Urban sprawl in Harju County


Urban sprawl in Harju County
Stormwater management / drainage
Conventional versus inovative
Sustainable stormwater management
– techniques simulating nature
Sustainable drainage can be made
using dry or wet swales, infiltration
methods, water bodies, green roofs,
rain gardens, pervious pavings, etc.
Conventional drainage system is often the only one possible, but not always.
Sometimes there would be nice to make sustainable stormwater drainage
system an environmental design element.
It would be useful in overall plannong process to examine where in the town
sustainable stormwater management should be used. Requirements for
sustainabl systems would be included in the land use / building code.
Ogre. Pedestrian street (Brivibas street). Conventional system.
Ikšķile. Main street.
Set of elements for sustainable stormwater systems
Main elements useful for streets
Ievalkas / swale
Open drains / Vaļējās lietus ūdens
Rain garden / Lietus dārzs
Open drains adjacent to buildings /
Lietus ūdens uztvērējteknes
Examples from Baldone
Street crossections

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