Associate your brand with the Filipino-American news


Associate your brand with the Filipino-American news
Associate your brand with
the Filipino-American news authority that
exerts a strong and positive influence
on the community.
BALITANG AMERICA (News from America) is a 30-minute weekly newscast with a nationwide scope.
Balitang America is the first-ever Fil-Am news program to be broadcast throughout North America.
Through its army of reporters and correspondents all over the US, Balitang America broadcasts news that
matters to every Filipino American.
Community features, profiles, and special reports also form an integral part of the show's lineup, giving
Filipinos all over the US a voice and face on television.
The newscast is anchored by veteran news personality Gel Santos-Relos and headed by ABS-CBN
International's News Bureau Chief Ging Reyes -- both awarded as among the 100 most influential
Filipinas in the US by the Filipina Women's Network.
A very significant portion of TFC’s over 300,000 households are tuned in to Balitang America, based on
the latest TV Diary study available*.
In the Pacific, Balitang America ranked # 17 in the Top 30 Most Watched Filipino Programs in the US
(over-all); in fact among ALL Filipino Weekday programs, Balitang America ranked #12.
In the East Coast, Balitang America is the runaway favorite among Filipinos, hailed as the Most-Watched
Filipino program, over-all.
(Total Week)
*ABS-CBN Business Intelligence Group, TV Diary (USA), Sep 15 – Oct 7, 2009, M/F, 13+, 255 respondents
(Total Week)
• Monday-Fridays
• The hottest news and issues in the US that are relevant and
directly impacting the Filipinos.
World News Round-up with Tony Velasquez
• Monday-Fridays
• North American viewers are also provided with a quick look at
global situations through Tony Velasquez’s world news wrap.
Balita sa Canada (News from Canada)
• Fridays
• Stories about issues, life and living in Canada are delivered
through this once-a-week segment.
Isyu Ngayon (Issues Today)
• Monday to Friday
• One of the interactive portions of Balitang America where
viewers are encouraged to join in answering a daily poll, normally
a question on the hottest topic of the day.
• Thoughts of regular folks regarding the issue are also
presented via MOS-style video presentations.
• Viewers get to post their answers on, where
results of past polls are also shared.
Your Space
• Monday to Friday
• Viewer feedback / comment section where a featured viewer’s
letter is read by the news anchor.
• Has a page within
Gas Prices
• Monday to Friday
• Delivered as billboards, viewers are provided with financial information that matters
to their day-to-day lives.
• Remittance rates and gas prices constitute the “Money Matters” segment of Balitang
Hollywood Buzz! with Manny the Movie Guy
• Fridays
• The latest movies that are making waves in Hollywoodland are
reviewed and rated by our resident Hollywood insider, “Manny
the Movie Guy.”
• Mondays
• The hottest tourist spots and hidden tourism gems of the
Philippines are featured in this segment. When available, tips on
how to get great deals and tour packages are provided to the
• Currently presented by Mango Tours.
Pinoy Panawagan (Pinoy Help Line)
• Wednesdays
• Pinoy Panawagan resident counsel, Atty. Lou Tancinco, provides
TFC viewers with answers to their legal concerns.
• Viewers are enjoined to send their legal questions via snail mail
or through the Balitang America Pinoy Panawagan hotline.
• Currently presented by the Law Offices of Atty. Lou Tancinco.
Hot Jobs
• Wednesdays
• A most timely feature as it highlights types of employment that
may yield the most financial rewards and career advancement in
the next ten years.
• Currently supported by Financial Rescue, LLC
Balitang Barangay (Community Billboard)
• Thursdays
• Community events in the US and Canada are featured in the Balitang Barangay segment.
• The dynamic duo of Gelo and Joe Kwan of “Barangay USA” fame provide their unique and
wacky brand of delivering information to the public. Community billboards will never be
the same again!
• The community billboard can also be found through its own page on
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