Prefab Orthoses - Paris Orthotics


Prefab Orthoses - Paris Orthotics
Prefab Orthoses
Custom orthoses features at a fraction of the price
Polypro Prefabs were designed by ProLab Orthotics/
USA, one of America’s most respected prescription
foot orthoses labs. ProLab combines evidence-based
research with advanced technology to make the
P3 Functional Adult and Kiddythotics, the only true
functionally-corrected prefabricated orthoses.
P3 Posted and Un-Posted
Adult Prefabs
• 2 mm medial heel skive
• 3° intrinsic forefoot valgus correction
• Traditional “functional” shell shape
• 14 mm heel cup
• Textured surface
Un-posted Adult
Posted Adult
PreFab Kiddythotics
The rigid Polypropylene shell integrates
these advanced functional corrections:
• Medial flange
• Deep heel cup
• 4/4 rearfoot post
• 4mm medial heel skive
• Available in seven color-coded sizes