Newnan Bypass Fact Sheet



Newnan Bypass Fact Sheet
Atlanta Gas Light is proud to be a part of the greater Atlanta community and provide natural gas
service on behalf of certified marketers to the millions of people who call the area home. Our Energy
for a Growing Georgia program is one of the ways we are investing in local communities to ensure
that those relying on natural gas have it when they need it most. The metropolitan Atlanta region has
experienced tremendous growth in the last 25 years and some of that growth has occurred away from
our interstate supply points and distribution system. The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC)
approved the second phase of the Georgia Strategic Infrastructure Development and Enhancement
Program or STRIDE in 2013. This important system upgrade improves our ability to meet customers’
need for natural gas and our obligation to provide enough to serve them on the coldest days of the year.
Several pipeline installation projects across the metro area are planned through 2017 under the Georgia
STRIDE program.
In your community, work on our Newnan Bypass Pipeline is expected to begin in Fall 2015 and may
last up to a year. Pre-construction activities, such as surveying began in Spring 2014. The 16-inch
transmission pipeline will run approximately 17.5 miles through central Coweta County. The pipeline
path starts around Lunsford Road (east of Temple Avenue) and moves south and east through the
middle of the county to its end point off of GA Highway 54. The pipeline is expected to cross several
railroads and roads as well including Franklin Road, Smokey Road, Corinth Road, I-85, and Gordon Road.
At each endpoint, the Newnan Bypass Pipeline will be connected to the existing system. A regulator
station, which allows Atlanta Gas Light to control the volume of gas in the system, will be installed at
the endpoint near GA Highway 54. Construction activities may occur in several areas of the route at
the same time and not progress directly from one end to the other so that property owners will not be
affected for the full duration of the project.
The Newnan Bypass Pipeline will contribute to improvements in the overall system, which means the
communities in the counties it runs through can be assured of a reliable natural gas system during cold
weather. Also, as with all Georgia STRIDE projects, this pipeline will help contribute to overall economic
growth in the region and provide access for families and businesses to the country’s most abundant,
environmentally friendly fuel.
As with all of our construction projects, safety is our top priority. Great care will be taken in all phases
of the project from beginning to end in each neighborhood. We will make every effort to minimize
inconveniences to property owners along the route. If you are a customer, we do not expect to disrupt
your natural gas service. Atlanta Gas Light will provide ongoing updates to local community groups and
elected officials throughout construction.
• 16-inch diameter high-pressure
transmission line
• Length: Approximately 17.5 miles
• Location: Central Coweta County
• Contractor: Southeast Connections,
• Work hours:
7 a.m. - 5:30 p.m., Monday - Saturday
[email protected]
Thank you
in advance for
your patience
and understanding
as we make these
critical system
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This map shows the general area where the pipeline will be located.
Minor adjustments may be made in some places along the route.