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Carly Allen-Martin orchestrates her brushes in a way that bestows paint
with a lyrical quality. The Dallas-based artist and founder of Allen Martin
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Studios is known for her vibrant, abstract oil-and-pastel panel paintings
with an emphasis on bright hues. “Color is so infinite and imperious,”
Currently being shown at Laura
Rathe Fine Art, Allen-Martin’s
painting Everything Turns radiates
balance and is a statement of
positive growth and change.
she says. “Each painting has a complex narrative that allows the viewer to
construct their own interpretation.” Allen-Martin, who allocates at least
six weeks to working on each piece, trusts her intuition to guide her as she
applies multiple layers of paint to canvas, juxtaposing pigments with a “mad
scientist” flair—a skill that took her close to 15 years to perfect. The result: a
mesmerizing strata of color that commands attention and lures you in, like
the tale-spinning Scheherazade. “Putting an unfiltered story out there for
the world to see is a liberating, exhilarating experience,” she says. “In every
piece there’s an underlying optimistic tone, but my work isn’t naïve to the
intricacies of every experience. I want my paintings to tell a story as purely
and authentically as possible.” allenmartinstudios.com; 817.584.7745
i n s i d e s to ry
carly allen-martin
I became interested in
painting because…
My father loved to draw. My mother was
an interior designer and taught me to
experiment with color and design from a
young age. I have many early memories
of nightly drawing classes at home.
What is inspiring you now?
Design is gaining mainstream momentum.
While Dallas can be very traditional, I love
that places like Shinsei Restaurant give
the city a modern, glamorous vibe.
Favorite decorating sources:
Quadrille for beautiful textiles, Mecox
for an eclectic mix of old and new and
Calypso St. Barth for its fresh energy.
Current projects:
“The moment you stop creating, you stop
claiming your place as an artist,” says
painter Carly Allen-Martin, shown in her
Dallas-based studio. Opposite: The RitzCarlton, New Orleans is Allen-Martin’s
favorite getaway. The hotel’s beautifully
manicured courtyard is pictured here.
I am currently finishing several commissions
and will soon release a line of limited-edition
giclée prints on my website.
Greatest indulgence:
Treating myself to a luxurious spa day at
The Joule Dallas hotel.
Favorite hotel:
The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans. It captures
the jazzy, old-world feel of the city.
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