoy real-time
activity feeds about your child on your smart device when you
use the MIMO Smart Baby Movement Monitor, which sends
inactivity alerts and lets you stream live audio from the
nursery to your compatible iOS or Android smartphone or table
The worlds fastest manicure NAIL INC
Never seen before spray on nail polish
ROMY, a real beauty assistant is able to
formulate on demand and at home, a
serum or a cream 100% custom
designed for your skin’s needs
Once you know your ARCHETYPES, the world becomes
much easier to navigate. Based on your archetypes, you can
make more inspired choices about everything archetypes
gives you the vocabulary to help you understand yourself.
PRIV, beauty on demand. They will be in the suite
offering hair, make up and massage treatments
Only CLEVERPET offers unlimited adaptive all-day play.
Never too easy, never too hard. Always just right. Engage
and exercise your dog’s mind with custom light, touch, and
sound puzzles.
ROOT is a smart, connected device that
allows you to grow a variety of plants
indoors with minimal upkeep.