Both WAVAW and SAS will support whatever decisions you make.


Both WAVAW and SAS will support whatever decisions you make.
The Sexual Assault Service
(SAS) provides specialized
medical care and support to anyone
13 years and older who has been
sexually assaulted in the past 7 days.
This includes answering questions,
offering STI and/or pregnancy prevention
medications, doing a medical exam, and
collecting forensic samples.
During your visit, you will be given info
about your legal, medical and support
options. It’s your choice what kind of
medical attention you receive and
whether or not you report to police.
The SAS is availble 24 hours a day/7
days a week. To access SAS, go to Vancouver General Hospital Emergency
Dept. and let them know you would like
to see the Sexual Assault Service.
If you are a woman who is
13 years and older, a
WAVAW staff woman can
come to support you. If
you would like this, one
of the nurses will call
WAVAW and arrange for
someone to come meet you
at the hospital.
WAVAW is inclusive of
transgender women.
What else can
WAVAW do for you?
be there when you need someone to talk
go with you if you choose to do a police
help you get updates on police files
and/or court dates.
make sure you know and understand
your rights.
check in with you after your hospital
WAVAW Rape Crisis Centre
Call us 24 hours a day: (604)-255-6344
OR toll free: 1-(877)-392-7583
[email protected]
Over 50% of women in Canada Sexual Assault Service
will be raped, sexually (SAS)
assaulted or abused... If you have been sexually assaulted in
Not one of them asked for it the last 7 days, you can go to Vancouver
Hospital Emergency Dept.
and none of them deserved it. General
located at 920 West 10th Ave. at Laurel
What are some of
WAVAW’s services?
Support Groups
Both WAVAW and
SAS will support
decisions you
Need support? Have
questions? Want to
Aboriginal groups and programming
24 hour crisis line
Victim services support
All of WAVAW’s
services are free
and confidential.
You do not need a Care Card to see the
Sexual Assualt Services. You are
welcome to bring a friend or family
member with you.
What is self care and
why is it important?
Some websites to check out:
The Clothesline Project:
Self care is putting energy and love into
yourself - it’s doing what you need to do for
your body, mind and spirit. It’s taking care
of ourselves to get through the hard stuff, so
we’re able to enjoy the good stuff in life.
Coalition for Positive Sexuality:
Self care quick list People I can call who will be supportive
Love is Respect:
Native Youth Sexual Health Network:
Options for Sexual Health:
Project Respect:
If I’m feeling unsafe, I can:
Sexual Assualt Service:
Four things I can do to take care of
myself are:
Shameless Magazine:
WAVAW is here to
support you.
If you have been
sexually assaulted,
You don’t
have to go
No matter the
circumstances, this was
not your fault.
You don’t have to go
alone. WAVAW is here to
support you.
604 255 6344
1 877 392 7583
Revised January 2013