MIDDLE SCHOOL Tuesdays, 3pm



MIDDLE SCHOOL Tuesdays, 3pm
Newsletter of the FOLD Youth Ministry ~ St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church
IGNITE is events created for Middle and High School students
to come together and hang out, eat some food, and meet up
with friends. Ignite inspires to do exactly that: IGNITE students
in their walk with Christ and encourage them to grow together. Join us!
Snacks provided each night. Can’t wait to IGNITE!
Mondays, 6pm-7pm
*Jallie Time 7pm-9pm
Meet @ Hub
June 18 Fuzzy Peach
June 25 Nina’s Beach House
July 2 Waffle House Formal
July 23 Laser Tag and Go-Carts
*What is Jallie Time, you say?
Time [jal-ly] verb Show IPA
-the act of having the best time you will have all week
with the coolest people on the face of the Earth, ALLIE AND
JACK! During Jallie Time we will go on various adventures and
simply have fun. Carpool will be provided for those who can’t
drive! Jallie time will happen after eating some food, Cross talk,
worshipping and hanging at the Hub.
Tuesdays, 3pm-5pm
June 19th @ the Efting’s Pool
(4233 Thursley Road, 28412)
June 26th @ Nina’s Beach House
(#4 Cowrie Lane, Wrightsville Beach)
July 3rd @ Thunder Ally
(Bring $5, 1224 Magnolia Village Way)
July 24th @ The Hub
(Donut Olympics WHAT, WHAT!)
July31st @ Daltons Pool
(812 Forest Hill Drive, 28403)
IGNITE EXPLOSION! August 5th (5-7), more info to come!
Combined Middle School and High School Event
Come experience the World’s largest Slip-N-Slide, Sprinklers AND MORE. Seriously it is going to be
awesome! Bring a bathing suit (One-piece for ladies) @ All Eight Farm, Castle Hayne Rd. Castle Hayne
Connect is aimed to provoke and to enhance college students in their relationships with God and
each other. Connect is designed to go deep into God’s word and live transformational lives that
have impact in their communities. Connect will meet every Wednesday, starting June 20th—August
8th, except July 4th from 7pm-9pm … at the Mann’s house (9 Jasmine Place, Wrightsville Beach).
Meet at the WB Park and we’ll walk over together at 7pm! Contact Nancy (352-8320), Allie (6196988), Jack (262-3346), or when Jack and Allie are gone, Dawn (297-0739). Check the mail, for a
postcard College kids!
Hey guys, my name is Jack Guttenberger. I grew up
at SACPC (pronounced “sack-pack”) haha, since I
was a little kid and I am excited for this opportunity
to serve the youth. I am 20 years old, at N...C…
STATE...N.C STATE, home of the Cardiac Pack, studying International Politics and International Studies.
Some things I love to do in my spare time is go surfing, watch cat videos on youtube, flounder gigging,
offshore fishing and talking with my cat Betty. My
favorite food is anything with meat in it. My secret
hidden talent is that I am extremely good-looking,
all day, err’yday and something you might know
about me is I have used a whole tube of chapstick
without losing it. My love language is food. My favorite bible verse is Psalms 19:14.
My name is Allie Efting! I go to East Carolina University, Arrrggg! I am
studying to become a Special Needs Education teacher. I love to do anything active from kickball to Frisbee and even GEOCACHING! (If you don’t
know what geocaching is you need to talk to me!) I LOVE to dance even
though others may not consider it one of my strongest talents. My favorite
foods are pickled eggs, chocolate covered gummy bears, chocolate icecream and Chinese Chicken Salad, but not all mixed together. Port City
Java is another favorite of mine...I love coffee. My secret hidden talent is
that I am good at Fifa as well as a variety of car racing games especially
Mario Cart. I love talking about Jesus and sharing what amazing things he
has done in my life! My favorite bible verses are Jeremiah 29:11 and John
14: 27!
June 14th
June 28th
July 12th
July 26th
Thursdays at 5:30pm in the
Dining Room!
[email protected]
Lee University
Jekyll Island
West Virginia
Atlanta, GA

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