Scrapbooking Project - Girl Guides of Canada.


Scrapbooking Project - Girl Guides of Canada.
Scrapbooking Project
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Made Easy *
Scrapbooking is the creative preservation of your photographs and memorabilia in an
acid-free, photo-safe manner. Acid in papers, adhesives, plastics, and albums can cause
your photos to fade and spot.
Scrapbooking is not only fun and creative, it is also easy and inexpensive to get started.
To get going, we recommend the following basic items:
1. Package of acid-free cardstock (20 to 30 sheets) to place photos on.
2. Archival page protectors to place finished photos in.
3. Photo fix adhesive (or a tape runner adhesive)—NEVER use glues on photos! The
photo fix is a double-sided adhesive square that you simply place on the back of
your photo and it will hold the photo in place on the acid-free cardstock.
4. Pigment ink black pen—We recommend either the Millennium Pen (available in
five tip widths) or the Writer Twin Tip Pen. Remember to use a pigment ink pen
(or the stabilo pencil listed below) to write on the back of your photos (be sure to
allow the ink a few seconds to dry). Never write on the back of your photos with
a ballpoint pen!
5. Oval or circle template—This will allow you to “crop” (cut) your photos into
a shape. When shaping a photo, be sure that you don’t cut out any important
“historical” information (such as avocado green fridges)! Remember to NEVER
crop a Polaroid picture or a photo that you do not have a negative for.
6. Personal trimmer—This allows you to cut perfectly straight lines every time!
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Scrapbooking Project
2:21 PM
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Need some inspiration for your
scrapbook? Read Imagining Anne:
The Island Scrapbooks of L.M. Montgomery
and learn how to scrapbook