• I was a guest on Late Night With David Letterman to promote



• I was a guest on Late Night With David Letterman to promote
"If you could choose one characteristic that would
get you through life, choose a sense of humor."
- Jennifer Jones
When we met in January 2007 through an online
dating site, we both realized that we shared a similar
view on life: No matter what comes along, a sense of
humor makes it easier to tackle life’s obstacles. From
Graig’s car dancing to Dave’s puns, we have been
laughing together ever since - supporting each other
along the way.
I work at a public library supervising the computer department
- I love that I get to help people for a living.
I was born and raised in New Jersey, but I’ve never met Snooki.
My favorite food is Honeycrisp apples.
My favorite TV show is Arrested Development.
I was a guest on Late Night With David Letterman to promote
my website called Vote for the Worst.
Some of my favorite hobbies are playing poker, baking, eating
too much of what I just baked, taking walks, and watching funny
reality TV shows.
I’m a middle school science teacher and saying I love my
job is an understatement.
My musical tastes range from classical to Ke$ha.
I love to watch reality TV shows, cop dramas, and any
show about the paranormal.
One of my hobbies is community theatre. A favorite role
I played was The Cat in the Hat in Seussical: The Musical.
I have the ability to find Legally Blonde on TV any hour
of the day - my friends love to laugh at this.
Some of my favorite hobbies are exploring nature,
photography, and turning our kitchen into a cooking
We’re lucky enough to have family all over the
We are both
country, so we travel to see them often. We also
very close
have a great group of friends that we see as our
with our
extended family. Many of our friends have kids,
and Graig’s sister just had twins. All of the kids in
our lives are excited at the possibility of a new
We live in a spacious townhouse in a diverse,
family friendly neighborhood with a large park
down the street. We like to entertain our family
and friends. Every year since we’ve been
together, we cook Thanksgiving dinner for family
and try out fun, new recipes. After dinner,
everyone helps us decorate for Christmas - a
tradition we can’t wait to share with our child.
We also look forward to our annual apple picking
trip and many nature hikes.
Our vision of parenting is evolving as we
watch our friends’ and family’s kids grow. We
really want to make sure our children will be
excited about learning. We want to impart
our strong sense of morals and our sense of
humor in our child. Most of all, we want to
learn as we go and adapt our style to our
We love to have fun
with our friends’ kids.
child. We want to be supportive of our child’s
personality, their likes and dislikes, and to
embrace what makes them unique.
We really like the idea of an open adoption because we want our
child to know about their birth family. We don’t have any definite
plans for how much contact or the types of contact that we would
have with an open adoption. Every situation is different, and we
want to respect your wishes. We are open to things like sharing
pictures, writing letters, and planning visits. We’re excited to start
an open relationship where we can figure things out together.
Parent 1
Parent 2
First Name
Italian and Polish
Polish, Scottish, and Irish
Christian, non-practicing
Christian, non-practicing
Computer Lab Supervisor
5’ 10”/155 lbs
6’ 0”/200 lbs
Years Married
1 year (October 15, 2011)
Child Care Plan
Chicago Suburbs: Bolingbrook, IL
Child’s Background
We are also open to
We are open to the following race or ethnic
-A child over 3 months of age
background: All
-Baby born premature
We are open to the following in the child’s
-Alcohol use during pregnancy
-Marijuana use during pregnancy
-Exposure to cocaine during pregnancy
-ADD/ADHD in expectant parent
-Depression in expectant parent and/or parent’s
extended family
-Learning disability in expectant parent
-Bipolar history in expectant parent and/or parent’s
extended family
-Rape situation

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