PipeSak Brochure



PipeSak Brochure
Simply the Best Pipeline Support
System from Every Angle
Used separately or as a “total protection
system” PipeSak’s three products ensure
superior support and cathodic protection
from every angle.
• PipeSak® Geotextile Pipeline Weights
• PipePillo™ Structured Pipeline Support
Whether gas, oil, steel, water or composite pipelines–
genuine PipeSak® Pipeline Products incorporate the newest
technologies to meet the stringent cost, safety and durability
requirements necessary for modern pipeline construction.
Praising the innovation, efficiency and cost effectiveness of selecting
PipeSak® fabric weights over concrete, Petrobras Inc. of Brazil said,
“When buoyancy control encompasses such importance to pipeline
construction, the economical and financial benefits of PipeSak® fabric
weights become highly attractive points for our future projects.”
– Petrobras Inc.
Get all the facts on today’s smart solutions.
To order and for more information:
USA and Canada 1-866-PIPESAK (747-3725)
PipeSak® Pound for pound the world’s strongest geotextile weight.
Its patented six-compartment design ensures safety, longevity and
compatibility with all pipeline cathodic protection (CP) sy tem.
The PipeSak is an approved American Society for Testing and Materials
(ASTM) tested product for pipeline companies around the world.
PipeSak’s are Engineered with
Exceptional Quality Standards
Using PipeSak ‘s is Cost Effective
PipeSak® offers competitive quotes along with
numerous cost efficiencies. Consider PipeSak®
advantages when pricing out pipeline projects.
• No extra trench depth.
• No trench dewatering.
• Increased worker safety.
• Fast installation – PipeSak® weights install faster
than other types of set-on weights.
PipeSaks are Easy to Use
The PipeSak® buoyancy control weight is designed
to be filled with local, natural aggregate (ballast)
utilizing a specially developed quick-fill and release
hopper system. Filling can take place anywhere a
few loads of gravel can be dropped off.
No trench dewatering and no extra trench depth
Once PipeSak® weights are installed, they will
never tip off the pipeline.
PipeSak® woven geotextile fabric is made of
permeable, non-biodegradable heavy-grade
polypropylene with tough high tensile strapping for
lifting and support – all components of PipeSak®
are environmentally neutral. PipeSak® weights
withstand the rugged pipeline construction process.
PipeSak® materials are UV protected and are
routinely tested to (ASTM) standards – leading the
industry in strength and durability.
PipeSak® Dedicated Customer Support
Engineering Assistance
Plan ahead and get PipeSak® engineers working
for you. PipeSak® can assist you to identify costs
savings and provide further education about the
use of PipeSak® products for your pipeline projects
(spacing, design and custom applications).
Any size project – PipeSak® has large inventory
capacity and resources to keep your project
moving ahead.
Filling Services
PipeSak® will save you time and money by
supplying filled weights right to your site or our
filling services team can train your crew. With
multiple crews available, PipeSak® will meet any
production schedule.
PipePillo™ Simply a better way to bed your pipeline!
This new and affordable structured pipeline pillow
protects pipe coatings, but unlike standard foam,
never shields cathodic protection.
The PipePillo™ is engineered for In-Trench
Structured Pipeline Support
The PipePillo™ or structured pipeline pillow (SPP) is the pipeline
construction industry’s new answer for in-trench pipeline
support. It permanently supports and suspends pipelines
above a rocky trench bottom. PipePillos are injection-molded
and made from high strength, long lasting, and environmentally
inert polyethylene that is treated for extreme UV exposure.
The development of the (SPP) stems from the industry’s need
for secure support for expensive buried pipelines. The pipeline
industry was building larger diameter pipelines with thinner
wall thicknesses (high D/t ratios) and risks of ovality and
denting sharply increased.
Compared with the other current support techniques PipePillo:
• is stackable and easy to transport;
• is lightweight for installation from outside of
the trench and won’t float out of position
when groundwater is present;
• ensures the pipeline is centered in the trench;
• won’t obstruct cathodic protection systems;
• won’t biodegrade;
• addresses concerns over
ovality/denting; and
• maintains long-term pipe clearance
above rocky trench bottoms.
Geoff Connors,
President & Founder, Pipesak® Inc.
Today’s rockshield “gold” standard
provides high-impact proven
protection. It is the industry’s most
durable and flexible PVC design.
TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield is a nonwoven mat consisting of small diameter
(approximately 0.050”) strands of flexible
PVC. The strands are bonded to each
other in a controlled, random pattern.
TUFF-N-NUFF Rock Shield protects
pipe coatings from direct impact during
backfilling operations. It also provides
long-term protection by keeping hard
objects in the backfill away from the
pipe coating during operation of the line.
TUFF-N-NUFF protects the pipe coating
from these abrasive objects as lateral and
longitudinal movements occur.
Texas • Missouri • Minnesota • Louisiana • Michigan • Ontario
To order, visit www.pipesak.com or call USA and Canada 1-866-747-3725.
Associate Member of
Pipe Line Contractors
Association of USA

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