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KrAZ-255B 1/35 - Scalemates, scale modeling database
The KrAZ-255B (6 × 6) 7,500 kg truck entered in production in 1965, with full series production commencing in 1967. The KrAZ-255B
was the direct replacement of the earlier serially produced KrAZ-214 7,000 kg (6 × 6) truck. The KrAZ-255B (B1) was a later model that
featured a revised braking system.The KrAZ-255B had some visual similarities with the earlier KrAZ-214 but had a more powerful
engine, a V-8 four-stroke diesel developing 240 hp to replace the six-cylinder two-stroke 205 hp unit of the KrAZ-214. Other design
improvements included a hydraulic steering booster replacing the pneumatic booster of the KrAZ-214, and the standard 1400 × 20 tyres
of the KrAZ-214 were replaced by new wide section pressure adjustable tires with a centralised tire inflation system controlled by the
driver directly from cab. In 1976 the KrAZ-255B was equipped with a new dual-circuit braking system that replaced an earlier single
circuit system, and such vehicles were given the revised KrAZ-255B (B1) model designation.Many of the roles previously undertaken by
the KrAZ-214 were transferred to the KrAZ-255B when it entered series production, these including carrying and laying the TMM
treadway bridge; carrying and launching the PMP heavy floating pontoon bridge; carrying and launching the BMK-T bridging boat;
mounting of assorted engineer/construction equipment and cranes including the USM pile driving set, the E-305 BV crane shovel, and
the EDV-4421 excavator; assorted tankers including the ATsM 7-255B 7,000 litre fuel tanker towing the PTsM 8925 5,800 litre trailer.
Description :
Layout of the KrAZ-255B (6 × 6) 7,500 kg truck is entirely conventional. Of bonneted design, the three-seat cabin is wood framed and
covered with sheet steel. The split front (two piece) flat windscreen opens outwards for increased ventilation.The C-section chassis
frame consists of side-members made from hot-rolled steel. The standard rear body is of the troop carrying/cargo type with dropsides
and tailgate and is normally fitted with wooden bench-type seats and a tarpaulin cover.Motive power is provided by a naturally aspirated
diesel engine fitted as standard with an engine start pre-heater for use in temperatures below -20°S. The KrAZ-255B (and (B1)) and
KrAZ-255V (and V1)) are intended for operation at temperatures ranging from +45°S to -45°S in temperate climate conditions. From
1972 production of versions for tropical (T) climates and temperatures up to +50°S were introduced, such models having a revised
KrAZ-255BT or VT (T - Tropical) designation. On all models all three axles are leaf sprung and are driven, with front axle engagement
being mechanical and controlled from the cab. A five-speed manual gearbox and two-speed transfer box are fitted. The transfer box
consists of two units joined together, the main unit housing the double-reduction gear with gear ratios of 1.23 and 2.28. The additional
unit features two output shafts for rear axle drive and the inter-axle locking differential. An air operated braking system is fitted, with
drums on all axles. The parking brake is of the transmission drum type.
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