A new book



A new book
By: Niclas Terije
United states
Day 1: this Day I'am flying to america.it took 10 and a
half hour when i was outside i took a taxi to hotel
melrose georgetown. I'am now in LA. Checked in went
up on My Rom. They had a microfridge. I took a Coke.
And went to bed. The next Day i Wented down to take
some breakfast. After that i took My rented car to
norwalk. I took out 25 dollars in swedish crown it is 210
crowns. I buyed a cap that Said LA Rocks. I took some
ice cream. The ice cream tasted better than swedish ice
cream. The clock was 19:12 i went back to the hotel to
eat food i. I got the menu it had alot of food sweden
dont hage like pomes and coke. I took a pizza and Coke
it was a bit diffrently. I went back to My hotel and
A trip to united states day 2
The next Day in United states. The hotels name was the melrose
georgetown. the hotel was great i was there 1 hour. Then i Went to a
restaurant in Washington. When i was there i ordered a Hamburger the
Hamburger was ok after that i went to a foodstore to buy food. The clock
was 17:01 i went back to My hotel to Eat at the hotels restaurant. I
ordered pizza the pizza was okay. After that i went to the city to watch the
whitehouse and take some photos. I was there in 30 min. I went back to
the hotel on My way i saw a a cool american. One of those had the
american flagg with uncel Sam. when i was at the hotel i saw the flagg
agin it has red stripes and white stripes and a blue backround with 50
stars. I went down to the barr and took a Cola i cost 1 dollar. I askt the
barr tender how many Pepole it was in United states. He Said 318,9
milion pepole in USA in sweden we are about 9.8 million pepole.
A trip to United states Day 3
When i woke up i went down to the restaurant so i can eat My breakfast.
After that i went to the bank to take out 50 dollar that are about 495
swedish crowns. I looked at My clock the clock was 12:16 i was going to the
city it’s very close on My way i saw a history museum about the american
civil war. When i was at the city i walked Around the city and buyed stuff. I
looked Around i dident found more so i went back to the hotel. And eat
lunch i ordred a hamburger. I went to a bank to take out 625 dollars. So i
can get to the zoo i saw allot of animals what Doesent exist in sweden like
blacktail deer Turkey whitetail deer Roosevelt elks. After the zoo i asked a
Guy how big america is he Said 9,83 million KM2 i went to the hotel to get
some rest. And 19:20 i am going to the airport to fly home to sweden. The