My favorite food



My favorite food
The End
Hallo,I am Amneet Singh.
I am twelve years old.
I am gonna tell somthing about myself. My
Primary School is Cornelis Jetses.
It is a nice School,I have got great days with
my teacher of Cornelis Jetses.
My appearance. I have long Black hair and
brown eyes.
I am !.53 m long. My favorite food is pizza
and pakora but I tell you later more about
my favorite food. my favorite color is pink
and turquoise....
I hope you enjoy this picozine an know now
something more about me
Amneet Singh
This is me!
About Me
Amneet Singh
This is me
My Hobbies
My class/school
I am at stedelijk college Eindhoven.
I am doing TTO Atheneum.
My mentor is mr. Sanders
he is a nice teacher and is funny.
I have a nice class H1C.
I have nice friends and nice teachers.
I learn now a lot of new words
every day it is not very difficult. but it is also
not too easy.
My hobbies are reading and watching
movies. My favorite book is Matilda,
because it is a very exiting book and my
favorite movies are Frozen and Despicable
Me , because Frozen is a exiting and
beautiful movie. And Despicable Me is a
very funny movie. I realy like it to play with
little kids.And I like it to make things with
paper (E.G. origami).
4) The rest I will save at
myself. I surprise my
family to go to pinokkio
and other restaurants. Ad
the rest I wil save in my
debit card.
- About Me
- My Family
- My Hobbies
- My favorite food
- My Class/School
- If I win the lotery than....
- The End
3) and some money I will give
to a holiday to canada (to
my grandma and aunts and
2) than I give some money to
a charaty.
1) give first some money to
my family
If I win the lotery
My Family
My favorite food
I live together with five other people. my
mother Kulwant (35),my father Raj (42),My
big brother Nirbhay (15),my little Brother
Inderpraksh (6). As familyname is Singh
and Kaur. We have two surnames ,because
we are sikhs and sikhs have for the women
Kaur and for the men Singh. We also have
us own surname.My mothers surname is
Brar and my fathers surname is Taliwal.
Thats my family.
My favorite food is:vegetable pizza, pakora,
spagheti, pancakes and I also like to go to
the mcdonalds and Many of more food.
Sometimes my big brother cook I love when
he cooks. He make wraps with chicken and
with lettuce and he make omelette with
My father cook also very much. I like his
food too he make the most of the time
chicken he make it very well.
And my Mother cook most of the time. She
cook monday until friday. in the India they
make most of the time roti so we eat roti
most of the time with chicken of other Indian
That was my favorite food .