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city place
Atlanta, Georgia
Michael Wilson
Wells Fargo/City Place Buckhead, LLC
(704) 715-3096
This irregularly shaped property had previously been entitled by a specific plan which called
for 3,883 condominiums to be constructed in nine separate towers. The plan treated the
urban site as a single block and illustrated uses and a composition that restricted flexibility,
responsiveness to the larger urban framework and specific uses which had become infeasible
in the marketplace.
HGOR’s study of the property led to an extension of the urban grid through the property
to develop a series of blocks or pods that could be developed collectively or individually. In
response to the value of open space, the plan aggregated open space requirements into a
central park providing maximum utilization of the blocks, creating a defined amenity and sense
of place.
An additional strategy of the park provides a design which allows the space to act as a
centralized stormwater management facility for the entire site. By transferring stormwater
from below ground storage to above ground the savings in development costs offset the cost
of the park providing the amenity and environmental feature on a cost neutral basis.
The new plan was strongly supported by the surrounding community and provided significant
economic value.
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Atlanta, Georgia