Sunday Early


Sunday Early
3102 ,62 yaM
The official newsletter of BayCon 2013: Triskeidekaphobicon
In this issue: A demonstration of Newsletterophobia
BCTV: Channel 31
Don’t miss the special
presentation of The Pirates of
Penzance, reimaged in the Firefly/
Serenity universe at 11:00 AM!
11:00 am SPECIAL: The Stanford
Savoyards, Firefly
Pirates of Penzance
1:00 pm Movie: Voyage To The
Prehistoric Planet
2:15 pm Web: Sword and Laser04-Hyperion, Ernest
Cline, Space Goats
2:48 pm Web: Geek DIY-01Grant Imahara Builds a
2:55 pm Web: Veronica
Belmont-I am a Geek
3:00 pm Movie: Destroy All
Planets (Gamera)
4:31 pm TV: Captain Z-Ro-08Daniel Boone
4:58 pm Web: Geek DIY-Teaser
5:00 pm Movie: Evil Brain From
Outer Space
Art Auction
Art Show Charity Auction
actually starts at 1:00 PM on Monday
in Winchster and continues until we
are done selling the great art from all
of our art show participants.
Submission Deadline
for Issue 6:
5:00 PM
Many men, women, and a cyborg were
sold at last night’s Klingon Slave Auction.
Much fun was had by the auctionees and
their new owners.
The money raised benefits the Make-aWish Foundation.
DIY Master Crafters
The winners of the DIY Master Crafters competition
were Rod Ayers for his “Rubberized Steel Zombie
Gun” and Laura Bost for her “Statue of Zombie Hunter
Avenging Fallen Lover.”
Would the person who removed the Constellations (fabric) from the Solar System
table please return it? (You may keep the pins)
Sunday Early, May 26, 2013
Tarot Reading
by Sally Rose
Sunday • 8 of Imps
Decide which way are you headed?
Build those new connections you made
yesterday and share emails addresses or
Twitter handles. Talk to Lois or offer
to get Cliff a treat for his puppies.
Let Chris or John know how much
you liked something they shared on a
panel or ask Veronica about the next
book she might be sharing in any of
her book groups. Make connections!
Re: My Pest Problem (Part IV)
by Marina J. Lostetter
And now, the comical conclusion to a less than helpful letter of advice on
supernatural matters.
Good luck with your pest issues, I’m sorry I couldn’t be of
more help. I have included my dentist’s contact information
below, as he is also a part-time travel agent and can help you
with booking passage to the Himalayas (he uses freight planes,
very affordable).
Mrs. Price
Department of Special Inquiries
P.S. During my probe I discovered that your library card
expired last month. I renewed it for you. A bill for $50 is in
the mail (processing fee).
Disclaimer: None of the above suggestions should be taken
as official, sanctioned advice from the DSI. Any injuries you
may sustain in following the above recommendations are your own
fault. By opening this correspondence you automatically agree
not to hold the department nor any of its employees liable for
instances of maiming, temporal displacement, body switching, or
death that may occur as a result of unlicensed spatial or bodily
--DSI Liabilities Team--
Still More Phobias....
From “Halloween Tarot” by Karin Lee and
Kipling West.
Keepers of the Book
Le Grand Numérologue Al Megas
De Treize:
Linguistic Executioner: Lynn Gold
Inquisitor Sarcastus:
Chris Castro
Senior Semantic
“Triskaidekanomicon” is published by BayCon
2013 and is copyright © 2013 by Artistic
Solutions, Inc. “BayCon” is a service mark of
Artistic Solutions, Inc. No artwork or photos
may be reproduced without permission from
BayCon, Artistic Solutions, Inc. and/or their
respective owners.
Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.
Carnophobia- Fear of meat.
Cibophobia or Sitophobia- Fear of food.
Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks.
Deipnophobia- Fear of dining or dinner conversations.
Lachanophobia- Fear of vegetables.
Charity Auction Today!!!
Today’s auction to benefit BayCon’s charity, the California Autism Foundation, starts
at 2:30 PM in Lawrence.
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Twitter: @BayConNews