AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Overview


AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions Overview
AccuWeather is considered the “Gold Standard” of weather
forecasting. Our global weather expertise includes weather
forecasts, warnings, data and consulting services of superior
accuracy, which will enable you to minimize and mitigate risks
posed by adverse weather events, while maximizing your return
on weather-driven opportunities.
Enterprises similar to yours already rely on AccuWeather to ensure the safety of
employees and customers, reduce property damage, optimize inventory size and
distribution, maintain supply chains, and tune marketing campaigns to match nearterm and long-range weather. Integrating AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions into your
business intelligence systems and decision-making processes can drive more informed,
timely and better decisions – resulting in higher revenues, lower costs, and reduced risk.
/ Comprehensive Global
Weather Forecasts
/ Weather Data Integrated
into Your Systems
AccuWeather’s staff of over 100 expert meteorologists
creates our own forecasts for nearly 3 million locations
worldwide. Our forecasting capabilities offer the most
accurate, actionable and timely weather information available
about hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards and many more
types of weather. Seasonal weather triggers that affect
consumer buying behavior – such as the exact date of the
first warm spring weekend in each location – are a specialty!
Many of our clients ingest specialized weather data from
us directly into their business intelligence systems to
continuously integrate our insights into their decision
workflow. All AccuWeather forecasts, warnings and
historical data are available according to your schedule,
via your preferred delivery vehicle, and in the format
that best meets your organization’s requirements –
including GIS layers.
/ Most Accurate and Actionable Warnings
Consistent, succinct, tailored AccuWeather data can be
disseminated quickly throughout your organization to make
clear what your people need to do in response. And because
AccuWeather is your one source for weather data for the
entire globe, your analysts share a common operating
picture worldwide, with the confidence that weather risks
have been quality-controlled and uniformly assessed.
AccuWeather does not simply rebroadcast wide-area
government warnings. Instead, our own staff tracks the
exact weather thresholds that affect your business, providing
you with the most accurate and timely severe weather
warnings for your precise locations of interest. For example,
studies of tornado warnings have shown AccuWeather
warnings to be seven times more accurate than government
warnings, and to offer twice as much lead time in which
to protect your people.
/ Briefings and Consulting that Meet Your Needs
On-demand consultation with an expert AccuWeather meteorologist is available 24x7x365 when you are on the verge
of a critical decision. This can include multiple executive-level briefings with your senior management. You get not only
the latest information from us, but also our confidence level in our forecasts, increasing the likelihood that you are going
to make the right decision.
AccuWeather meteorologists are also available to perform a wide variety of special reports and assessments as needed by
your organization regarding historical, current and/or future severe weather events. Examples include:
• The analysis of 200 hour-by-hour metrics about past
weather conditions to reveal historical and predictive
relationships that might not have been known previously,
including how weather can impact SKU-level store sales,
safety statistics, staffing needs, supply interruptions, or
insured losses.
• Weather-Triggered Marketing®, helping you to target
mass marketing, including social media – and to optimize
discounting periods and dates – to leverage local weather
conditions, from a hurricane strike to the first day
of spring weather.
• Weather-Triggered Analytics, enabling you to optimize
regional product allocations for seasonally-impacted
goods and services on the basis of long-range forecasts.
• Conceptual studies, with non-published, private results
for key questions, such the likelihood of a “Black Swan”
event that strikes key components of your enterprise
and its operations – including worldwide impacts on
your supply chains.
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