Fabulous Fun Fair! Oooh What a Feeling!


Fabulous Fun Fair! Oooh What a Feeling!
October Events
Issue 3
12— Papa Makua mtg
12— “A Taste of Science”
Windward Comm.
College 6-8 p.m.
12-13— Picture-taking
16-20— Book Fair
17— Report cards sent
Fabulous Fun Fair! Oooh What a Feeling!
Tell your family… tell your neighbors…
tell everybody!!!! There are exciting rides
and events at this year’s Fantastic Fun
Fair on Friday, October 20th!
Take on the thrilling Turbo Tub ride or
18-25— Parent/teacher
23— Physical Fitness
Meet Info Meeting
25— POPS assembly
27— Spaghetti dinner
& Halloween Fun
30-31— Hawaii Writing
31— Windward Mall’s
Safety Trick or Treat
November Events
1— No School
PD day for Teachers
2— Papa Makua mtg
October 2006
go rock climbing up the towering wall.
Wait, look what else is happening! It’s a
jumper, it’s a slide, no, it’s PlayZone! But
it doesn’t stop there! We will have
another 18’ slide and a large jumper for
our keiki! Wristbands for the rides sell for
just $15. What a deal!
There are great games run by creative
teachers & students as well as crafters,
pony rides, petting zoo, prize drawings,
book fair and energizing entertainment.
The world-famous Püÿöhala Talent Show
will begin at 6 p.m. And did I mention
the ono grinds? Chili plate, chili dog,
noodles, spam musubi, hamburger,
saimin, shave ice,
brownies, cotton
candy… mmmmm.
Snack attack!
Püÿöhala made
AYP thanks to all of
you and the hardworking teachers
and staff.
So on Friday the
20th, let’s have
FUN at the
Far-Out Fun Fair!
Climb to the top and
give a pueo hoot!
You deserve it!
7— No School
Election Day
Parents and Teachers Working Together
10— No School
Veteran’s Day
14— Rhymetime Parent
Workshop for PK-1
23-24— No School
29— POPS assembly
Ka Leo Highlights:
Book Making
Celebrate Children
& Youth Month 3
The 5 R’s
Parent-Teacher Conference time is right
around the corner. √Our goal is 100%
participation! We want to help children
learn and feel successful. Research
shows that students earn higher grades,
perform better on tests, attend school
more regularly, have better behavior, and
show more positive attitudes toward
themselves and toward school when
parents and teachers work together. A
conference is an opportunity to start a
partnership with teachers. Teachers
don't want to put parents on the spot and
make them feel uncomfortable. They just
like to meet with parents to discuss how
to help students do their best in school.
All children learn in different ways. They
have their own personalities and work
styles. To help students learn new
knowledge and skills, teachers must
know as much as they can about each
child. No one knows more about these
things than you, the parents. That's why
teachers need your input. Working
together, you and the teacher can help
your child have a successful school
Parents and Teachers continued on page 4
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Ka Leo O Püÿöhala
POPS! Power of Positive Students
Congratulations to the POPS citizens of
the month of September!
“The citizens are
recognized for following
the five R’s throughout
the month... respect,
resiliency and
positive relationships.
You never know when
you might get caught
doing a good job.”
Chelslynn Tigilau –grade 6 -A-9
Makana Pamatigan –grade 6 -C-11
Miguel Pascua –grade 5 -B-6
Uluwehi Baldemor –grade 5 -C-12
Kaleo Pinto –grade 4 -B-3
Nalani Stanley –grade 4 -C-10
Keenan Basug –grade 3 -C-7
Hanohano Pamatigan –grade 3 -C-9
Jeremiah Colotario –grade 2 -C-1
Aibree Bethel-Rabellizsa–grade 2 -C-2
Makana Fernandez-Irvine –gr. 1 & 2 -C-4
Brycen Kawamoto –grade 1 -B-1
Raelynn Ines –grade K -A-2
Lehuanani Kanahele-Santos –gr. K -C-6
Diamond Holbron –preK -A-3
Michael Kawasaki ––preK -A-5
Well done citizens!
Also announced were the top two
fundraising classes: Mrs. Kano’s & Mrs.
Ikehara’s preschool class in room A-5
and Ms. Silva’s 4th grade class in room
B-3. They win a pizza party! The top two
sales students are Cory Abuel, who sold
130 tickets, and Kelsi Yonemura with
160 tickets. They both receive $100.00!
The $300 grand prize winner was
preschooler Emma Ching from room A-5.
Open House Attendance Award goes to
room C-1 Mrs. Oshima's 2nd grade class
for the primary division with a score of
75% (12 student's parents came out of
16) and room C-10 Kumu Lilinoe's 4th
grade class for the upper division with a
score of 69.2%. (9 out of 13 student's
parents visited) The winning classes
receive a pizza party. Overall turn-out
averaged at 58%. Let's aim for 100%
participation next year!
Speeding! Auwe! A letter from Pono Chong
Dear Parents:
My office has received several
complaints regarding speeding cars
along Kulauli Street in the morning and
during the after school hours. Although
our time is limited, we must be cognizant
of students walking home from school.
Käneÿohe Representative
Pono Chong
The safety of our children is a very
important concern for everyone. We
need to ensure that we take the time to
obey the speed limits, not just in our
neighborhoods, but wherever we may
I would like to ask everyone to please
slow down for the safety of each and
every one of us.
Thank you for your consideration. If you
have any questions, please feel free to
contact me at 586-9490 or via email at
[email protected]
State Representative
District 49
Ka Leo O Püÿöhala
Page 3
Book Making is a Blast!
Families learning together! The first of four parent workshops was held on September 12 with Missy Agena of
Kämehameha Schools. Mark your calendars for the following upcoming activities: Rhymetime on Tues. Nov. 14,
2006 from 8-10 a.m. in the library for preK- grade 1; My Ahupuaÿa on Thurs. Feb. 15, 2007 from 6-8:30 p.m. in the
cafeteria for preK-6; and Write With Me on Tues. April 17, 2007 from 8-10 a.m. in the library for preK-3. Registration is
requested (for materials/handouts). Please contact Carol Pã'ao'ao at 233-5667 for more information.
Registration is requested (for materials/handouts). Please contact Carol Pã'ao'ao at 233-5667 for more information.
Celebrate Hawaii’s 2006 Children and Youth Month
Children and Youth Month, recognized
each year to honor our keiki.
for Hawaii.” Free. State Capitol. To
define issuesand develop priority actions.
Call 586-6130 or go online at
[email protected]
Aloha Peace Forum. 10/14 to 10/15
Family Health Fair. 10/21 9 a.m.-
from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at SGI-USA
Hawaiÿi Culture Center with film star Cary
Hiroyuki as host. Call 387-7271 or go
online at www.unahawaii.org.
noon Free. Kapiolani Medical Center at
Pali Momi. Health screenings and fun
activities for families. Call 485-4329.
Straub’s KidFest. 10/22 10 a.m.-3
Teen Read Week. 10/15 to 10/21
p.m. Free. Bishop Museum. Family event
promoting healthy and active lifestyles
and increasing awareness of injury
prevention and drug abuse. Games,
exhibits and entertainment. 524-6755.
Enjoy these special events to celebrate
Get active at your library preparing for
college, choosing a career, and leading
an active life. Teen Read Week
Programs at selected libraries
throughout the state. Call 831-6878 or
go online at www.librarieshawaii.org.
Keiki Caucus Summit. 10/20
9 a.m.-5 p.m. “Many Voices, One Dream
–Building a Healthy Sustainable Future
Windward Mall’s Safety Trick or
Treat. 10/31 at 5-7 p.m. Free. Windward
Mall. Safe trick-or-treating for the whole
family and other fun activities. Call 2351143 or www.WindwardMall.com.
“Today's world is getting
busier and more
complicated. One
constant throughout the
years has been the
importance of nurturing
our children - our
state's greatest asset.
Take some quality time
and spend it with your
children at one of the
many October events.”
Five R’s Project 96744—
Wesley's garden produces a
crop of huge, strange plants
which provide him with
clothing, shelter, food, and
drink, thus helping him create
his own civilization and
changing his life. Picture book
by Paul Fleischman.
Resourcefulness is being skilled and
imaginative in finding ways to succeed.
Resourceful students are able to
generate many ideas and choose the
best option. Brainstorming, use of
graphic organizers, and other thinking
strategies are some ways to help reach
our goals. Being resourceful includes
learning to:
• Have a CAN DO attitude
• Try hard and persevere
• Try different ways of doing things
• Show initiative
Püÿöhala Elementary
is a place where
students experience
success in a positive,
safe and challenging
learning environment.
45-233 Kulauli Street
Käneÿohe, HI 96744
• Demonstrate creative problem
• Find, adapt, invent effective and
caring ways of solving problems
The following picture books deal with the
concept of resourcefulness:
The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe
Strawberry, and the
Big Hungry Bear
by Don and Audrey
Little Mouse thinks of
ways to keep the big,
hungry bear away from
his luscious, freshly
picked, ripe, red
Focus on Resourcefulness
Raising Sweetness
by Diane Stanley.
Sweetness, one of eight
orphans living with a man
who is an unconventional
housekeeper, learns to
read and writes an
important letter to improve
their situation.
Sweet Clara and the
Freedom Quilt
by Deborah Hopkinson.
A young slave stitches a
quilt with a map pattern
which guides her to
freedom in the North.
Brainstorm! : the stories of
twenty American kid inventors
by Tom Tucker.
Ever eaten a
Popsicle, kept your
ears warm with
earmuffs or resealed
your breakfast cereal
with the built-in
cardboard tab on the
box top? Thank a kid
inventor, because all
those things, and
quite a few more
described in this book
were invented by children. A great
inspiration for your young scientists.
Parents and Teachers working together
year. The National Education Association
(NEA) lists a few thing you can do to get
ready for the conference.
We’re on the Web!
Visit us at:
1. Talk to your children before the
conference. Find out what they think
are their best subjects, and what
subjects they like the least. Find out
2. Ask your children if there is anything
they would like you to talk about with
their teachers. Make sure your
children don't worry about the
meeting. Help them understand that
you and their teacher(s) are meeting
together in order to help them.
continued from page 1
3. Before you go to the school, write
notes to yourself about: things about
your child's life at home, personality,
problems, habits, and hobbies you
feel it's important for the teacher to
4. Do you have concerns about the
school's programs or questions
about your child's progress? Ask
how you and the school can work
together to help your child.
For more information, visit the website at:
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Ka Leo O Püÿöhala – Student Page
Two 5th grade classes and three 6th
grade students try out for the program
By Caitlyn Tobita and Deborah Higa
As you might know, Ms. Martin’s class
and Kumu Cosma’s class, along with
three 6th graders from Mrs. Place’s class,
tried out for the Castle Performing Arts
Center or C.P.A.C. program recently this
year. They did a show on staying healthy
on September 7, at Rev. Benjamin
Parker Elementary School to get a
chance to be a C.P.A.C. star.
“What is this year’s play going to
be?” asked one parent.
These articles were
written by students in
the afterschool
Enrichment program.
They are learning
newswriting and
interviewing skills
“When will we know who is going to
be in this year’s show?” questioned
another parent.
The founder Mr. Bright says the play will
be the “King and I.” As for the other
question, you will just have to wait. As
you know, only a few selected students
get to try out for the all-time experience
of being in C.P.A.C.! Well we wish good
luck to those who tried out. More news to
come in the next student edition!
About Püÿöhala Elementary Students
By Keliko Elkington and Kalena CamaraRacimo
learning division.
Püÿöhala Elementary School has many
clever students. Immersion student
Mahealani Kaukani says that in her
kindergarten class she and her
classmates are learning the Hawaiian
Fifth grader Uluwehi Baldemor is now
learning how to measure angles and how
to tell the difference between an acute
angle and an obtuse angle.
In third grade, Khalia Houpo is learning
Hawaiian history and in math she is
Püÿöhalal Student Council members
Malia, Makana, Kokia and Brianna are
doing a very good job helping our school
become a better place.
New Teacher on Campus!!!
By Kelsi Yonemura and Johnna Hudgins
Meet one of our newest teachers on
campus. Her name is Ms. Silva and she
teaches fourth grade, room number B-3.
Ms. Silva in action
Ms. Silva loves working with young and
older children. She picked Püÿöhala
because she wanted to teach in the
community that she grew up in. She has
been teaching for every grade level
except first grade and college. She has
only been teaching four years… isn’t that
amazing?! How could she do this? She
has been teaching many grade levels at
one time. She taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th
grade math when she was a new
teacher. Want to know what kind of job
she had before? She was a live-in
nanny and a bookseller. After she
became a manager of the booksellers,
then she was a waitress at Scoozies.
Then she became an A+ leader.
Her favorite class is Social Studies
because it teaches where we came
Where would she teach if she could
teach anywhere in the world? The
answer is New Zealand. Isn’t that
interesting! We asked her if she ever
thought about quitting. The answer is
Ka Leo O Püÿöhala- Student page
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Getting to Know Our Student Leaders!
Name: Malia Ngaluola
Title: School President
Organizations: JPO and Student
Goal:Make our school more exciting
Hobbies: I love to play volleyball!
Favorite Food: Cheese pizza
Best Book Ever: Give It Up Mom by
Mary Robinson
Future Career: Professional Volleyball
My Hero: My Mom. She started
encouraging me to play! I love her a
Name: Tyliah Kahaulelio
Title: 6th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Student Government
Goal: To pass the Kamehameha
Schools test
Hobbies: Talk on the phone, go
shopping, play basketball and cruise
with friends
Favorite Food: Jolly Rancher
Best Books Ever: Sam I Am by Ilene
Cooper and Crown Me by Kathryn Lay
Future Career: Dancer
My Hero: Beyoncé Knowles
Name: Keliko Elkington
Title: 5th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Peer mediator,
Enrichment, JPO, and Student
Hobbies: Soccer, drawing, time
outdoors, babysitting babies
Favorite Subjects: Art and Math
Favorite Animals: Dolphins and turtles
Favorite Food: Vanilla Twin Pops and
chocolate ice cream
Best Book Ever: The Secret Voice by
Gina Zhang and Eragon by
Christopher Paolini
Name: Makana Pamatigan
Title: School Vice President
Organizations: Peer Mediator, JPO,
Enrichment, and Student Government
Goal: Get A+
Hobbies: Math
Favorite Food: Pizza
Best Books Ever: Eragon by
Christopher Paolini and Harry Potter
by J. K. Rowling
Future Career: Pilot
My Heroes: My parents
Name: Uluwehi Baldemor
Title: 5th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Peer Mediator, JPO,
and Student Government
Goal: To get straight A's or A's and B's
Hobbies: Acting, singing, dancing and
Favorite Food: It is... is....
I'm not that sure! There are
so many choices.
Best Books Ever: The series
Fairy Realm by Emily Rodda
Future Career: Teacher...
but I might go down other
My Hero: Alicia Keys.
She does concerts for
fundraisers to get money for the
poor or to help fight diseases- plus
she has an awesome voice!
Name: Kaleo Pinto
Title: 4th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Student Government
and Enrichment
Hobbies: Sports, drawing and
water activities. My top favorite
s sports are soccer and surfing. I
started soccer at 4 and started
surfing at 5. I pretty much like
doing a sport than sittin' on the
computer or on the couch d
oing nothing. When I surf, I feel like
I have control and can do
anything. My soccer team's
name is "The Cheeta's!"
Friends: I have a lot of
friends. But my friends don't
only play, they teach too. Like
Kamanu, Lopaka, Austin, Nai'a and
more help with my Hawaiian.
I thank them!
Name: Brianna Kubo
Title: School Secretary
Organizations: Peer Mediator, School
volleyball team, and Student
Goal: To get good grades on my
report card
Hobbies: Soccer, volleyball, and
Favorite Food: Sushi
Best Book Ever: Frindle by Andrew
Future Career: Lawyer
Heroes: My Mom because she is so
clean. My Dad because he is always
there for me.
Name: Kokia Chandler
Title: School Treasurer
Organizations: JPO and Student
Goals: Get all ME’s and MP’s; get on
Kumu’s good side; finish all my
homework forever
Hobbies: Watching T.V., dancing hula,
playing and drawing
Favorite Food: Shrimp
Best Book Ever: I Know Who Likes
You by Doug Cooney and Because of
Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo
Future Career: Either be in business
or an artist
My Examples: My Parents, they’re the
Name: Nicholas Downey-Valladares
Title: 5th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Student Government
Favorite Subject: Math
Family: Mom, two brothers-Kamakoa
and Andrew- and sister Jessica
Hobbies: Swimming, ice skating, and
Future Career: Pilot
Name: Gladdys May Arboleda
Title: 5th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Student Government
Goal: To succeed in anything and
Hobbies: Softball, cheerleading,
singing, and dancing
Favorite Food: Chicken katsu and
Best Book Ever: Always and Forever :
two novels by Lurlene McDaniel
Future Career: Registered Nurse
My Hero: My cousin Joylynn Arruda
Name: Kaila Kawailehua Malama
Title: 4th grade Class Representative
Organizations: Student Government
and Enrichment
Goal: Try my best in school
Hobbies: Bike riding, skateboarding,
sleeping, watching T.V., playing video
games, volleyball and reading
Favorite Food: Laulau, kalua pig, lomi
salmon, poi, chicken long rice, pizza,
spaghetti, taco salad, and tacos
Favorite Places: The mall, Dave and
Busters, the beach and the library
Best Books Ever: The Series of
Unfortunate Events by Lemony
Snicket, the Captain Underpants series
by Dav Pilkey and the Grinch by Dr.
Thoughts: I think family is very