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Dr Claire Vanston Ph.D
Dr Claire Vanston
You Can Relax
!   No one is going to have sex here today
!   I won’t be giving out tickets to have sex either
!   No one is going to get naked. Pants stay on
!   This is just information
!   Some of you will need it sooner than others,
but everyone will need it at some point
Sexual Ethics are Hot
!   No one can pressure you to have sex
!   Unethical
!   Wait until you are ready
!   Consider your family values about sex
!   Sexual consent
!   Ask before you touch anyone in a sexual way
!   Who ever says NO wins. Every time.
!   Drunk, sleeping or passed out people cannot consent to sex
!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGoWLWS4-kU
!   Sexual respect
!   Those we think are worthy enough to have sex with, are worthy of our total
!   Arousal can change the way we think and act
!   The media often portray our young men in unethical ways
!   Guys, never let the little head do the thinking
!   We are all responsible for controlling our sexual urges
The Basics: Male Reproductive
The Basics: Female Reproductive
The Basics: Her Monthly Cycle
!   Menstruation: Has period
!   Ovulation: Ova (egg) is
released from ovary
!   Day one of the cycle is
always the first day of her
!   Genital anatomy
Porn: Think about the lives, not just
the genitals and faces
Not real bodies, not real sex, but they are real people
With real histories and real lives and real futures
Someone’s children
Not just genitals
In North America many female porn stars are Mothers
Imagine someone doing that to a woman you love and care about
Imagine someone doing it to you
Survival porn makes people do things they would not ordinarily do
The most extreme and degrading porn is often coerced
Female porn stars are better actresses than people think
Many female porn stars were sexually abused as children or have been sexually
victimized as young women
Real women are not turned on by many of the sexual acts seen in porn
Birth Control/Contraception
!   Condoms (male and female)
!   Birth control pill
!   Injection (Depo provera)
!   IUD
!   Contraceptive patch (Ortho Evra)
!   Contraceptive ring
!   Emergency contraception: 90% effective if taken within 24 hours
!   www.drclaire.ca/resources
!   http://www.famplan.org.hk
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
!   STIs are infections spread via sexual touch
!   A number present without symptoms
So a sexually active person can have one and not know it
!   They can all be cured, treated or managed
!   Even HIV/AIDS isn’t the “death sentence” it once was
!   Sexually active people get tested at a clinic, hospital or doctors office
Urine sample or swab for the most common ones
!   75-80% of sexually-active people get at least one in their lifetime
!   Male and female condoms offer about 70% protection against transmission
!   STIs can be transmitted orally, vaginally, anally and sometimes digitally
(hands not computers)
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
!   Chlamydia damages fertility: often no symptoms (bacteria)
!   HPV causes genital warts and cervical cancer (virus)
!   HPV vaccination is available elsewhere: (Gardasil/Cervarix)
!   Most effective when given prior to first sex
!   Herpes is a virus and has no cure, but symptoms can be managed
!   Syphilis is a bacteria and is not a common STI
!   Gonorrhea is a bacteria and is similar to chlamydia
!   HIV is the virus that causes AIDs
!   HIV damages the immune system so the person becomes vulnerable to
opportunistic infections
!   HIV+ people take ART drugs
!   ARTs attack different stages of the HIV life cycle
!   Chronic illness
Sexual Diversity
!   Sexual orientation is different from gender identity
!   There are a few sexual orientations
!   Gay, straight, bi (pan) and asexual
!   Countries and cultures vary in their acceptance of sexual diversity
!   Most universities have diversity groups
!   Some students are questioning
!   Coming out is a safe celebration
!   Nature and diversity
!   Sometimes family values are different from sociocultural values

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