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My Tuacahn - Tuacahn Tech
My Tuacahn
Mr. Andrus – Computer Tech
About Tuacahn
Tuacahn is a place of beautiful Red Rock canyons.
Tuacahn High School is home to some of the greatest
students on the planet.
How I Feel
Tuacahn HS make me feel free to teach what I know
and share my business experiences with my students.
It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to work here!
What Inspires Me
What doesn’t inspire me in this canyon?
The shear beauty of the place alone inspires great
things, but the students learning new technology
really makes me happy.
Favorite Places
Outside viewing the canyon is my favorite place to be
at Tuacahn.
My favorite time is early in the morning, its quiet,
peaceful, and you can occasionally hear owls
hooting in the morning.
Fav Places Carrying On
Being with the students is
one of the best places to
be at THS.
Especially with crazy paint
and whatnot.
Getting stuck in this hall is
not in your best interest.
But there’s always good
guitar music during lunch.
Favorite People
My favorite people is the entire Tuacahn Family (and
probably my students…that get their work done and
make me laugh.)
Favorite People Cont.
This is where I would have put the crazies from my
computer tech classes had I taken any pictures.
Maybe on our last day that will need to happen, big
class photo…for the memories.
Powder Puff 2011…need I say more.
Up 21-0 at half time the blue
team went on to win 21-14
in a close one. We had a
blast…and some how a
pretty clean game.
Andrus sharing little football
wisdoms with the champions!
It was one crazy battle out there!
Kentros flagging the Blue team
because the blasted cheerdudes
went crazy at the other team.
Tuacahn The Beautiful
In conclusion, there is no place on earth like Tuacahn
High School. Enjoy it while you are here and support it
when you are gone.

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