petrosantander (usa) inc.
PetroSantander’s Garden City Carbon Dioxide Pipeline is located in and east of
Garden City, Kansas in the Southwestern Kansas. This carbon dioxide pipeline is
located entirely within Finney County and includes 15 miles of pipeline regulated
by the Pipeline and Hazardous Material Safety Administration (PHMSA) of the U.S.
Department of Transportation. The pipeline is a single purpose closed-system that
delivers carbon dioxide produced at an ethanol plant in Garden City to an oil field
operated by PetroSantander. One compressor at the ethanol plant, with approximately
3,000 horsepower, delivers 7-8 MMCFD of carbon dioxide to the Stewart Oil Field.
PetroSantander’s main office is in Houston, Texas.
PetroSantander’s carbon dioxide pipeline is regulated under the rigorous safety
regulations of the PHMSA. We maintain
a proactive and continuous effort to provide a safe working environment for all
our employees and contractors and to
protect the safety of our neighbors and
families in the Garden City area. Towards
these goals, our company is committed
to complying with all applicable environ-
mental, health and safety laws and regulations. The company is committed at all
levels of management to effective and
safe operation of our pipeline system,
using appropriate technology and experienced personnel. PetroSantander will
make every reasonable effort to anticipate and manage risk through business
processes that emphasize prevention but
with adequate preparations to effectively
respond in the event of an incident. This
includes on-going training and cooperative education programs, such as those
11130 E. Seven Mile Rd.
Garden City, KS 67846
Phone: 620-275-2388
24-Hour Emergency Contact:
Products/dot guidebook ID#/Guide#:
Carbon Dioxide
counties of Operation:
* indicates “regulated” or “jurisdictional” pipelines
Changes may occur. Contact the operator to
discuss their pipeline systems and areas of
available through the Kansas Pipeline
Association. PetroSantander, through its
safety programs, also conducts periodic
reviews and evaluations of our assets
and operations as appropriate to identify
hazards, verify compliance, and continuously improve our safety performance.
Kansas Pipeline Association 2016

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