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Make-Up Designory // 2015 // spring-summer // issue N°6
Make-Up Designory // 2015 // spring-summer // issue N°6
Michael Key
The Fascinating World
of Make-Up Artistry
A simple
and hilarious
guide to
The Man
Eryn Krueger
Tips for Women
of Every Hue
A Perfect
Color You
issue N°6
MUD ART 2015 // Publisher: Make-Up Designory, Inc. // production: Endemit advertising agency // www.endemit.si // creative and art director: Maja Kešelj
MUD image photography: Peter Giodani // graphic design: Maja Kešelj, Polona Kopač // cover photo: Peter Giodani // product photo: Peter Giodani, Polona Kopač
make-up: MUD Europe team // editors: Svenya Nimmons, Nejc Pogačnik, Francine Reich, Polona Kopač, Myrna Martinez, Jake Holland
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The Fascinating
World of
New York,
New York
MUD Studio - A
renewed concept
of professional
MUD Studio
Alter Ego Editorial:
Make-up in
Black and White
Emma Gelaude,
The Belgian It Girl
Color You Beautiful
- Tips for Women
of Every Hue
- DeLaney
Daydream - MUD
Spring / Summer
Look 2015
The Man
Behind IMATS Michael Key
Eryn Krueger
Mind Your
Manners A simple and
hilarious guide
to etiquette
Finding the
Perfect Lip
MUD News
& Events
A Perfect
Day: Bridal
The New MUD
Studio Interior
FIND schools,
studios & partner
MUD Schools: Preparing Students For
The Fascinating World
of Make-Up Artistry
Each year, Make-Up Designory (MUD) schools train
hundreds of students from around the globe in a variety
of make-up specialties. From day one, students are
immersed in the fundamentals of make-up artistry with
aspirations of working in the fashion, entertainment or
retail cosmetics industries.
are located in the heart of the entertainment and fashion
capitals. The LA campus can be found in downtown
of Burbank, California, home of some of the biggest
production studios in the world, while the New York
campus is located amidst the bustling area of designer
boutiques of New York.
The bi-coastal main campuses in Los Angeles and New
York as well as the various MUD Studios around the
world, give potential artists the experience of a lifetime
by training under licensed instructors with professional
expertise in film, television and fashion. Through this
training, students learn to develop their own unique
style, whether it be within the intricacies of prosthetics
or the delicacy of beauty make-up.
MUD campuses are each licensed by their respective
states. In 2003 MUD’s Los Angeles campus received
accreditation from the Accrediting commission for
Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) and was
recognized by ACCSC as a School of Distinction. The
Los Angeles campus has since received two 5 –year
terms of accreditation. The ACCSC has also recognized
the school as a School of Merit in 2008 and a School of
Excellence in 2013. The 2005 opening of the New York
campus lead to accreditation from ACCSC in 2007 and
was recognized as a 2009 School of Distinction.
Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Career
Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), MUD main campuses
MUD New York
Campus Relocates
To A Historical
New York City, the city that never sleeps
by defying the night and outshining the day,
MUD has now opened their new doors to
make-up artists with an upgraded campus.
The new address on 65 Broadway, stands
high on the 15th floor of the original
American Express Building.
Only a half mile from the original site,
the new school space allows accommodations for future growth including
2 additional classrooms and a host of
amenities. The spacious special effects
classroom includes about 954 square
feet of workspace for up to 26 students.
The entire 15th floor incases the school’s
learning space with separate lounges for
students and teachers and a beautiful
view of the city for inspiration. In addition
to the expansion, students can enjoy the
upgraded technology enhancements and
for easy access, the campus store will be
conveniently located within the center of
the campus.
New York, New York
Nothing beats the glow and energy of New York. The
entire city is a playground for a freelance make-up
artist and MUD prepares them for such an evolving
career. Within the center of the fashion industry,
emerging film makers and the everyday consumer
keeps a freelance artist’s schedule full of amazing
opportunities. On set one day shooting a short
film, followed by a bride’s trial makeup session the
next day, just before hitting a fashion show on the
weekend-is all in a weeks work as an artist.
The city of dreams allows for constant windows of
opportunity to network and you never know who
you will meet that may change the course of your
career. Within the city lights off Broadway lies the
MUD campus that not only gives you a team of
cheerleaders (otherwise known as Admissions and
Career Services), but one can only expect some of
the industry’s finest as instructors to help prune their
craft. All hidden away on the 15th floor of the historic
American Express Building, the new MUD campus
offers luxury, inspiration and the tools you need to
succeed. So what are you waiting for?The possibilities
are endless and your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled.
a renewed concept of
professional make-up
Recognizing the need of working make-up artists and other industry professionals to be able to broaden and increase their knowledge, Make-Up
Designory has created a series of part-time courses. These courses are
held conveniently at MUD’s main campuses, MUD Studios and Partner
Schools throughout the country and internationally.
MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational methodology and teacher training that has helped to make MUD a bedrock in
make-up education. The courses are pulled from the same curriculum that
comprises the longer programs at MUD, but are broken up into smaller
modules. These modules can be taken separately or combined, allowing
the student to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses.
Make-Up Designory has courses and groups of courses to meet just
about any need. Most of the classes below require Beauty Essentials as
a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for
make-up professionals. We have developed our courses to build upon one
another, so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the
progressive nature of the curriculum. We have created groups of classes
to illustrate possible combinations. These groups are designed to provide
comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry. Please note
that some classes may not be available at all locations. A Certificate and Card
are awarded for successful completion of any course or group of courses.
Level I Make-Up Artist
All students completing Beauty Essentials will receive our Level I Makeup Artist Certification. Beauty Essentials was written as an introduction to
beauty make-up. In this intensive 84-hour course, students learn how to
apply beauty make-up and why we as make-up artists do what we do. We
view these first 84 hours as the bare minimum to learn beauty make-up.
This certification level consists of the following courses:
// Beauty Essentials
Visit mud.edu or mudeurope.com
to sign-up for an upcoming course!
Level II Make-Up Artist
As a make-up artist we need to be prepared for the multimedia nature of
work we are often asked to create. The courses of this certification level start
with the basics and covers the different areas make-up artists are expected
to know as professionals. Areas include fashion, print, film, and television and
bridal make-ups. The completion of the Level II Make-up Artist Certification
allows students to transfer to a main campus program, and may act as a
substitute for Beauty 101: Fundamentals of Beauty make-up.
This certification level consists of the following courses:
// Beauty Essentials
// Airbrush
// Bridal Make-up
// Studio Make-up
// High Fashion Make-up Trends
Bridal Make-Up Artist
The bridal industry is constantly growing and changing and we have
created a certification level for make-up artists that have completed this
series of courses. Not only is it necessary to know the basics of beauty
make-up but we must also know how to airbrush make-up and perform
consultations that will give a blushing bride exactly what she desires on
that big day.
This certification level consists of the following courses:
// Beauty Essentials
// Airbrush
// Bridal Make-up
Check for upcoming
Studio Courses and
Workshop Dates.
Individual Courses & Continuing Education
Make-Up Designory also offers students the option to take individual
courses alone in order to expand a particular area of expertise. Courses
can also be taken by individuals in related fields who are seeking professional enhancement in their chosen area of employment.
At MUD, we are committed to helping students select the courses of
study that will best help them reach their occupational goals. For this
reason, prior to registration in an individual course, it is necessary that
students consult with the Admissions Office in order to be sure that they
have completed all required pre-requisites or have obtained the appropriate equivalent experience.
In order to register for individual courses, students may have to demonstrate that they are licensed, in the process of being licensed or working
professional make-up artists that possess the skills required to enroll.
Certificates and cards are awarded to students who successfully complete an individual course.
Beauty Essentials
This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an
emphasis on the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry.
Regardless of which of these areas you intend to work in, mastery of beauty
make-up is a must. In this course you will start by learning facial analysis, base
matching and application, correction, contours, highlights, as well as a focus
on eyes and lips. The course finishes with complete make-up applications
ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.
Airbrushing has become one of the premiere ways of applying makeup. In this course we de-mystify the tool and show how to properly
care and maintain it. In addition, we teach the techniques to do
beautiful, flawless beauty make-up. Learn the techniques that are
being required by the major studios as well as demanding clients.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
This course consists of 24 sessions for a total of 84 clock hours.
Bridal Make-up
Studio Make-up
Learn the techniques used to do a successful consultation with a bride
and family members. We will focus on the lucrative world of wedding
make-up and what is required to successfully run a bridal make-up
In this course students are exposed to film and television production
and the make-up required for today’s demanding sets. Learn how to
work with high-definition cameras and learn what is required of the
make-up. We will also be focusing on the no-make-up look.
This course consists of 6 sessions for a total of 21 clock hours.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
High Fashion Make-up Trends
Essentials of Hairstyling
Learn the techniques employed by professional make-up artists working
on advertising and editorial. In this course, students will learn how to
work on set and create make-ups that can be used in fashion or editorial
and how to work with a professional photographer to create imagery that
stands out from the rest. Students will also develop his or her eye for
make-up and learn what to look out for in his or her own pictures.
This course concentrates on the basic fundamentals of hairstyling,
from simple blow-drying techniques to creating elaborate hairstyles.
Students will learn to create modern styles, as well as edgy and creative
hair designs, using hot tools and roller sets. This course incorporates
daily projects and skill-building sessions, to encourage learning by
practice. As part of this course, students are required to complete hair
and make-up projects, which relate to on-the-job experience.
Coming Soon
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
This course consists of 20 sessions for a total of 70 clock hours.
Special Make-up Effects
Portfolio Development
Creating out-of-the-kit effects has been a staple of professional makeup artists for decades as well as applying prosthetic appliances. Learn
their craft in a hands-on course that covers two-dimensional and threedimensional techniques to simulate injuries and other effects. Our team
of professional make-up artists will walk you through the process of
applying and properly coloring prosthetics or other injuries whether they
are translucent or opaque.
Students are pushed to his or her creative limits in this high paced
course. We will guide the student as he or she design and create
looks for multiple photo-shoots. Students will work with professional
models and photographers to create a professional quality portfolio.
This course can also be taken as part of a travel package to either Milan
Italy or New York City, in which students are immersed into one of these
two fashion locales.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 35 clock hours.
This course consists of 10 sessions for a total of 28
clock hours.
Professional products
with quality education
Each course kit requires specific tools for your class while helping
to build your kit for professional use. Inside your kit, you will find
MUD products and course materials. Each kit contains a unique
serial number used to track your progress and ensures your
appropriate certification.
Coming Soon
Visit mud.edu or mudeurope.com
to sign-up for an upcoming course!
Beauty Workshops
Natural Day Looks
Description: Creating a natural, no make-up look can be
one of the more challenging aspects of make-up artistry.
We will guide you through the process of applying make-up
so it not only looks natural and minimal, but also looks clean
and helps each person to look their very best.
5 Minute Looks for
Women on the Go
Description: Don’t have much time to put on make-up? In
this seminar we show you fast ways to get flawless results.
Apply make-up in this seminar as our professional make-up
artist assists you in achieving the look you want in less time
and with less effort.
Book your
Teen Make-Up
Visit mudshop.com or
to book your chair today.
Description: Learn to properly apply make-up for you
and your teen/tween from professional make-up artists.
These age appropriate lessons show how much makeup to use and the proper way to apply it. We will explain
and demonstrate the techniques to cover blemishes and
make it look natural.
Learn to do make-up, while having fun!
Every day, different workshop. Invite your friends, book your
seat and learn best techniques to achieve selected looks with
professional make-up artists.
Evening Looks
Description: Learn the techniques employed by professional
make-up artists to create a beautiful and youthful look for any
evening engagement. The instructor will give you the tools to
create a make-up for any evening occasion.
Smoky Eye
Description: Learn how to create a smoky eye with our
talented team of make-up artists. We will walk you through
the process of layering eye shadow and creating the most
amazing effects with the smallest amount of product.
Make-up party
Description: Invite your friends to a party where
you learn to do make-up while having a little fun. This
workshop is the perfect introduction to the weekend.
Channel your inner-rock star with a new look and be the
center of attention.
Beauty Editorial
Make-up in Black and White Photography
Make-up artistry and photography are tightly connected in a way
where ideas reach people far beyond belief.
Color photography and black and white photography as a
medium differ, something we make-up artists can relate to, as
we create an imaginary world for our viewers.
We can achieve magic with color, thus color photography
shows the true face of the make-up we choose. Combinations
and intensity matter. BW photography, on the other hand, is a
beautiful media in which the shades of gray leaves room for the
imagination. The image then becomes more graphic and the
texture is of great importance. Amongst the shades, everything
lighter will seem almost invisible while darker shades bring more
of the dramatics. In this case, the color combination is of less
importance, but the shading is everything. What viewers may
perceive as a red lipstick isn’t always the case.
In the end, the question of whether to use color or BW is
dependent on not only the medium, but also the preferences of
the photographer and their endless options of camera modes
which can take their work to different levels of beauty. The most
amazing photos will always be a combination of ideas and the
skillful eye of all artists creating it. Stay open and watch the
magic appear.
Written By: Lara Oven, MUD instructor
make-up & hair: Vanja Djuran, Hrvoje
Kožul, Lara Oven @ MUD Europe
creative director: Maja Kešelj
photography: Peter Giodani
styling: Dajana Ljubičić
model: Nika, Branko, Natalia,
Ana @ Immortal Model Management
Eyes: Canvas, Honeysuckle, Taupe,
Pavement, Onyx Eye Color, Black Eyeliner
Shading: Cream Shading 4
Lips: Burlesque Lipstick, Mauve Lip Pencil
Eyes: Bone, Taupe, Espresso, Onyx Eye Color
Eyebrows: Taupe & Black Eyepencil
Shading: Bronzer Endless Summer
Lips: Mahagony Lip Pencil
Eyes: Semisweet Eye Color
Shading: Dual Finish Mineral Pressed Powder
Eyebrows: Taupe Eye Pencil, Brow Fix
Eyes: Ice, Statue, Graphite Eye Color
Shading: Sunshine Bronzer
Eyebrows: Taupe Eyepencil
Lips: Black Cake Eyeliner
Emma Gelaude
The Belgian It Girl
Written By: Renske De Maesschalck
She is a stunning print-ad model, a formidable advertising guru, and a rising television star. In
addition to personal styling, Emma specializes in the production of fashion campaigns for a wide
variety of brands from Range Rover to Starbucks and -- of course -- Make-Up Designory.
Behind the scenes of a styling
Photographer: Nathalie Samain
Villa M campaign
styling and production by Emma
Photographer : Mous Lamrabat
Emma for SuperTrash
(Supertalent campaign)
Photographer: Klass Jan Kliphuis
Emma for Starbucks
Photographer: Sara De Graeve
Emma for Agent Provocateur
Emma for Lee
Photographer: Particles H2O - Ellie Furia
Photographer : Lana De Doncker
“Fashion has always been a huge passion of
mine. I started my own little company when I was
22, about the same time when myfashionblog.be
came to exist. My job in fashion entails all kinds
of tasks: from production to styling, modeling
and personal shopping. My blog on the other hand is a personal communication platform
where I can share my passion for fashion and
lifestyle. Over the years it has grown into a personal fashion diary where I share everything from
my collaborations to interesting fashion labels I
discover and my own outfits. It’s aimed to be an
inspirational platform”, Emma explains.
Photo Shoot for Belgian MUD ART cover
Talking with Nathalie and Gianni,
owners of MUD Studio Belgium
‘A blogger is not necessarily
an influencer’
Myfashionblog.be was one of the first fashion
blogs in Belgium. “I was one of the Belgian pioneers when I started in 2007. Back then I noticed that people didn’t always quite understood
what exactly it was that I did”, says Emma.
Over the years, blogs have gotten more credibility and are a worldwide known phenomenon, although that also has its disadvantages according to Emma: “ Due to the massive explosion
of the blogs, it’s also harder for labels to find
the right quality platform for their brand. I feel
that everyone is free to do what they want, but a
blogger is not necessarily an influencer. Anyone
can start a blog, but not everyone brings professional and unique content that reaches a wide
audience in a way that inspires them.”
It’s all about fashion
Emma’s day to day tasks are a variety of things,
but the core business is always fashion. For
example: on Monday she could be doing a
personal styling for which she goes from city
to city trying to find the perfect looks for her
customers, and on Tuesday she could have
a photo shoot for a brand of which she is the
ambassador for. “Or I could do a whole day of
production for a fashion campaign or show. It all
falls within the same story but at the same time
it’s very different, which makes it interesting”,
Emma elaborates.
Photo Shooting for Belgian MUD ART cover
Photo Shooting for Belgian MUD ART cover
Preparing accessories for photo shoot
Emma waiting for her make-up
A big part of her job is working together with brands. “For
me, it’s very important that I only represent brands that come
natural to me, brands that I already know and love. I will never work together with a brand that doesn’t fit my identity or
personal style, no matter how much money is involved”,
Emma explains.
‘My partnerships are always long-term’
“I believe that is also the difference between a blogger
and a model. As a model you’re hired for your looks, as
an influencer they want you for your identity. I want my
personality to fit the vision of the brand I’m representing.”
In the majority of the time, the labels come to her because
they want to work together. “I don’t do actively pursue
those collaborations but I make sure, through my blog and
pr, that they know what I’m working on. The combination
of clear communication and an elaborate network lead to
these partnerships.”
Emma has done a lot of collaborations with national and international brands. And it doesn’t always have to be about
fashion. “Working together with Starbucks was very exciting,
because it’s a very strong international well known brand. It
was also interesting to work together on the campaign and
to provide my ideas and input. It’s always challenging if I can
do more than just model, so I prefer partnerships where also
my creative input is wanted.”
“I also remember the private shopping night for Agent Provocateur, a high fashion and cool brand to work with, and my
ambassadorship for Ranger Rover was a beautiful collaboration too.”
Another highlight was to be chosen as supertalent by the
Dutch brand Supertrash and of course her collaboration with
Photo Shooting for Belgian MUD ART cover
Nathalie and Emma searching for
perfect lip color
Make-up Designory. “We produced and styled a video together and now for their magazine too. That’s what I like most
about my partnerships, they are almost always long-term.”
Why Make-up Designory?
“MUD is truly an expert in the field of make-up and special effects make-up. They’ve been working on a very beautiful story
and I’m just happy I can be a part of it. I’ve always liked brands
that really know their field and stick to what they’re best at.
They have a lot of expertise and their products are really good.
That’s the main reason why I love MUD”, Emma explains.
Her biggest project so far
In the blogging business, it’s very hard to predict what’s
coming next. “My personal goal is to always keep improving and to get better at what I do, but other than that
there is no real scenario that I follow. I make sure that
every partnership leads to a successful result and I try
to bring perfection to everything I encounter, but after
that it’s out of my hands. That’s what I like most about
being an entrepreneur, I have no idea what’s coming next
but that’s makes it interesting and keeps me sharp. I like
being my own boss.”
What she does know is coming ahead, is her baby since she’s
pregnant for the first time. “It’s been a challenge combining
my pregnancy with my job, but it’s also just another part of
who I am now. This pregnancy may have closed some doors,
but it has certainly opened new ones and I’m sure new opportunities are right around the corner. That’s just how life goes
and as long I can keep doing what I love I have absolutely no
problem with that.”
Color You
Tips for Women of Every Hue
Written By: Svenya Nimmons
Women of Latin, African,
Middle Eastern and Asian
heritage are beginning to
find more complimenting
shades in some of the mainstream department stores
and perfumeries around the
world as diversity becomes
celebrated more often by
beauty brands. Even so, the
support of choosing the right
Svenya Nimmons
shade and undertone has
Author, Multicultural Activist
been hit or miss with many
women simply settling for a shade that is closest to their skin
tone without the full satisfaction of the perfect match.
Watch tutorials
for different ethnicities
While most major cosmetic companies offer a limited palette of foundation, blush and lipstick shades for all women to
choose from, it only appeases a handful. Non-Caucasian
customers make-up a strong percentage of sales along
with the need for a wide variety of shades. According to Susan C. Taylor, M.D., Director of Skin of
Color Center, those of African descent are
known to have over thirty-five different
skin hues or shades alone.
Another issue for women of different shades of beauty, is natural,
uneven skin tone and discoloration. From dark patches
around the mouth and eyes,
certain skin conditions, to
the result of past scarring,
brown skin naturally
many hues throughout
the face.
Foundations are used
to even out the skin
tone for a smooth canvas. The key is to en-
hance, not cover up the natural glow of the skin. Because
choosing the correct color is so crucial, be sure to test the
product on different areas of the face. Natural lighting should
give you the most realistic view without washing out the true
life and complexion of the skin.
There are a variety of foundations available such as liquid,
cream and powder products, just to name a few. Choose
the best type of product based upon
your desired coverage, skin
type and environment.
Changing from a cream
to a liquid foundation
when the weather gets
warmer is also a great
idea for all women.
While finding the shade that is closest to your skin color
is important, it’s also important to point out the general
undertone. The undertone is the underlying hue that modifies the overall tone, giving a richness to the skin color.
Women of color have a greater variety of undertones such
as yellow, orange and red, but some also have an olive or
blue undertone as well.
A few MUD favorites for
women of color:
∙∙ Cream Foundation Palette #2
∙∙ Dual Finish Pressed Mineral Powder
DFM 2, DFD 1, DFD 2
“Be mindful that applying a foundation that matches the skin
color but not the undertone can make the skin look grey or
pink,” says John Bailey, one of the founders of Make-Up
Designory Cosmetics. Another mistake that some major
brands make when catering to niche markets within their
secondary beauty lines, is that they overdo it with adding too
much of an orange or red undertone to their products, which
can also look unnatural.
Once you’ve selected a shade or the perfect blend of two,
keep in mind that your skin may change shades throughout the year or in different environments and may require
a few adjustments.
∙∙ Deep Brown Corrector
∙∙ Loose Powders in Suede and Desert
∙∙ Eye Colors in Daisy, Spanish Gold,
Voodoo, Midnight, Tea Tree, Moss,
Graphite, Semisweet and Velvetine
∙∙ Rich Brown and Black Forest Eye Pencils
∙∙ Lipsticks in Eggplant, Rustic,
Burlesque, Idol and Lady Bug
∙∙ Brick Lip Pencil
∙∙ Henna Lip Gloss
The purpose of concealer is to camouflage areas that may
have discoloration from a blemish or hyperpigmentation in
areas such as the forehead, under eye, mouth, and chin.
When concealing dark discoloration, trying using a highly
pigmented shade with orange like the Deep Brown Corrector. Mix a small amount into the foundation to create the
perfect base tone relationship by canceling out the color of
the discoloration.
∙∙ Lip Glazes in Magnolia,
Java and Spicy
∙∙ Sun Rose and Tulip Color Crème
∙∙ Cheek Colors in Berry, Poppy,
Garnet, Pumpkin, Russet,
Brick and Gingerbread
The consistency of concealers are much higher than foundation so a little goes a long way. Using a brush, damp
sponge or your finger helps to set and blend the products
into the area.
Aside from foundations and concealers, the need for more
concentrated pigments in make-up in order for the color
to show up on the darker skin shades for the eyes, lips and
cheeks have also changed the way products are developed. Brands are realizing that great packaging is half the
battle. Such products must also carry enough weight that
it shows up on the skin naturally without appearing too
bare or distracting. In addition to the concentration levels
of make-up, the color ranges have now extended outside
of the simple neutral shades, to more hues that show up
on the darkest of skin tones beautifully without making the
skin look dull and grey.
Two-Tone Lips
Another common issue for women of many hues is the natural
distinction of two completely different shade of the lip with a
darker shade on top and a lighter, more pink or reddish shad
on the bottom. This however, doesn’t call for two shades of
lipstick to get an even-toned look. Simply fill the lips with a liner to help even out the different tones or apply a small amount
of foundation to the lips before applying the lipstick.
Natural Blushing Beauties
Just the right amount of blended cheek color can be
used to warm the face and emphasize the cheekbones.
They come in several forms such as powders and cream,
along with a wide variety of colors. Selecting a shade
should be based upon your own personal style and the
look that you want to achieve. Don’t be afraid to try colors outside of the range that you are used to and it may
surprise you how flattering neutral shades such as a
bronzer may look on your skin.
When it comes to looking your best, it starts with feeling confident that you’re wearing the most complementary shades
to enhance your true beauty. Don’t be afraid to ask questions
or be particular about what you want in order to get the radiant, healthy glow that you carry inside.
MUD products allow for countless skin tones to be created
because the foundations are based on both the skin color and
undertone, with the ability to combine shades effortlessly for
the perfect fit. For those looking for efficient coverage along
with a smooth finish, simply blend the Cream Foundations
and the HD Air Foundations together. MUD’s vibrant shades
of eye, cheek and lip colors not only give a wide range of color
options, but the highly pigmented shades last all day.
When it comes to creativity, only a brand that was created by
make-up artists can provide multi-functional products for a
diverse market without surrendering to quality.
Graduate Spotlight
DeLaney Henry
Written By: Svenya Nimmons
DeLaney Henry has the spunk of a southern
belle and the hands of Picasso. Whether she’s
getting a bride ready for her big day or a beauty
contestant ready for the stage, DeLaney is there
with a brush in hand to make it all look easy. The professional make-up artist now lives in Nashville, Tennessee, home of
musicians of many stripes, but the original home of Country
Music. Busy with both brides and celebrities, DeLaney enjoys
the joy of transformation on her clients every single time.
After touring five schools in California, she made the decision
to attend MUD and never looked back. “Everything about the
experience was great. From the staff to the teachers, to the
other students. I learned more than just make-up. I learned
what it was to be a profession at every setting and to always
strive to learn more.” the owner of You’re Flawless tells us.
Graduating from the Journeyman Program, Hair Styling
course and Airbrush course, the artist with a Public Relations
degree decided that she would trade in a job in a cubicle for
a job on-set, any day. “Some of the celebrities I have worked
with are: Dean Cain, Betsey Johnson, Lance Bass, Haylie
Duff, John Rich, Kristina Guerrero, Marilu Henner and Rocco
DiSpirito. While I have had a great time with each one, some
of my favorite people to work on are women who never get
their makeup done because they can be so amazed at the
transformation that makeup can achieve. Sometimes that allows them to be more appreciative then people who have to
get their makeup done for their job every day.”
DeLaney strives to continue to learn and grow in her artistry
and her next big step will to obtain her aesthetics license so
that she can take her skills as an artist to the next level, with
hopes of one day opening up her own location to offer a
variety of make-up related services.
What’s her best marketing tool for her business? “Word
of mouth has always been one of the greatest marketing
tools for any makeup artist. However nowadays social
media is a huge part of being a freelancer. While I tried
to flight it in the beginning, I have slowly embraced social
media and used it to gain new clients.” admits DeLaney.
Want to see more of DeLaney’s work? Go to www.youreflawless.com or www.delaneyhenry.com.
The Man Behind
IMATS Michael Key
Written By: Myrna Martinez, Photos By Deverill Weeks
With IMATS just around the corner in major cities around
the world, the buzz surrounding this huge industry event
is deafening. To give you an idea of how big, let’s just
say 10,000 tickets were sold and over 200 vendors will be
present at most shows. The show offers excellent makeup educations classes taught by the industry’s best, live
on-stage presentations, special make-up effects demonstrations, show-only offers by the best make-up brands,
Battle of the Brushes student competition and more!
How did something that was just a “trial” become so popular?
Last night, when Deverill Weekes interviewed Michael Key,
make-up artist and the man behind IMATS and Make-up Artist Magazine, we got a simple answer: There was a need for it.
IMATS Panel Discussion
Man behind IMATS & Make-Up Artist Magazine
Michael Key
Deverill asked, “Who were your heroes and mentors?” With
no hesitation, Michael names Michael Westmore, Jack
Dawn, Christopher Tucker, Jack Pierce, Rick Baker, and
Dick Smith. He credits Michael Westmore for teaching him
lessons you don’t learn in a text book, like how to work with
a producer and how to present yourself as a class act. He is
grateful for Dick Smith for agreeing to be a part of the first
IMATS stating that because of Mr. Smith, it was a success.
American Horror Story
Michael is a musician who was caught in a twist of fate.
When asked what started his career in make-up, he replied,
“music was my first love, but it wasn’t taking. I’ve always
loved movies, and I came across ‘Cinefex’ a magazine that
covers behind the scenes movie make-up. It had a step-bystep on how to sculpt, and I thought, `I could do that’. So, I
went to a hobby store, purchased plaster and clay and did
everything wrong.” It turns out, that after 7 weeks, he successfully sculpted a head. He and his friends used it as a
prop to scare people. Then, he got his friends to pitch in to
purchase foam latex, so they too could have their own props.
Project after project, Michael was able to make somewhat of
a portfolio, although, he credits his “gift of gab” for getting
him his first make-up effects studio job.
Michael’s make-up career includes five Emmy Award
nominations, and two wins for Star Trek: Deep Space
Nine. His make-up credits include Indiana Jones and the
Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Planet of the Apes, How the
Grinch Stole Christmas, Charmed, Batman and Robin and
more. (IMDb: Michael Key)
During Michael Key’s early career, he noticed that there
weren’t enough resources for aspiring artists. Everything
he learned was from trial and error and knowledge shared
by his peers and mentors. Because this knowledge was so
valuable, he was inspired to get it in writing and thus Makeup Artist Magazine was born. He admits that he’s shocked
it went beyond the first three issues, but today we celebrate
over 100 issues of an amazing publication that keep artists
informed on industry news.
MUD Student Shelby Miocheal Pattern
1st place winner IMATS FX competition
Venice shimmies up my forearm
and a sighing Venetian crosses a bridge.
In summer, when gondoliers pole
black boats through stone canyons,
pushing down on fathoms of muck,
you sink into a spell, surging
around the cloud-colored city
on this wave and that.
Then Venice wears you,
a swinging bauble of glass and light.
from poem Wearing Venice by Rachel Dacus
Define and illuminate the cheekbone by applying Spanish Gold Eye
Color with the #510 Duster Brush. For lighter skin tones, repeat this
step for an even more intense bronzed tone.
Mix Face Primer and Deco Eye Color on the palette to create a cream
eye color. Apply onto the entire lid with a #300 Shadow Blender Brush.
For more intense color re-apply Deco Eye Color with #350 Shadow
Fluff Brush. Tap lightly to add more layers.
Combining Dulce De Leche and Spanish Gold Eye Colors, use the
#320 Oval Shadow Brush to highlight the brow bone. Extend to the
outer corners of the brow.
MUD Spring / Summer Look 2015
Contour the crease and bottom lash line with Smoked Saphire
Eye Color. Extend the color out, adding a lift to the outer corner,
then blend softly.
To open the eyes, apply Dulce De Leche Eye Color using the #400
Narrow Flat Brush in the inner corners of the eyes.
Complete the look by applying two layers of Just Peachy Lipstick. Use
the #930 Corrector Brush for a precise finish.
make-up & hair: Vanja Djuran @ MUD Europe
make-up supervisor: Francine Reich @ MUD USA
creative director: Maja Kešelj
photography: Peter Giodani
styling: Dajana Ljubičić
model: Naika @ Ice Models Milano
A special thanks to MUD Studio Milano
shooting location:
Lido di Jesolo Beach, Venice, Italy
Eryn Krueger
Written By: Deverill Weekes and Juliet Landau
Eryn Krueger Mekash has 28 years of television and film industry experience as a
make-up artist and is diversified in beauty, make-up effects and design. Her credits
cover a wide range of productions, including department heading Eat Pray Love,
Whip It!, My Sister’s Keeper, Running With Scissors, and Alpha Dog. She also headed television series Glee, Nip/Tuck, Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Everybody Loves Raymond. Currently, she is the department head for FX’s anthology, American Horror Story.
Growing up
I spent most of my childhood in the hospital correcting a
congenial abnormality of the urinary tract. I had 14 surgeries
from 4-14 years. I fell in love with make-up transformation
when I was 8. I developed an early intrigue of gore and monsters and a wild imagination. I always tinkered with make-up
and went to a lot of art classes. No internet back then, so it
was all books and videos until I found Hollywood Film School
in my freshman year of college, which was run by Sandra
Burman. I learned basic make-up effects skills (enough to
get my foot in the door as an assistant). I was 18 when I left
college and started working for John Buechler at MMI. I have
many people who gave me a chance.
Entertainment industry
The first memory of the entertainment business was probably watching films. But 1981-1984 were the years when I
realized that people did make-up effects for a living. Clash of
the Titans, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dragonslayer, American
Werewolf in London, Thriller, and The Thing we’re out in the
theaters. I saw Raiders 14 times in one summer.
I peddled my very mediocre little books of pictures to
some of the make-up effects studios-MMI, Boss Films,
MEL, Chris Biggs. John hired me in the fall of 1986 to be
a shop runner. Because he had a high turnover of films,
John gave me a chance to do foam running, life casting,
and mold making-even a little sculpting. I couldn’t believe
I was doing what I’d always dreamed of! I had the most fun
and learned so much.
Heros and mentors
Rick Baker and Rob Bottin. I never worked for Rob, but I did
get to work for Rick for about a year. I also was a big fan of anything make-up effects. I still am! I get stupidly excited about it.
Clint Eastwood
My friend Tania McComas worked for him for years and I
was given the great pleasure of being the key make-up artist
on three of his films. Tania let me run the makeup effects and
gag unit on Flags of Our Fathers. It was very challenging and
rewarding. He’s a lovely man. You have to really be on your
toes because he only does one or two takes. I have had a
few times where he would stand over my shoulder and tell
me while I was throwing blood on an actor, “No pressure, but
you have to get it right on the first take.”
Prosthetics & beauty
I still do a lot of prosthetics-I just realized after about 4
years in the shops that I wasn’t going to get on set making
molds. I started breaking away for lab work and doing small
make-up jobs and working occasionally for Rick Lazzarini and Rick Stratton doing hair and finishing work. I tried
not to do mold making and concentrated on lab work that
would benefit application. I realized that I was a good beauty make-up artist, and that I was capable of doing both. On
the first show I department headed (only because I was the
only person on the whole department) I did everything. This
was pre-union days. I was 23 and going between work on
General Hospital -I did beauty there as well as most of the
prosthetic work. I learned how to do really big make-ups
-and branching out to do small indie films. That has carried
over to the rest of my career to this point. I run both aspects
of make-up on the shows that I do.
Best work
Ryan Murphy on Nip /Tuck,
Running with Scissors and
American Horror Story
Ryan Murphy is the make-up artist’s dream boss. It will be
my 12th year on his projects. I am so grateful for the incredible opportunity to continue doing such cool films and television shows for him. James MacKinnon brought me on Nip/
Tuck the first season and left after the 4th or 5th episode,
and he had me take over his position as Department Head
then. Ryan’s genius and love of not only glamour but gore
and all things scary make for an awesome 12 years. I’m always surprised by what he comes up with and we have a lot
of similar references, since we are about the same age. He
truly loves make-up and its importance in storytelling.
Make-Up Artists and
Hair Stylists Guild Awards 2015
I guess a good representation of application work would be
American Horror Story. In Asylum, we did an old age makeup on Sarah Paulson. She was playing a successful, Barbara Walters type, so she would be an upscale, put-together
woman with a facelift and lovely beauty makeup. It was very
challenging and was a successful make-up. Also, Angela Bassett’s make-up this season included a period beauty make-up and prosthetic breasts everyday. I enjoy being
involved in character development and figuring out how to
make ideas a reality.
Watch creating
Pepper from American
Horror Story
Code you live by
I think the code I live by is something in between “try and
have fun everyday” and “suck it up, buttercup!”
Mind Your
A simple and hilarious
guide to etiquette
Written By: Renske De Maesschalck
The Belgian marketing duo Dries and Yuri are very busy bees. They run their own marketing
agency, have successfully introduced their Wasbar concept, and have written two books
with a third on the way. A couple of years ago, Dries en Yuri opened the first Wasbar establishment, a unique concept where you can do your laundry in a hip and relaxing atmosphere. No horrible lighting, but delicious drinks, free wifi, and a cozy bar to wait until your
laundry is clean. Today there are three Wasbar establishments. Their first two books are
Mind Your Manners and How to Get Along.
Did you expect Wasbar would have
lead to all of this when you opened
the first one in Ghent?
Dries: When we started, we always had the goal to open
at least three establishments, but we didn’t anticipate everything else, that has happened since then. The first book
was a result of our day to day observations in Wasbar. We
noticed that a lot of people often had no clue when it came to
basic household knowledge. That’s how How To Get Along
came to life. We already had a small chapter dedicated to et-
Book authors
Dries and Yuri
iquette and manners but we felt that there was still so much
more to tell so we decided that that would be the base for
Mind Your Manners. We also noticed - in the social contact
we have during the day - that a lot of people are agitated by
the way we interact with each other. The result is a book that
basically discusses all sorts of ways to have good manners
and to interact in a polite way with other people. It’s not as
easy to sell as the first book, because the subject is a little
more delicate, but with 5000 copies sold so far, we definitely
consider it a success.
Mind Your Manners is more
extravagant when you consider the
images. How did it feel to be the star
of your own book?
Yuri: After How To Get Along we realized the importance of
quality images. In the first book, we only had some shots of
us, but there wasn’t really any professional styling or makeup. Since we’re a big fan of La Chapelle, we decided to use
his style as an inspiration for the pictures in our second book.
We really wanted to highlight the images and let them jump
out. It definitely was an experience to do all those photo
shoots and be at the center of attention.
Dries: We also thought that the images would be able to
lighten the mood a bit. When we started Mind Your Manners, we were afraid that it would be a little too formal for
most people. Afterwards, we were able to integrate some
humor in the text, so that really wasn’t a problem. But the
images definitely had their purpose.
Yuri: The opinions have been interesting to hear. Some
people love it, some people think it’s too much but we‘re
very happy with the result. We now fully realize how important it is to work with a make-up artist. The make-up
really takes your pictures to a whole other level. It was
also very pleasant for us to work with such a professional team. There was a very nice atmosphere on set during
the photo shoots.
Dries: During the shoots, we worked with a very small
team: me and Yuri, the photographer and of course
Lenny, our amazing make-up artist from MUD.
How did you meet?
Dries: We already knew Gianni Van Dort and we
knew Make-Up Designory but we had never worked
together. When we started working on Mind Your
Manners, we contacted him and he introduced us
to Lenny Van Eccelpoel.
Lenny: I was following a course and the school sent
us an email with a possible assignment for us to do.
When I read the briefing, I immediately knew I wanted
to get on board. It was very nice to work with Dries
and Yuri. They both knew what they were doing and I
learned a lot. It was the first time that I had to do this
kind of make-up, so I really had to push myself but I
loved every minute of it.
What do you like about MUD?
Lenny: I followed two courses: Beauty Essentials and
High Fashion. I definitely want to do some more. I like
their personal and professional approach. I immediately
felt at home there. The teachers provide us with a lot
of constructive criticism, and they also offer interesting
internships and job offers. That’s how I landed this assignment that opened a lot of doors for me.
Why the passion for make-up?
Lenny: It’s a passion I discovered later on in life. A couple of years ago, my mom had to attend a wedding but
wasn’t feeling so great about herself. I did her make-up
and saw how her attitude completely change. I soon
realized that I loved the feeling of making people feel
better about themselves, so I decided to take a course
and try it out. Three years later, it has grown from an
interest into a passion.
The Basics: From a sheer natural look to a
flawless full-coverage finish, these versatile
Cream Foundations are easy to apply and
hold up beautifully under the most extreme
conditions. Formulated for ultra-smooth
blending and application. Find your perfect
match and use it alone, or blend colors like the
pros to achieve a specific skin tone.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DC 5
The Basics: A lightweight pressed powder
foundation that can be applied wet or dry to
create a silky, smooth finish. Use dry for a soft
matte look or damp for more coverage. The
lightweight, talc-free formula works beautifully
with all skin tones.
DW 5
The Basics: Creamy, pigment rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles.
Blend with Make-Up Designory’s Cream Foundations for a flawless, full coverage make-up.
The Basics: Sheer pressed powder Bronzers
add a warm glow to any skin tone. Dust lightly
over the entire face for just a hint of color or
intensify application to create more dramatic
effects. The perfect finishing touch for any look.
The Basics: A finely-milled Loose Powder that
creates a beautifully soft, smooth finish. So
ultra-light, it stays on the skin’s surface without
settling into fine lines. The silky-smooth formula
applies evenly and comes in a spectrum of
delicate tones from no color at all to a deep, rich
brown. Perfect for setting foundation. A musthave to conquer shine.
The Basics: Luscious Sheer Lipsticks in an
array of translucent colors to complement
any skin tone, from extra-light to rich and
dark. Ultra-emollient formula leaves lips feeling soft and supple.
The Basics: Luxurious Satin Lipsticks with
emollient-rich, non-drying formula that leaves
lips feeling soft, smooth and supple. Provides
long-lasting color with a smooth, opaque matte
finish. Available in an elegant selection of lush,
deep colors.
The Basics: Pigment-rich Lip Pencils soft
enough to shade the entire lip, yet firm enough
to line and define with precision. The long-lasting
color glides on easily to complement MakeUp Designory’s luscious lipsticks and glosses.
Creamy enough to mix colors and create your
own shade.
The Basics: Rich, luminous Lip Glosses that
leave lips feeling smooth and hydrated with
radiant shine. They glide on easily, never leaving
lips feeling sticky or heavy. Use these slick
glosses alone for a sheer wash of color or layer
over lipstick to enhance the shade.
The Basics: Light, emollient Lip Glazes deliver
a burst of sheer, glossy color that’s smooth and
never sticky. Stash the squeezable tube in a
handbag for a quick sweep of color on the go,
or use a brush for more precise application.
Finding the
Perfect Lip Color
Written By: Sean Conklin
Lip color is the last step in completing a make-up application. If the lips are done properly,
it will create balance and tie all the elements together to achieve a beautiful look.
If you’re using color theory to find a lip hue that draws
attention to both eyes and lips, use a color that compliments your irises.
• For green eyes, try a color that fits in the red family, such as Lady Bug, Flirt, Burlesque, Pink Twinkle,
Blackberry, Eggplant and Charm.
• If your eyes are blue, use a lipstick with an orange undertone such as Pink Twinkle, Charm, Flirt, Lady Bug,
Blackberry, Burlesque, and Eggplant.
• Brown is a neutral color, so you can use colors with a red
or an orange undertone.
Another theory, is keeping the cheek and lip in the same color family. First, find the warmth in the décolletage area and
match it with a similar cheek color. It will be either a cool pink
or warm orange undertone. Next, choose a lip color in the
same family but in a darker shade.
Once you decide on a cooler or warmer undertone, it’s time
to choose a shade. To keep it safe, the shade can be determined by the time of day, season and lip shape. Usually
a softer shade is used during the day for a more natural
look. A darker shade is normally played up at night to draw
attention in dim lighting.
Knowing the chemistry behind the formula will help you determine what type of lipstick to choose to best suite your needs.
For example, MUD’s Satin Formula is a non-drying matte finish, which has more pigment and less vehicle. This is great for
mature clients that have texture around the lip area. The Sheer
Lipsticks, are more emollient yet are still rich in pigment. These
lipsticks are wonderful if you are looking for a long lasting lip
color with great coverage and a semi-gloss finish.
Here’s a much asked question: What is the best lip color for me? Well, there are many factors and theories in
choosing a lipstick color. It could depend on eye color,
cheek color, undertone of your skin, time of day, season,
color trends and lip shapes.
Seasonal trends are also a big factor. Spring and summer
color trends are lighter shades and bolder colors such as
Pink Twinkle, Charm, Flirt and Idol. During the fall and winter
months, you tend to see deeper shades like Stargazer, Rustic, Havana and Blackberry.
Another element that you may consider when choosing a lip
color is the size of your lips. If you have thin lips, and don’t
want to draw attention to them, choose a color that is within
your natural lip color such as Rose Clay, Just Peachy, Charm
or Pink Twinkle.
Playing matchmaker for the perfect pout isn’t easy, but with
a little practice and experimentation, you’re sure to find the
best shade to match your mood.
Allow us to introduce you to MUD’s new favorite duo.
These romantic shades bring a sultry new twist to a subtle flirt. Soleil’s warm orange and
Charm’s sweet tease of pink is the perfect change to your look with just one smooth sweep.
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
129 S. San Fernando Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91502
Make-Up Designory New York
65 Broadway, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10006​
Make-Up Designory Europe
Rimska cesta 13,
1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU
00 386 1 6200 348
 facebook.com/makeupdesignory
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 www.mudshop.com
 www.mudeurope.com
The Basics: Vibrant and silky Eye Colors, lushly rich with pigments for long-lasting
color. The unique velvet consistency allows these versatile shadows to glide on
smoothly and evenly – wet or dry. Go wet for more intense, long-lasting color or
to use as eyeliner.
The Basics: Versatile Eye Pencils soft enough to
line the eyes, yet firm enough to define brows.
Color glides on effortlessly, whether lining eyes
precisely or shaping and filling in brows. Available
in natural, pigment-rich colors to complement
every skin tone.
The Basics: A long-lasting, water-activated liner
known for its precision and versatility. The makeup experts’ choice that’s perfect for everyday
use. Create subtle or dramatic looks effortlessly
with this professional-quality eyeliner. Go from a
super fine line for everyday wear to a thicker line
for more intensity.
The Basics: Keep brows groomed and gorgeous
with Brow Fix. This non-flaking gel formula
sweeps on with a brush applicator for maximum
precision and convenience. Squeezable tube is
ideal for use in a professional make-up kit, or to
create sleek brows on the go.
The Basics: Award-winning Volumizing Mascara, rich in pigment for even coverage and
lush with fibers to maximize and lengthen for
super-volumizing results. Brush applicator allows
ultra-smooth application and control for individual
users, whether creating a subtle daytime look or
glamorous evening eyes. Squeezable tube is ideal
for professionals and everyday use.
The Basics: This empty palette holds four of the MUD Eye Colors. This 4-Hole
Palette is perfect for traveling or carrying in a make-up bag for touch-ups.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 8-Hole Palette allows the user to
combine six refill Eye Colors and two refill Cheek Colors. This versatile palette is
great for traveling or on-set use.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 10-Hole palette is slim and professional. This palette holds ten MUD Cheek Colors.
The Basics: Make-Up Designory’s empty 12-Hole palette is slim and professional. This palette holds twelve MUD Eye Colors.
The Basics: Now you can take your favorite make-up brushes wherever you
go. This sleek, envelope-style travel brush pouch has been custom designed
to hold MUD travel size brushes, including the #210S, #300S, #310S, #330S,
#710S, #800S and #810 series.* The lightweight yet durable black microfiber
material wipes clean, and the convenient magnetic closure keeps brushes in
place during transit.
* Note: Empty case also available
The Basics: Creates the perfect point for lip and eye pencils. Metal blade works
smoothly and easily with precision. Convenient cleaning stick helps to remove
product from blade and inside sharpener.
The Basics: Create a flawless look effortlessly with these specially designed,
disposable Professional Make-up Sponges. Unique shape offers extra surfaces
and density keeps cream products from absorbing into sponge. Use wet or dry
for smooth, even application.
* Note: Palettes are sold empty. Please see Eyes and Cheeks section for available refill colors.
The Basics: Sheer, non-greasy cheek and
lip colors that add a fresh glow to the skin.
Use alone to create natural warmth or over
foundation for a colorful finish. Creates
glowing color that appears to radiate naturally
through the skin.
The Basics: Versatile powder Cheek Colors
formulated with pigment-rich ingredients for a
smooth, even finish. Available in a spectrum
of beautiful colors – from soft and natural to
bright and bold – that will add warmth and
intensity to all skin tones.
The Basics: Lightweight gel Face Primer works
beautifully with Cream Foundations to create
a flawless, long-lasting finish. Apply directly to
the skin prior to foundation using a sponge or
fingertips to create an extra smooth surface or
mix into foundation for a creamier consistency.
(40 towelettes)
The Basics: These refreshing towelettes leave
skin feeling clean while removing all traces of
make-up. No water necessary. Convenient
resealable packet keeps towelettes moist and
ready for use. Perfect for life on the go.
The Basics: A clear, durable pouch that conveniently stores a variety of makeup, tools, bottles and jars.
The Basics: This durable, uniquely designed case is ideal for easy access to
all your make-up related essentials. A must-have for every make-up artist, the
sturdy set case is perfect for travel. Two clear pouches conveniently store a
variety of make-up, tools, bottles and jars.
The Basics: This durable, uniquely-designed Set Bag is perfect for organizing
all of your make-up related essentials in one place for easy access. The large
center compartment is surrounded by handy pockets for storing bottles and
cans. A must-have for every make-up artist.
The Basics: This custom designed, 3-N-1 Brush Holder boasts three
convenient functions, each ideal for keeping brushes organized and protected.
Wear it as a waist belt for work on the go, use it as a stand-up holder for easy
access to tools or simply roll it up and store your brushes safely. Durable black
belt has a protective flap and several pouches to hold brushes and other
skin care
make-up primer
cheek color
lip color
lip pencil
make up artist
© 2011 / Make-Up Designory
Printed on Green Seal Certified Recycled
phone // 818.557.7619 / 212.925.9250
The Basics: Note every detail while creating unique make-ups using MUD’s
custom designed Continuity Face Charts. The porous paper allows for realistic
blending when using make-up or colored pencils.
The Basics: Conveniently store up to 35 of your favorite lipsticks and cream
products in this sleek plastic palette. Great for organizing customized colors for
easy access on set.
The Basics: This empty palette has 4 compartments for cream products and is
perfect for custom blending colors. The compact palette is a convenient size
with a screw top to secure product.
The Basics: Convenient 8-Hole Palette comes empty to make it easy to
customize any combination of Make-Up Designory’s refillable cream products.
Reusable eco-conscious palette eliminates the need for disposable, one-use
make-up holders. The experts’ choice for its versatility and smart design.
The Basics: Reusable, stainless steel work palette is a must-have for blending
colors and other make-up products.
The Basics: Stainless steel palette knife is a must-have for removing cream
make-up products from pots and palettes, quickly and easily. Protects makeup from cross-contamination.
The Basics: Trim facial hair,
brows and false eyelashes with
these professional stainless
steel manicure scissors.
The Basics: Professional
quality, double sided point tip
applicators are a must have
for any make-up kit. The firm,
pointed tips allow for precise
application and blending,
giving ultimate control.
The Basics: These finely
grained wooden sticks are
ideal for applying MUD’s false
The Basics: These
stainless steel slant
tweezers allow for
a perfect grip for
cleaning up around
the brow area.
The Basics: These
professional quality
stainless steel shears are
perfect for trimming natural
or synthetic hair for a variety
character looks.
The Basics: Create perfectly curled
lashes with Make-Up Designory’s
professional stainless steel eyelash
curler. The specially designed
arch creates an even curl without
creasing. One replacement silicone
pad included.
The Basics: Create flawless
lashes using Make-Up Designory’s
individual Disposable Mascara
Wands. Universal to any lash
type with a flexible tip for easy
The Basics: This wax coated
Disposable Paper Palette
is ideal for easy clean
up in between make-up
applications. Use to mix
foundation, lipstick, lip
glosses, glazes together and
create quick custom colors.
The Basics: Create a flawless,
matte finish using these soft
velour puffs. Specifically
designed to pick up and hold
powder for an even application.
Available in packs of 2 or 10.
The Basics: Keep liquids organized and
separated with Make-Up Designory’s
plastic 2oz spray bottles. Conveniently
sized for travel and fits perfectly into any
professional kit or cosmetic bag.
#900 round liner
Fine, tapered point is ideal for creating extremely thin lines
when using cream or cake products
#100 round liner
Tapered point allows for a precise, even application
#210 angle liner
Fine, sharp angle is perfect for creating precise, even lines
#300 shadow blender
Small oval shape works great for Eye Color detail
#320 oval shadow
Flexible oval shape allows for easy color application
#330 shadow fluff
Soft, full oval shape is ideal for blending Eye Color
#340 large oval
Wide, tapered bristles allow for quick and even coverage
#350 shadow blender
Firm oval shape helps to blend and apply Eye Color with control
#800 crease
Long, tapered bristles are porous yet soft to the touch and
are ideal for blending Eye Colors
#810 smudger
Dense, soft, short bristles are ideal for creating a smoky eye
#500 mini fan mascara
Small, fan-shaped bristles allow for coverage from the inner
corner to the outer edge of the eye
#920 angle liner
Fine angle is ideal for applying cream products to hard-toreach areas
#310 lip
Tapered bristles are ideal for creating a precise lip line
#310s lip - portable
A travel-sized brush for lip line application on the go
#400 narrow flat
Straight, narrow edge is ideal for under the lash line, for
maximum coverage
#410 wide flat
Straight, tight edge helps to create and blend lines with precision
#510 duster
Soft fan-shaped bristles are ideal for removing powder
from under the eyes and other hard-to-reach areas
#700 cheek contour
Dense bristles are soft to the touch and angled for precise,
controlled contouring
#710 powder/blush
Dense, dome-shaped bristles are soft to the touch and ideal
for gently gliding color onto the skin
#720 powder
Ultra-soft bristles remove and deposit powder products
with ease
#910 stipple
Squared, flexible bristles are versatile and easy to manipulate to
achieve a variety of character looks
#930 concealer
Tapered bristles are ideal for applying cream products to
hard-to-reach areas or for creating a precise lip line
#940 foundation
Ultra-fine bristles blend cream products smoothly and evenly around the face
The Basics: Developed for use with the airbrush
or as a liquid make-up, this silicone-based
formula creates a sheer, beautiful coverage with
a dewy appearance. Works seamlessly with
any MUD cosmetic product. Choose from 22
shades, many of which have been formulated to
match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek
Colors, Highlights and Shadows.
Also includes six colors for extra versatility when
mixing and color-matching. Also available, the
HD AIR Kit with all 22 shades included.
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
DW 5
GY 2
GY 3
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
YG 1
YG 3
The Basics: The CFX/FX wheels are designed for
creating a variety of injuries including cuts and
bruises with a formula designed to hold up under
today’s extreme production environments, these
inovative color wheels will help you achieve a
wide range of unique character looks.
Black, White, Olive Green and Red. This
combination of colors can be used for cuts, burns
and aged injuries such as bruising.
Fresh Bruise, Mustard, Blue and Maroon. Perfect
for making fresh bruises and injuries.
The Basics: The HD Air System components
include the MAX-3 airbrush, AC-66H Air Compressor and the airbrush cleaning station. Kits
are available with or without the compressor.
Can also be combined with 22 HD Air shades,
many of which have been formulated to exactly
match certain MUD Cream Foundations, Cheek
Colors, Highlights and Shadows. Also includes
six colors for extra versatility when mixing and
The Basics: Creamy Highlights & Shadows are
perfect for contouring cheekbones or sculpting
dimension into the face. Slim the face, minimize
strong features and highlight cheeks or jaw with
these versatile shades.
WB 2
WB 3
WB 4
WB 5
CB 2
CB 3
CB 4
CB 5
YG 1
YG 2
YG 3
GY 1
GY 2
GY 3
DC 5
DW 5
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of cool-to-warm, light-to-medium shades of
cream foundations are versatile and easy to
apply. Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: From a sheer, light tint to a flawless
full-coverage finish, Make-Up Designory’s series
of yellow-green, light-to-dark shades of cream
foundations are versatile and easy to apply.
Formulated for ultra-smooth blending and
application, coverage holds up beautifully under
the most extreme conditions.
The Basics: Creamy, pigment-rich correctors
designed to conceal and camouflage skin
imperfections. The ultimate coverup for scars,
blemishes, birthmarks or dark under-eye circles.
Use alone or blend with Make-Up Designory’s
Cream Foundations for a flawless, full-coverage
make-up. Available in eight refillable colors.
Eyes: Bronzed Eye Color
Eyebrows: Taupe Eye Pencil
Cheeks: Sweet Cheeks
Lips: Just Peachy Lipstick
Bridal Editorial
A Perfect Day
photography by Peter Giodani
Wearing a tiara, gown, veil or a fresh white flower in
her hair, throughout the ages and different cultures
The Bride will always be the princess of the day. Our
bridal fairy tale takes place in the extraordinary Flanders
Opera in Ghent, where three magical banquet halls
have hosted Mozart events throughout the centuries.
We captured this magical moment with the bride in her
dream dress lightly touching her knees and her hair
embracing her natural beauty. On her eyes there is a
sparkle of Spanish Gold with a classic winged liner using
Black Cake Eyeliner, enhancing the joy in her eyes. Her
lips have a hint of innocence with Just Peachy, and her
cheeks are Glow-ing with excitement as she patiently
waits for her prince charming to take her on a journey of a
lifetime. Naturally soft with sometimes a hint of character,
the face of the blushing bride translates into a timeless
beauty that will never be forgotten.
Written By: Vanja Djuran, MUD instructor
Eyes: Semisweet, Pink Grapefruit Eye
Color, Black Cake Eyeliner
Eyebrows: Rich Brown Eye Pencil
Cheeks: Rose Petal Cheek Color
Lips: Burlesque Lipstick
Alter Ego
photography: Peter Giodani
Eyes: Cajun Spice, Taupe Eye Color
Cheeks: Glow Cheek Color
Lips: Natural Lip Pencil, Bare Lip Glaze
make-up: Vanja Djuran @ MUD Europe
creative director: Maja Kešelj
photography: Peter Giodani
dress designer: Nicky Vankets
hair: Hanne for William De Ridder
make-up assistant: Niek Vermeersch @ MUD Belgium
model: Victoria & Elsebie @ Models Office Brussels
shooting location:
Flanders Opera, Ghent, Belgium
A special thanks to MUD Studio Ghent
Eyes: Spanish Gold, Espresso Eye Color
Cheeks: Tulip Color Cream
Lips: Spicy Lip Glaze
Shading: Sunshine Bronzer
& Events
And the award goes to...
Jordu Schell
Guild Award
Mask Maker
Congratulations to the 2015 Make-up Artists and
Hairstylists Guild Award nominees and winners!
They say what doesn’t kill you makes you
stronger, but in the case of Jordu Schell, what
frightens you, makes you create an imagination
of your own. At a young age, he gasped at an
image of someone being chased in a movie and
his mother quickly shut the television off. Fearful
and curious, the artist-to-be was then left to
imagine what the creature looked like.
His curiosity continued as he began experimenting with masks during his youth, landing him at
a tradeshow in Chicago where he was the first
boutique mask maker showcasing his works.
The rest is history.
With such credits as Alien Resurrection, Men in
Black, Avatar and Edward Scissorhands, this
industry vet has 30 years of experience in painting, sculpting and designing. You can find him at
work in his studio in Chatsworth, CA. His lovely
and talented assistant Emily Deroski helps with
sculpting and her attitude of just showing up to
do whatever is needed for the day is admirable.
Plus, she’s great with auto mechanics which
adds to her cool factor.
Taking home the gold was MUD alumna Sarah B.
Wolfe (makeupandmayhem.com) winning Best
Make-up in Theatrical Productions (Live Stage)
for Kinky Boots. MUD graduate Essie Cha was
nominated for Best Contemporary Make-up in
Television Media Series from AMC’s The Walking
Dead while MUD Faculty Member Vanessa
Dionne was nomination for Best Make-up and
Best Hair Stylist in Theatrical Productions (Live
Stage) for Cosi fan tutte.
networking that shows your genuine interest in
what you do. “You’re not entitled to anything and
the world owes you nothing,”- great advice from
the guy from Philly that learned to love horror
films in a way that has shaped his career.
Face Off
Season 7
Viewing Party with Contestants
So what makes an awesome character? According to Schell, a well-crafted piece with an
expansive imagination of form really brings it
home. His advice for an artist looking to be taken
seriously in the industry is quite simple: Be prepared for whatever opportunity comes your way
with a website, business cards and a knack for
Contributor: Stacia McCarthy, MUD NY
MUD celebrated the premier of the Syfy show
Face Off which featured two of its Graduates.
Honorees were Rachael Wagner a 2012 graduate of MUD’s Master Make-up Artistry Program
and Stella Sensel a 2012 graduate also from the
Master Make-up Artistry Program.
The event took at Novecento a trendy bistro in the
heart of Soho, New York. More than 50 people
were in attendance including MUD Students,
Alumni and Staff. The celebration was organized
by MUD New York’s Career Services team Brenna
Belardinelli and Marissa Green.
To begin the celebration, School Director Marc
Scoleri introduced the guests of honor while
attendees enjoyed cocktails and appetizers.
Later in the evening the season 7 premier
of Face Off was shown on a large projector
screen while guests mingled and congratulated the guests of honor.
Keep up with the MUD graduates at #teamMUD
@stellasensel @makeupwager
sponsorships to villages in Uganda, while Royal
Dynamite provides educational materials to children in need whenever a shirt is purchased. The
Red Pump Project helps to spread awareness of
HIV/AIDS through shoe fashion in several major
cities in the US.
Thanks to the direction of Peter Lentini, Dunnie
Onasanya and the entire AFLA management
team for your partnership and friendship. MUD
would also like to thank the MUD students
and graduates for your efforts that were professional and simply amazing! Maria Iglesias,
Michele Yusufi, Tory Williams, Jennifer Ibarta,
Dakota Sachs, Liat London, Adriane Reynolds,
Kia Robinson, Dannielle Boyd, Meghan Helms,
Lauren Child, Natalie Dekermendjian, Cheyenne
Garvert, Susanna Wom and Jamie Morgan.
Uomo Richmond fashion show
Milano Fashion Week? The real show all happens
backstage! There’s an entire industry of people
who work tirelessly to put together the shows
every season and this time MUD students have
experienced it from behind the curtains.
MUD Students and Grads Prep
Models to Rip the Runway
LA Ankara
Once again, the Ankara Fest in LA did not disappoint their audience with a new showcase of designers from all over the continent of Africa. Held
at the Balasco Theater in downtown LA, MUD
students and graduates polished off the vibrant
designs with a flawless, dewy face on each of
the 50 models with a pop of color. MUD’s Associate School Director and Admissions Advisor
Jarrell Mosley took over the red carpet as he
interviewed with the talented writer/producer/
director Issa Rae.
Symposium This year’s line-up included Nubi Collections
(Ethiopia, Sudan), Kahindo Mateene (Congo
DRC), Edentity by Nionekaly Ba (Senegal), Erica
Varize (Uganda, California), Chidex Designs
(Nigeria), Christina Lowanga, Ankara Fashion
sand Dewan Apparel.
Other thriving organizations sponsoring the
event such as The Red Pump Project, Royal Dynamite and TOMS, brought even more value to
the show by talking about the effects that fashion
can have on the community in ways that it needs
it most. Erica Varize and her husband provide
sewing camps to girls in Northern California and-
The MUD Symposium welcomed MUD Partner
School instructors to the MUD Los Angeles
campus where teachers got a chance to be
students again. Classes were held by MUD’s
team of trainers and experts covering a variety
of topics. From learning more about the core
of the brand to the basic steps of airbrushing
techniques, the two day event allowed participants to enroll in up to 10 courses. The annual
symposium helps to bring awareness of MUD’s
core brand principles to partnering schools while
also giving focused instruction on the techniques
used throughout the MUD curriculum.
The popular Level II course, having 5 amazing
professionals as instructors and the progressively growing awareness of the brand, have
allowed MUD to be become a solid force in the
fashion world. Sponsoring some of the most
important fashion branded events in Milan, MUD
has worked with Ralph Lauren’s showroom presentations and Milano Man Man Fashion week
during the Richmond fashion show.
Ten of our certified make-up artists lead by new
instructor, Alessandro Filippi, had the opportunity
to enter the world of elegance working with national and international photographers, stylists,
hairstylists and models. Fashion shows not only
require advanced artistry skills, but the ability to
do flawless make-up in a short period of time-and
sometimes under the most challenging situations.
The team arrived backstage half an hour before
the actual call time to set up the stations and
debrief with the designers. Shortly thereafter,
they confirmed the number of models and the
amount of time allocated for make-up applications. The coordinated team worked on 22
men during the anxious preparations, just before
seeing the models walk the runway. Lights flashing, TV cameras and VIP’s in the front row captured the final look pieced together by blood,
sweat and MUD!
Introducing the New
MUD Studio Interior
Written By: Barbara Debevec
The new MUD Studio is created to be different from all the existing make-up stores and
studios. We deliberately avoided all the gaudy mock baroque furniture and pink butterflies
in order to create a space that gives way to creativity and emphasizes that what MUD does
is art, not just some cosmetic adornment. An institution that takes professional make-up
artistry seriously, MUD also happens to have a commercial line of products that is also
stern when it comes to quality. MUD’s approach to the client is unique-you can’t buy makeup without being taught how to use it properly.
When creating the new environment, the idea
was a combination of an art studio, workshop
and laboratory setting, but with luxurious
comfort of a shop and beauty salon. The final
outcome turned into the perfect space for
socializing with friends, sipping coffee and
posing for an Instagram pic.
The new store is also modular, adaptable to
different scenarios and easy to put together.
The interior works as a space with a plug-in
system where all the elements are prefabricated
and there is no need to make adjustments to
the installation. The system’s wiring is hidden
behind the furniture and distributed as needed.
During the creative process, the interior was
created in a way that there are no unnecessary
investments into the floors and walls. The basic
materials can be bought from stock while also
leaving room for one’s own personal style.
The selected materials are rough, raw, technical
materials that are durable and need almost no
additional treatment. The floors are made of
waterproof plywood. The walls and ceilings
are made of medium-density fiberboard. As
a contrast to these two materials, we added
some oak wood, which gives some elegance
and warmth to the space.
MUD’s concept of the store is simple. The
space is divided into three areas: work, social
and creative. While the work portion is reduced
to a technical solution with a professional
lighting and easy to clean surfaces, the creative
area is made as an art board for visitors to show
off their creativity. The wall creates a pegboard,
that leaves endless possibilities to be creative.
Using colored treenails, strings or rubber
bands, to writing, drawing or hanging things
on it, the installation instantly becomes a 3D
masterpiece. It can also serve as a background
for clients and staff to strike a pose.
And last but not least, the social area is a very
‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ chic with a jewelry
display that doubles as a central counterperfect for a quick coffee break, inspection of
the products or to purchase that perfect lipstick
for the next girls night out.
Concept & interior design by
Plusminus30 Architects
Los Angeles
studios &
partner schools
Make-Up Designory Los Angeles
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Burbank, CA 91502
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Make-Up Designory New York
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South Africa - coming soon
MUD Studio South Africa
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studios &
partner schools
Partner Schools
Avenue Five Institute - coming soon
8620 Burnet Rd.
Austin TX 78757
Blossom Kochhar College
Of Creative Arts & Design
113/6, First Floor, Devika Tower-6,
Nehru Place, New Delhi - 110019
011-2647 3050 / 011-2647 3052
Bella Torre Academy Honolulu Hawaii
99-084 Kauhale Street
Suite 1A
Aiea, HI 96701
001 808-484-4871
Career Academy of Beauty Garden Grove California
12741 Valley View Street
Garden Grove, CA 92845
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Bellus Academy El Cajon Campus
1073 E. Main Street
El Cajon, CA 92021
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Eric Fisher Academy - Wichita Kansas
6727 W. Central
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Bellus Academy Manhattan
Campus 1130 Westloop Place
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Bellus Academy National City Campus
1520 E. Plaza Boulevard
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Bellus Academy Poway Campus
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Poway, CA 92064
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Blake Austin College Vacaville California
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Vacaville, CA 95687
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Gould’s Academy –
Memphis Tennessee
1203 Ridgeway Rd. Suite 203
Memphis, TN 38229
001 901-767-6647
Metro Beauty Academy Allentown Pennsylvania
4977 Medical Center Circle
Allentown, PA 18106
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Montana Academy of Salons
501 2nd Street
Great Falls MT 59405
New York Institute of Beauty Islandia New York
11 Oval Drive, Suite #180
Islandia, NY 11749
001 631-582-4737
Penrose Academy Scottsdale Arizona
13402 N. Scottsdale Road
Suite B 160
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
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Pivot Point International Bloomingdale Illinois
144 E. Lake Street
Bloomingdale, IL 60108
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Pivot Point International Evanston Illinois
1560 Sherman Avenue, Suite 700
Evanston, IL 60201
001 847-905-5300
The Salon Professional Academy Onalaska Wisconsin
566 Theater Road
Onalaska, WI 54650
001 608-783-7400
The Salon Professional
Academy - coming soon
2309 Eggert Road
Tonawanda, NY 14150
Tennessee School of Beauty Knoxville Tennessee
4704 Western Ave.
Knoxville, TN 37921
001 865-384-8564
Artisan of
the Eyes
Create with MUD’s NEW Eye Colors
Bring your artistic vision to life with MUD’s NEW Eye Colors. These highlypigmented matte colors deliver a vibrant blue in Flight and Deco, a decadent brown
with Semisweet and the richness of purple royalty with Velvetine. Warm-up your
masterpiece with the sunset of Sedona, or cool down with the simplicity of stones in
Statue and Pavement—or, keep it simple with a wash of white in Canvas. Let your
brush tell a story that’s never been told!

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