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The first six years of Jobbie Nooner, Jack
said 80% of the attendees knew each other.
After a severe drop in water depth,
there was a concern that the larger boats
would no longer be able to make it back
into Fisher Bay. Jack suggested the party
be moved to the entrance of Goose Bay. At
the same time, someone in the group knew
someone at Detroit’s local rock station,
WRIF, and the RIF said they would bring
a barge out and broadcast for the day “if”
Although the “Mardi
Gras” type of fun was
not prevalent in the
the event was held at Gull Island. So for
one year, there were two Jobbie Nooners.
Jack and about 200 boats went to Goose
Bay and with all the added radio publicity,
a larger amount of boats ended up at Gull
Island.....and that’s where it stayed ever
At that time, with the lack of “no
wake” laws being observed, large cruisers
would be on plane going thru the South
Channel and really disrupting the boats
rafted together. Jack cracked his hull his
first year there with all the boats banging
together ... so thank you to our local au-
Photos here are from
Jobbie Nooner 1998
in Goose Bay
beginning, there still
were the typical antics
of lots of single people
together at a big party.
Jack celebrating his birthday
during 1998’s Jobbie Nooner
thorities to help maintain a no wake area.
So Jack started this big annual
event for his birthday…but there were
others over the years who helped promote
the event to get more boaters and more
passengers each year. One of these very
early players that should be mentioned
was Lee O’Dell. (As a side note, Lee was
one of the very first Michigan $1 million
lottery winners.) Lee worked with Jack
at Creative Industries and rode on Jack’s
boat to the first Jobbie Nooner. According
to Jack, a couple years later, Lee, although
not owning a boat, encouraged “entertaining types of passengers” to congregate at
the Buccaneer Restaurant on Anchor Bay
(torn down and now is waterfront condos
in Chesterfield Twp.). Lee made posters
and encouraged people to come to the bar
so they could try to get rides out to the Jobbie Nooner. Good thing around Lake St.
Clair…. If you don’t own a boat you certainly know someone who does!
Attention Duck boats! According to the Sheriff, don’t
forget your MC # and navigation lights must be visible
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