Four-Day Programmes for Cyclists:



Four-Day Programmes for Cyclists:
Four-Day Programmes for Cyclists:
Day 1:
Arrival in the afternoon, accommodation in the Rakitna Hotel.
Starting point: Ljubljana
Finish: Rakitna
Pathway's length: 25 km
Duration of cycling: 1.5 h
Dinner at guests' choice (from €11.90 to € 19.90). Enjoying the cocktails by the magic lakeside.
Day 2:
After breakfast, we suggest a descending tour to Cerknica and the lake Cerkniško jezero. In spring, the world-renowned
intermittent lake is filled with water which remains until summer. Together with water, more than 200 bird species return. In
summer, water decreases, since it is travelling in the area of Kras and the basin Ljubljanska kotlina. For fishermen, it is a
paradise, because in the lake there are 10 species of fish, namely pike, European chub, carp, tench, trout, and perch. A
sightseeing of the lake Cerkniško jezero is possible by bicycles (22 km). After that, we suggest a visit of the cave Križna jama.
After the sightseeing, lunch in Cerknica and return to the Rakitna Hotel.
Starting point and finish: the Rakitna Hotel
Pathway's length: 84 km
Duration of cycling: 5 h
Return to the Hotel, dinner according to the pre-order or
delicious wood-fired pizzas.
Day 3:
After breakfast, a tour by mountain bicycles, since the path leads to the village
Iška vas, mainly through the forest. In the village Iška vas, we continue through
Strahomer and Podpeč towards Rakitna, followed by a 10 km climb requiring a
good shape. After arriving back at the hotel, a lunch at your choice will be
waiting for you or delicious wood-fired pizzas. After lunch, we suggest a climb
on Krim. Approximately 300 m of height difference should not cause too much
problems. See attachment Map of Rakitna and its surroundings.
Starting point and finish: Rakitna - Gornji IG - Iška vas –Podpeč - Rakitna
Pathway's length: 32 km
Cycling duration: 2 h
Starting point and finish: Rakitna - Krim - Rakitna
Pathway's length: 22 km
Pathway's length: 2 h
After all the cycling efforts, you can go to massage or sauna (a reservation is required).
Day 4:
A tour appropriate for the whole family. A descend from Rakitna toward Cerknica to Zala River spring. You will
enjoy beautiful nature, and also a climb back to the Hotel is not too difficult.
Starting point and finish: the Rakitna Hotel
Pathway's length: 23 km
Duration of cycling: 1.5 h
A price for three bed & breakfast in double room is €117 per person.
A price for three bed& breakfast in single room is €177 per person.
Dear guests!
Nature gave us all the delicacies, good climate, and splendid ambience. We will do our best to make you fill like
you are in paradise and to make you always come back.
With all due respect: the Rakitna Hotel's team