THE KICK-LINE - McNeil Majestics



THE KICK-LINE - McNeil Majestics
McNeil Majestics Booster Club
October 2015
Director’s Corner:
Majestic Families,
It is so hard to believe we are already entering into October. Football season has gotten off to a
great start and is still in full swing! In between preparing for the football games and pep-rallies we
are now starting to learn some of our contest choreography. It is so fun to be able to watch the
girls grow and push themselves on a daily basis. Their work ethic has grown and continues to
reward them with each performance.
We have a couple of great events coming up in October that will involve some parent volunteers.
We have “Sister Kick” with the Westwood Sundancers and will need some volunteers with the
breakfast we host on Oct 6th. We also have our “Majestic for an Evening” event on Oct 15th. Both
of these events are so much fun and we are really looking forward to them. Thank you in advance
to anyone who would be willing to volunteer their time.
We are looking forward to this month and seeing you all in the stands each week. Thank you for
being the best cheering section out there!
Brooke Solomon
Head Manager
Charis Tsuei
Paola Sanchez
Birthday: December 14
Birthday: August 15
the team improve during practice
Performing the traditional kick for the
Favorite Majestic Memory: Watching
Favorite Majestic Memory:
Plans after high school: TBD
first time at the end of our illusion
Favorite Movie: Cars 2
Favorite color: Gray or any neutral
Favorite color: Teal
Favorite book: Under the Overpass by
color (boring, I know)
Favorite food: Pizza Rolls
Spongebob Movie
Mike Yankosi
Favorite movie: Forest Gump or the
Hobby: Playing Guitar
Favorite book: The Stranger or The
Favorite food: PINEAPPLES
When I was little, I wanted to be a: A
Great Gatsby
If you could travel anywhere, where
Hobbies: Gym
Three favorite things that make you
would it be? Oregon
When I was little, I wanted to be a: a
happy: Music, laughter and speed
If you could travel anywhere, where
would it be? Italy or Alaska
Three favorite things that make you
happy: Kids, Food and Dancing
TFDE Texas Future Dance Eductors
Majestics and Escorts Birthdays
Emilia V. Oct. 4th
Leila N.
Oct. 29th
Football Game Schedule
Thursday, 10/8 @ 7:00 pm –
Mavs vs. Westwood
@ Kelly Reeves - Sister Kick
Friday, 10/15 @ 7:00 pm –
Mavs vs. Rouse
@ Kelly Reeves
Majestic for a Night!
Congratulations to Rya Mahaney on being selected
as a 2015 TFDE (Texas Future Dance Educators)
Student Officer! TFDE Student Officers help run
social media and blogs as well as plan events.
TFDE is a student organization that is currently
sponsored, funded, and managed by RRISD dance
teachers and administration and is supported by the
Texas Dance Educators Association (TDEA). It
seeks to bring community, support, and opportunities
for those students who plan to pursue dance in
higher education and future careers. Each year the
organization offers 1-2 big events that are open to
students, high school age and above, who dance in
both public and private schools as well as dance
Membership is only $5 for the entire year, or $30 if
you would like a Letter Jacket Patch.
Friday, 10/23 @ 7:00 pm –
Mavs vs. Stonypoint @ Kelly
Reeves (away)
Booster Club Meeting
Friday, 10/30 @ 7:00 pm –
Tuesday, Oct. 6th @ 7 pm
Mavs vs. Pflugerville
@ Dragon Stadium
Senior Night and tailgate
LA/Hollywood Trip
Friday, 11/6 @ 7:00 pm –
Mavs vs. Round Rock
@ Dragon Stadium (away)
Come & Enjoy the fabulous
performances by Majestics
at Halftime!!
First payment due 10/9
Make checks out to McNeil Majestics.
 Cross Country Meet 10/3. Volunteers sign up
 Majestic for a night –
Clinic 10/10, game on 10/15.
 Mixed Bags Sale coming in October
Majestic of the Week & Officers’ Choice
September 11th
September 4th
Claire Bean
Liz Tierrablanca
Marisa Audino
Margaret Jacks
September 18th
September 25th
Jenny Dooley
Katie Maurer
Paola Sanchez
Shiv Sheth
Majestics in Action
September Football Games!!!

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THE KICK-LINE - McNeil Majestics

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