pHoto reVieW - Antique Radio Classified


pHoto reVieW - Antique Radio Classified
This column presents in pictorial form many of the more unusual radios, speakers, tubes, advertising,
and other old radio-related items from our readers’ collections. The photos are meant to help increase
awareness of what’s available in the radio collecting hobby. Send in any size photos from your collection.
Photos must be sharp in detail, contain a single item, and preferably have a light-colored background.
A short, descriptive paragraph MUST be included with each photo. Please note that receipt of photos
is not acknowledged, publishing is not guaranteed, and photos are not returned.
Grundig Majestic model M1PX – manufactured in Germany in 1958. This six
tube mono radio/phonograph console
covered the AM, FM, and shortwave
bands from 6 mc to 16mc. The record
changer is marked Grundig and came
with the 45 RPM record spindle. Roger
Smith – Lawrence, KS.
Emerson model 250-AW – manufactured
in 1933. This is a five tube radio that
covered AM and short wave. It has two
knobs in front and the band switch in the
rear. Jerry Fulcrum - Sioux Falls, SD.
Precision model 640 tube tester – this is a cathode
conductance tube tester that tested both the older
and newer style tubes. Made during the 1950s.
Jaime Lopez - Phoenix, AZ.
Philco model 54C – This table radio has two
bands – AM and short wave. There is a painted
faux finish. The volume and tuning knob are in
front and the band switch is in the back. It has
five tubes and was AC or DC powered. Larry
Green - St. Paul, MN.
Fisher model 90-T – This is an
AM/FM mono tuner pre-amplifier
manufactured approximately
1958. It features a tuning eye
and inputs for phono, tape,
aux 1, and aux 2. Arthur Morris,
Englishtown - NJ.
Benjamin Miracord Elac 10H turntable
– German made turntable from the early
1960s. Played at speeds 16, 33, 45, 78
RPM and 7”, 10”, and 12” records. Came
with spindle to stack records. Norman
Hughes - San Francisco, CA.
E. Singer Compendyne radio – This TRF battery
set was made in 1924 and uses 5 01A tubes.
Came with station log and battery. Jon Kummer
– Port Washington, NY.
Western Electric model 540
Speaker – manufactured approximately 1923. Speaker
cone needs to be replaced.
Elmer Petersen - Seattle, WA.
Zenith model 6D628 radio – Interesting
grille work on this 1942 radio. Covers the
AM band with six tubes. Runs on both
AC and DC power. Robert Brettschneider
- Queens, NY.
Pentron HF-400 ReelTo-Reel Tape Deck –
Manufactured in 1956.
This mono deck was
called the “Emperor”
and has two speakers in the cabinet and
one external speaker
referred to as a tweeter.
There are seven tubes.
Sam Goetzmann - Memphis, TN.
M o t o r o l a S H18 G L
Portable Phonograph
– This “portable” phonograph weighs about
45 pounds. Has six
tubes and two detachable speakers with 10
feet of wire. Made in
1959 with a four-speed
record changer. Ari
Hourani - Bangor, ME.