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Nutrients for keeping
the immune system whole
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nolur Ipreduc is
I sexua l health
Beating the
Natural solutions to enhance sexual function Take a IOild off by Heather Graru>to
ulritionol produ c ts for sexual health-not an easy market to c horoc1 e ri2e and.
unfortunately, one that has generally b een d e fined by ou tl iers
Inte rn e t·only c o nc o ctions with pharmac e utica ls. Howeve r, th e to pic 01 sexual
dysfunctio n IS a major one. an d c on sumers ore Inc re a singly wi llin g to ex p lore
natural treatment o ptions. Add in consu mers loo king fo r 0 more natural way to
incre a se libi do o r en hance th ei r in tim at e reloticns. and t h e potent ia l
morket explo d es.
·Th e sexu a l h ealth and sexual dysfunctio n morket Is a robust and growing
one. g iv en the aging population and c on cerns abou t side effeots from
phorm aceutlca l products: noted Rand i Kindem Spru nk·Jonsen. v ice p res ide nt.
Sprunk:·Ja nsen , · Whot was once considere d ta boo is now socially acceptoblc.AddreSSin g sexual health is of ma jor importance. considering iis societal
preval ence. A study o ut of the Universi ty of Chicago reporte d 43 p erce nt of women
an d 31 perce nt of m e n experience sexua l dysfunc tion. and a lso note d soc ial and
COLON CLEANSE® GREEN TEA TO GO A unique, synergistic blend
of herbs and spices
formulated to promote
regularity, detoxifica1ion,
and 10 support the
Intestinal tract
psyc ho log ic al faa tors a nd medical problems influe nce sexual dysfunction, 1 Further.
11 is es1'imo ted Ihat 22 percent of men have mod eral'e or severe e rectile dysfunclion
(ED), with greate r p robability lInked to incr0a sin g age a cross race an d ethnicity.2
This has tra nsla ted to greater sales for natural a lterna tives. Since 2001. sales of
suppl emen1s ma rketed as nalural sexual enhan ce rs ha ve risen 10 5398 m illion in
2006, in c lu d ing h e rbal mix t ures. a ccording to esti m ates by Nutrition Business
Jo urnal. repo rte d by The Canadian Press. 3
There are severo t factors driving these sates, noted Rod Tottma n . CEO o f Life
Span Lo b s. -Ag ing baby boomers are grow ing in number and refuse 10 b e defined
b y the ir age: he sa id .
~ T hey
are more health conscIous. ha ve more expendable
tncome, are more o ften single, and are more interested tn main tatning a healthy
a c tive se x li fe m u c h la ter into life than any previous generalion. Also, ED drug
marke ting has c reated massive awareness and acceptance at ta king a pill to deal
with mole sexual p erformance issues. This awareness is ubiquitous in our society
Natural Producls M8rketplace
Septernber 2008
and ha s move d the d iSCUSS ion trom the bedroom to 1he living room. This has been
refe rred to as the seco nd sexuot revolution."
noiu rol p roducts
I sexu al
he c!th
Sprunk-Jonsen added while Ihe awareness is growing due to the breadth of
marketing for ED drugs, "The overall sexual health morket for natural products is
growing because there ore a number of people who cannot, or choose not to, toke
pharmaoeulico ls. ­
Differentiating the Category
Wil h in the natural sexua l health category, there are generally separate
offe rings for Illell and wamen . many of which feature Similar Ingredients with added
Imgeted compounds. This is importanL added Cheryl Myers. vice president of
health sc iences, Enzymatic The rapy, as there ore differences bel ween Ihe sexes
and what Ihey're looking for in this co jegory. "Men are typically more focused on
physicol p erforma nce, while women are typica ll y more focused on mood and
psychological tactors," he said, "A product tlla l helps a woman to feel more relaxed
with tile energy or desire for sex is gene rally what is SOUgilt after, as opposed to
some physical per'formance characteristio."
Th e re are several nutritional ingred ie nts that have be e n studied for their
impact on sexua l function. Some of these include:
• Maca (Lepidium meyenii) is a South American tuber, which grows in the high
elevations anile An des. Native Peruvians have used maca root to promote
energy and sexual virili ty, Animal stu d ies sug g est maca treatment can
increas e ejaculation latency and
post~ eJacu l atory
interval, th rough both acute
and ohronlc consumption,4,5It may also Ilelp treat male infertili ty linked to
food exp asu re,6 and
was shown In o ne small o nimol study to increase litte r size
and uterine weight.!
• rribulus terrestris hos been used in the traditional medicine of Ch ina and
Indio, and it-con t'c ins stero idal saponin s that may increase the body's levels of
cerloin hormones, Chinese researchers recently reported administering
tTibulus extract to anilTlOls (7.5 mg/kg) increased levels of te stosterone and
d i ~1yd ratest oste l'one,
suggesting its pos's ible usefulness in mild to moderole
CClses of ED.B In add ition. it may enha nce release of nitric oxide (NO). which
Call help add ress ED?
Epimediurn, the botan ical name for horny goat weed. has been used in
Chine se m ed icine for more than 2,000 years to promote sexual function. The
Inflamm allOn. c a n COllie pc]n cqd di~9C'58 .
leafy plan t· conta ins (1 vari ety of flo vonolds, polysoccharides, sterols and
yo u l!jnort!-
o lkoloi ds. A rec en l Russian study repor ted e pim ed ium could improve ED in
aged rolsw
The amino ac id
~,e lp s
is used to make NO, a compound In the body tha'i
regula te vascu lar d ilation. By m edrating NO-dependent vasodilation, it
, ~,(t ~i lo (r , mcl i o r... II C ( I:I
Ro.liev iJ Ih e Irltlam rnoifOll
"'elp~ le d uc!!! in flommoilan
• H tJ ~ no ~ICJe ... :fpcn
• Ife-ipi'I!!-d uce ar. tJrlll..$ ".alr.
suggest providing arginine to gethe r w ith Pycnogenol® (from Natural Health
• Panax (Asian) ginseng, on odoptogenic herb. was used in Traditional
the peirl
dis ·
c PPt)ot.
may help address ED in men with deer'ea sed NO produclion,l1 Studies also
Science) can improve sexua l function In men with ED without side effects.12
go" t W Q ' !I"!' I
Pr o '~ iCIl"l
Fa; ' rolio f
" Hl)lp ~ ,e du <.,. o 1()'N el bock POIn
G e t; lid.tl l Ih a
d~CO : l lI G rt
• Is A ll l-b ilJ ral . Ql'1d c o me);
Vegejor;an COD~uIa~
Ch inese M ed icine (r CM) to promote yang energy, improve blood strength ond
sllfnulote Ihe body, Studies suggest it may dlrec1"ly impact libido and
copulatory performance, inducing vasodilation and modifying NO release,lJ
Furthe r, South Korean scientists found 900 mg of Ponox ginseng given three
times daily 10 patients with clinical ED significantly improved ED scores. 14
• Tongkat ali (Eurycomo long!folio). also known as langjack, is a small
A fJ1a""lo ! e ! -e ~r ed m e 10 Pt':enocanef Qlli
b ode-Hlna (Jtobe ti c a nd I have Spinai ~ t "nm ' 5 .
AI !lIght m y feet WO'lJld b L., roll a rI d I vJ'c'J'Id 110''''=
.~ eg eIld bock pain.
Afler taki ng Iwo Ph!!.\l"Io ·
CQ" i!', the ooin went awayl Todc y I erN !aiJr.g
Ph s lX)cane e .... acy ITIO I ning o nd e venil'lg I em
livi r> g p a in fre e Ihanks Ie f't'~n oc c n ~ . . Sumnel
evergreen plant that is native to IndoneSia and Malaysia, and was traditionally
used In Southeast Asia for its antimicrobial and aphrodiSiac qualifies. More
recent research suggest's il may Increase sexual arousal and performance In
aged animals,l5 and has aphrodisiac qualities in younger animals as well. 16
I" ..... ~ ' ~"I".~t"~ ~
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rn'I t .... " .. " ~ .!lI",1 hI' t ... II'n1 .r d
'1-+11 ~'~,.;h ~ ... "",
~ •• .,,"
r- ,
t'ul ~10~ 'I' ~1_Rjj' " " y (JI. ",....~
O .. yU~ I,-, t . P.O, Box 6451 Gt1Li!a V I~ I3. . GI\ 9 HH)Q Toll F,ee: 6 0 .'!lB:?- 9800' f l!Jx' 6 19 J<,O n ! 4 ~'"wrHR.
notu 'oi
In ri l
jets I "pxuo l
If h
Form ulators w it h in the natural p roducts industry hove soug h t to combine
efficacious nutritional Ingredients to d evelop proprietary p roduc ts wit h b e netits fer
th e produ c t s
the botanic a l
osafce tida (Ferulo assafoetido). which
men and/or wom e n . For exa m p te. li fe Span Labs wo rked with AIBMR. a con tract
has be en widely us e d in the Greek­
researc h organiza tion and con su ltin g firm . to develop its p roducL 112 Deg rees.
Arabic herbal traditions to treat tiredness
To llman no le d . ~ 1 12 Oegrees is backed by a p roprie tary scie nce prog ram: exten sive
a nd inc rea se libido. Sprunk-Jonsen has
safe ty, pu rit y an d eff ic a cy s tu dies w e re p e r fo r m e d bef o re th e prO d u c t
su ppo rt ed Clini c al st u di es o n it s
wa s released. ·
produc t s. M a sc u l i n e, wh i c h is a
Sprunk-Jo n sen, m eanw hile. topp e d into the Greek-Arab ic medic ineI tro d llion
co n ce nt ro te d ex t ract of as a foet ida.
to d evelop il s prod ucts. Fern in ine11vl ond Mosculine™ lo b le l s. The pri m ary ingred ient
improved t h e li b id o a nd e re ctile
func ti on signific antl y in approximat ely
80 percen t of men (n=85) recruited from
fe rti lity clinics who h a d signific antl y
redu c ed sp erm co u nts or ED a nd
impo t en c e. acc o rd in g to Ktndem
Spru n k - Jan se n . Sh e ad d e d th e
I nti m ate Health Product
c o m pany's Femin ine p rOduct combines
a so foe ti da wit h c aper b uds.
~ M ode rn
sC te ntific m e t h od s ind icate th o t the
p rin c i pa l e ll ec t o f th e h e r bs i s to
inc rease b lood su p p ly to th e genital
area w hi le re lax in g th e m uscl es: she
sa id . · We carri e d o ut a c linica l srudy in
60 wo m e n who ho d prob le m s with their
sexual a c ti vity o r inf e rtility. b ut were
o therwi se h e alth y. Aft e r taking one
tab let o f Feminin e pe r day I'or o nly o ne
m o nth . 8 0 percen t o f p a rt ici pont s
no ticed a n improveme nt in
It btd o.~
The prod uc t Arg inMox. a vai lo ble
in mole a n d fe mal e (orm Lll o t io n s fro m
Da il y We ll n ess Co.. ha s a lso bee n
stu d ied fo r il s Im p a c t o n mo le an d
fema le sexua l f unchon . The bas ic
ing redie n ts in t he formu las Ir1c lude
Kegel e1(e r cise r
argin ine. gmseng and ginkg o . In o ne
fhe perfectly con lou red
rand om ized women w h o repor ted a
Highl n', i lance Kegel h.u hell
lo c k o f sexuol desire (n=108) 10 rec etve
e:\erdse the PC rnusclp.
t rial o u t o f Ha w a i i. r es e arc he r s
Arg inMax for Wom e n or p lac e boY Afte r
one m o nt h . t he re we re imp rovement s
.111) ,' ff... lIve for loni ng
repo rted in le ve l o f se xual d esire o n d
so tisfact ion with overa ll sex life. w ith no
post htfd-hirth, menOI'"USC
and ior ,"co ntinenc{' .
estrogen ac1iv ity Simila r fe su ll s were
• Phtha lalc-Frt·(, • Ll t"x·free
same re se arch team 18 The men ' s
reported in on ea rlier op en trial by t he
formula ha s sh own similarly positive
researc h re su ll s, a s men with m ild /0
m ode r al e ED h ad sig nif i ca nt
im provem e nts in a b il tl y to m ain to In
I ns c i tu te" 888.73&.1247 • sa lesI!>sinciairwholesalc.com
Ava il.lb l.. Ihrll ugh : l Cllu' !.Ig hl & N.,w LN I D; ,I, '''·.tllh Plllri U( I
e rec ti o n (88 pe rce nt o f m e n ) and
improved sa ti sfac tio n w ifh Ihe ir overa ll
sex life (75 percent ot m en) ,19
NaWra l Producls Marte/place
Seplember 2006
Denn y Kwoc k . general
manager of Daily Well n ess C o ..
noted th e p roducts are designed
In addilion 10 offering dielary supplemenls 10 address consumers' needs in
to be to ken on a regul a r baSIS to
Ihe sexual heallh area. relail e rs may a lso have on opporlunily 10 d e liver
rmprove the u nderl ying physiology
com plemenlary producls.
assoc iated wi t h sex u a l h e alt h.
· Th e added ben e fi1 s are th a t it
"As peop!e are becom ing morc interes ted
in using products th at <lre h t?al th ful and
natu ral, th is preference is being exte nded
10 their personal sexual lives," said Susa n
MOJ1tani, vice president of sales, Natural
Contours. "They are seillch in g for products
thill they feel safe usi ng. such as natur al
ma ssage oils, natu ra l lubricants and intimate
products, lOYS and e nhance rs that do not
contain known toxins, such as phthJlates."
N aUlr:-il Contou r s d esign s person a
massagE:rs that are phthalate ·free and
Inade w ith bacte rin-resistant plastiC:. as
we:ll as natural lubric:lnts and oils The
company al.so developed a Kegel exerciser,
WID can be used to tone and strengthen
the pubococc ygeus (PC) mu scles. This has
application not only in the sexual health
arena , bw also for women who h ave given
bir h and to prevent urinary in contin ence.
Similarly, High Island Health developed its
product, Pro -State®. a patented prosta te
massager. "The dev ice is all-nat ura l and
works simply with the body's own muscle
contractions by emulating a prostate
massage to increase blood flow in the lower
pelvic region and release congested flu id in
the urethra," sa id Myrenda Ch iu, a comp(l.ny
exec. "As a resu lt, both prostate health as
well as sexu al funct ion are addressed. The
Pro-State has an 87-perce nt effectivene.ss r aH~
and research shows th at pro state massage
increases the efficacy of m any supplements
and antibiotics."
a ls o Improves phys ical stam ina.
overall e n e rgy level Gnd the
per so n IS a lways ready for sexual
ac t rv r ty. ~
he sa id . "II d oes n ot
need to be tok e n
set tengtll 01
t im e before sexuo l a c tiv it y. so
there is no timing issue·
Doil y su pport was al so Ihe
basis of formula tio n for Enzyma tic
Therapy's o ffe rings, Hot Plants for
im and Ho t Plants for He r. wh ic h
were develo ped in co nju nc tion
with h erbal expert Chris Ki lhom .
Sleep with a friend tonight...
and feel great in the morning!
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• RcU~ .. t Burden on lI"m"nf S)'Jltn l
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Nalural Pruducts M:Jfketplace
Seplember 2008
Mye rs no ted: "Th e$e pr o ducts o re not
episo de ~spec jfi c;
I sexCJc l health
impo rt a n t that re la ilers be know ledgeable abou t sexu a l
ro l her, they supperI th ose areas o f health fho t ploy a role in
healthy libid o ' e nergy, stamina, mood and microoircu la tio n.
to co n sistenll y sell produc ts In thi s c a te gory,' Kwock said .
ttley want to creo te the kind of credi bility necessary
Th e prod uct Is u sed d olly. so th is heal th support occurs o n
-This migh t mean b e ing able to e xp lain the var io us reasons
o n o ngoing ba sis. Consequenfly. there are heOlih b e nefits
w h y a man or wo m a n Is h av in g dif fic u lty and t he
from these produc l s tho 1go b eyond sexua l
funcj(on. ~
those issues.'
Making a Connection
~ 8rea kl ng
rnec l"'l anism s by which a pa rt ic u lar produc t cc n add ress
There is certa inly grea t opportunil y for bol h sales a nd
th ro ugh all t h e clutie r in thi s market is a
to h elp c cnsu mers wilh an a spec t 0 1 hea lt h that impacts
huge chal lenge: Ta llma n said . "Retailers shou ld b e ve ry
corefu l aboul what pro ducts they carry in this co legory. The
afraid 10 promote this ca tegory. assuming th ey have qualit y
retailer's default position should b e o ne ot d istrust until they
and relia b le p rod u cts and
a re co nfiden t the co mpony is re pu ta b le and the p rod u c t is
"Although t h is will alw a ys be somewha t o f a sensi ti ve
we!l ~be in g.
"I wou ld encourage retoilers n ot to be
portn er s ,~
Tallman sa id .
ba cked by sCience th at proves it is safe, pure ond effective.
c ategory re quiring tact a nd c ore in promoting. it is a huge
And, becaus e of th e common practice of spiking these
market and becoming a tru sted retail resourc e fo r products
products wi!h ED drugs and th e very serious safety issues
in the ca teg ory cou ld b e qUite profita b le ."
this c reotes , retaiters shoutd require proof from the c ompany
that the produ cts ha ve been t·es ted for purity:
The next step is get ting educ ated about the produ c ts
as well as th e physiology o nd m echan isms o f ac ti on. ' II 's
For 0 list of references, e-moil NPMre [email protected]
How herbs can spice
your love life The "neienl Egyptians knew how
to stimul.te passion ond desire
using extracts from p1ants., . over
4 , 000 years ago.
And now you can improve your
love Ii fe by increas ing your des i re
and energy too,
Herbal en ergy
Natural stimubtion
like 3.11 SJJrUl"\k 'Jil"~n p 'OdUCl~ FE MININ ET.. .
,nd MASCULINE'" con.., n 100 % ",,,,,,.1
il c.~ I ...e Ingredients and h.we been te,ted usmg
.1"tI1ir." J.o.I.4'1,l"'-
cre.iIIlt: FEMI N IN~' and MASCUUNf'"" It's
I fa scinating plant thaI the C t~k· Afablc
h~rba' traditlol1~ t1",,'f long u~d to help wltk
tiredness and low libido. Asafoetida i5 well
know n forenh01n("ing s,exu.,1 function O1od ~s
been used as In oIp!1 rodisilc: for tllou..."nds Qr
by l l--f, f oo:J ....(!OP"\l I ....<l".'~ "
modem scientific , ed"lnique'j. foreffic.l C)! and
safety. Both FEMININE'· and MASCULINE'"
are uniqvely effectiyc! formulas d\ittcomain
powerful plin t ex:tr,"lC ts to enh an ce libido _nd
sup port circulation In me sexual area .·
We. took one of the he~ the- ancie.tllS
u'S~rl , Asafoetida (~IU I {./ 055Q!octid{,), ( -0
""Th~e ,1.IklT1o: rlh "iII~e: I\&' ~n ~ ~ .~.led
, nC:l ~um g l!flC!'rgy arid de)'re.
At Sprunk·Jan~e.n oUTVjsior'lIHirn~e. . .. to
put h e-rball'em-edll:!~ bi!ck on th~ global rnap
wner~ t.h~y be.l ong. to wott along!.ldl! rnouC!rn
medldnt: and 11'1 ha. rmo ny wi th It.
To find Dut mo re ...I.t-uut I,'-'W f: ~'vP>l I NE ·" .OO
MASCUlINF" can in r.r~l~ ~nerg'f dnd dHIIl"
Qr In rlace: ),~ orde: r le.Ut u ll 888 9 S P lhJN~
"""'~ . !IopfUn" ·laTbrn com
J ~d i (l ~ ""I~ VJ .-..J IoJC"t ;\ r>M 1", .. nY"11 to dlallN" •. tI '~ f. { ,"., 110
1" "l1l'i'1' tl1) .11'1f;I~ "
Seplenw 2006 Nalural Products Marltelp lace

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