agricultural services



agricultural services
Met Éireann’s dedicated Agricultural
Meteorology Unit is committed to providing
the wider agricultural community with relevant
meteorological information and services.
The Unit also provides weather-related advice
and information both to the public and various
State bodies on issues such as the likely
spread of Foot & Mouth Disease, Liver Fluke,
Nermatodirus and Forest Fire Risk.
Met Éireann is closely associated with AGMET,
a grouping of agricultural meteorology
professionals whose aim is to promote and
develop the use of meteorological inputs for
planning and decision-making in agriculture.
See for further details.
As part of Met Éireann’s Research,
Environment & Applications Division, the
Agricultural Meteorology Unit is also engaged
in collaborative research into the impacts of
climate change on Irish agriculture.
Customer Feedback is always welcome
Tel: 01-806 4244
Email: [email protected]
September 2015
Online —
Met Éireann provides a number
of weather services accessible
by landline or mobile device.
Detailed information on past weather, as
gathered from Met Éireann’s national weather
station network is available on
Mobile Website
A mobile website specifically tailored for
smartphones is available at and
includes features such as:
4Weather Warnings
4Radar Animation
4National & Provincial Text Forecasts
4Latest Hourly Weather Reports
4Satellite Imagery
4Atlantic Charts and more
4Latest hourly weather reports
4Recent weather data and statistics,
including current soil moisture deficits
4Monthly weather summary – each month’s
weather statistics summarised
4Monthly weather bulletin – the definitive
record of each month’s weather, freely
available to download
4Climate averages and extremes
For other mobile phones, is a
simpler site with a slightly smaller range of
services such as:
4National & Provincial Text Forecasts
4Radar & Satellite Imagery
4Latest Hourly Weather Reports
4Sea Area Forecasts
4Atlantic Charts
Additional climate data and products are
available from our Climate Enquiries Office, but
may be subject to a fee. See Climate Data &
Products on for a complete list.
4Irish and Atlantic Forecast Charts
4Rainfall Radar – allows tracking of real-time
rainfall locations and intensities
4National Forecasts, including extended
4Regional Forecasts
4Weather Warnings – including warnings of
potato blight conditions
4Weekly farming forecast broadcast on RTÉ 1
at lunchtime every Sunday
4Detailed weather forecasts on RTÉ 1
following 1.00pm, 6.00pm and 9.00pm
4Detailed long-range weather forecast broad
cast every morning on RTÉ Radio 1 at
7.55am, including any potato blight warnings
4RTÉ Radio - Additional forecasts broadcast at
key times throughout the day
4Forecasts on most other national and local
radio stations
4Specialist coverage in the Farmers Journal
and Farming Independent each week
Mobile APP
Met Éireann weather APP which
includes the features above is
available on the iTunes Store
and also Google Play.
Telephone Consultancy Service
4Direct access to a Weather Forecaster for
up-to-the-minute tailored information
4Calls may be purchased in blocks of 10 with
charges starting from €16 + VAT per call
Personalised Alerts
4Individualised forecasts and warnings of
severe weather (e.g. heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, frost, strong winds, wind chill etc.)
Telephone: 01-806 4260
Email: [email protected]

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