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2Samen Childcare
2Samen... for more than 70 years
at home in childcare
You are currently in search of childcare, maybe for the first time.
So we can imagine that you are taking ample time to make a
conscious and careful decision when choosing the organization to
which you entrust your child. This brochure will provide you with
a first impression of our care. Has your interest been aroused?
Then we will be happy to invite you for a guided tour, without any
obligations, through the childcare centre of your choice. In this
way, you can see for yourself where and how we will take care of
your child.
For more than seventy years now, we have taken up the challenge
to provide the highest possible quality and to make sure that each
child and every parent feels at home at 2Samen.We look forward
to welcoming you and your child or children in the near future!
Types of care
2Samen offers childcare in Den Haag, Monster and Naaldwijk.
Day care 0 to 4
2.5 to 4
Early childhood education and care (ECEC) 2.5 to 4
Out-of-school care
4 to 13
Holiday care
4 to 13
Opening Hours
© KLAPSTUK Beeldmakers
Our childcare centres are opened from 7.30 a.m. until 6 p.m.
At some locations, we make use of prolonged opening hours in
the morning and/or afternoon. This means that these centres start
earlier and/or close later. To see the specific opening hours per
location, visit our website and look at the centre you have chosen.
Choose for quality
2Samen invests in quality continuously, such as in well-trained
staff members, spacious childcare centres and an offer of activities
in which the child’s development and pleasure forms centre stage.
In addition, to you as a parent, we want to offer our services as
flexibly and transparently as possible. We like to help you to ideally
combine your work and your child’s care. Whatever form of childcare you need, you can rest assured that we will do everything to
make your child feel at home.
If you choose for 2Samen, you choose for:
• A non-profit organization which invests in permanent quality •
The highest customer satisfaction (proved by national benchmarks)
• Only qualified and continuously trained employees • A versatile
offer of activities such as music, sport, dance and excursions •
Challenging workshops and activities, and a summer camp in the
out-of-school care • All-in rates • Every day organic fruit and dairy
products • Attention to sustainability • Childcare certified by HKZ
(Harmonisation quality judgement in the social service sector).
Moreover, we offer you the security of:
• More than 70 years of experience • The largest professional
childcare organization in The Hague and the surrounding area.
Educational policy as a basis
Our educational policy forms the primary principal for the
procedure at all our childcare centres. This policy, for instance,
provides the direction for the character of our centres, outside
spaces, the approach of the educational staff members and our
offer of activities. As one of the few childcare providers in the
region, we employ educationalists and out-of-school care coaches,
who supervise the educational qualities and support our staff in
the daily practice. Periodically, our educational quality is (scientifically) researched, in order to increase this quality continuously.
Educational staff members are given further training via an
(online) offer of courses in the field of the latest educational
perception. In addition, they also do courses addressing First Aid
for children, reading stories, numeracy and mathematics for preschoolers, anticipating developments, and involvement in playing.
Learning in a playful way 0-4 years
2Samen offers more than just day care. Every day, our staff
members dedicate themselves to offering your child the challenges
it needs. Playfully, we stimulate development, such as in the fields
of language, thinking and social skills.
The day care centre
Tender loving care and sufficient peace are essential. However,
already from the age of a baby, there is also a lot to do and
discover at our centres. Learning and developing together, that is
what a day care centre is exceedingly suitable for. Our staff
members make sure that your child will lack nothing and stimulate
its development from the age of a baby. In our day care centres,
we pay attention to movement, dance, music and many other
things. In addition, we read stories every day to increase the
vocabulary. Healthy possibilities for exercise and a lot of open air
are also of major importance. Helping in the vegetable garden or
shopping together are popular activities. Where possible, we lay
out challenging nature gardens and outside spaces. Further, we
organize various playful activities in which exercise forms centre
stage. Some locations have an electric cart (Stint) with which we
can go to the woods, park or beach in no time.
By attending a playgroup, your child will have the opportunity to
widen his or her world and to gain new experiences. Their ‘home
world’ will expand considerably. Moreover, it is a good preparation
for the primary school. For instance, your child playfully learns
what it is like to function in a group, to play together and to share
things. In the playgroup, 2Samen uses themes that are connected
with various activities, such as handicraft, reading stories, songs
and dances. In doing so, we stimulate a broad development.
Early childhood education and care
© Andrea Ege
Children, who start at the primary school with a language or
arithmetic deficiency, are often troubled by it for the rest of their
school years. An ECEC programme at our playgroups or day care
centres can be the solution. We will pay extra attention to
language or arithmetic skills and to social and communicative
skills, with which we considerably increase their chances of having
a good school career.
© Freek van Bemmelen
Learning in a challenging way
4-13 years
In our out-of-school care programme, we focus our work on
development and growing independence. However, out-of-school
care time is leisure time and children can therefore make their own
choices. Just reading a book or playing outside together certainly
form part of the possibilities.
After-school care: the most elaborate offer of activities
in the whole region
Our internal project department KICKs organizes a challenging and
varied range of activities that offer children the possibility to
discover (new) talents every week. With more than 200 different
workshops from which our locations can make their own choice,
various clinics and even a summer camp, we undoubtedly have
the most elaborate offer in the whole region! These activities are
included in our rates, so you don’t have to pay any extras.
Some examples: soccer, hockey, self-defence, surfing, capoeira,
break-dance, violin lessons, guitar lessons, theatre, photography,
making computer animations, fox spotting, painting, gardening and
beachcombing. Often, hired specialist teachers take care of the
In our daily practice, we pay a lot of attention to exercise and
experiencing nature. For instance, we organize sports days, outdoor
programmes and nature discovery days. In addition, we frequently
organize fun outings.
Cooperation with schools
2Samen has a cooperation agreement with many primary schools
in the region. In some cases, we even take care of the after-school
activities programme in case of prolonged schooldays.
If your child attends one of the primary schools with which we
cooperate, he or she will be picked up from school. If your child
attends another school, he or she will also be welcome at our care
centre, but unfortunately we will not always be able to pick him
or her up from school ourselves.
Please return this form to Kinderopvang 2Samen, Antwoordnummer 10085, 2501 VB Den Haag. No stamp
required. If you have any questions, please contact our Planning & Adice department: 070 338 55 00 /
[email protected] For more information, 2samen.nl.
When you indicate your wishes using this form, we will get in touch with you to discuss
the possibilities, without any obligations. You can also simply and quickly register digitally
via 2samen.nl.
Do you already have a child placed in a 2Samen
childcare centre? Yes | No *
If yes, please fill in your client number _______________________________________.
If there are no changes in the details of the carer(s), you do not have to fill in these details
and you can continue to ‘Details Child’.
Details first carer:
Name / Initials Mr | Mrs * Citizen Service Number
Postal code / Town
Telephone numbers Private
E-mail address
Details second carer:
Name / Initials Mr | Mrs * Citizen Service Number
Postal code / Town
Telephone numbers Private
Birthdate E-mail address
Details child:
Family name
Sex (if known) * B | G
Given name
Citizen Service Number
(Expected) Birthdate
* Circle the applicable issue
Preferred location:
Please fill in the locations of your preference. If you do not fill in anything, we will suggest
the childcare centres that are close to the given home addresses.
Preference 1
Preference 2
Preference 3
Placement is to start per:
© Freek van Bemmelen
Desired types of care:
Please mark the type(s) of care and days you desire. The staff of the Planning & Advice
department will further advice about the package that best suits your wishes.
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Day care
After-school care
Flexible holiday care
Other, namely:*
* For all the possibilities, visit 2samen.nl, and go to ‘Types of care’ on the English part of the site.
Does your child need extra attention due to specific circumstances or health problems?
Which school does your child attend? (in case you have applied for afterschool care):
How did you find out about 2Samen? (Please mark what is applicable for you)
Leaflet / Brochure Advertisement (print) Telephone directory / Yellow pages
Outdoor advertising School
Municipality directory
Event Search engine
Via via
Advertisement (web) Social Media Other, namely: ✃
When you have made a choice
We hope that you will choose a 2Samen childcare centre. Do you
have any questions, need extra information, or appreciate a personal explanation? The staff of the Planning & Advice department
will be happy to help you. They can be contacted during working
days from 8.30 a.m. until 5 p.m. via 070 338 55 00 or
[email protected] Or you can visit our website: 2samen.nl.
There you can find more information and download various
leaflets and brochures.
You can simply register via our website. You can use the attached
registration form as well.
Immediate placement?
As soon as you have registered, we will check whether we can
place your child. Sometimes a place will not immediately be
available at the centre of your preference. We will get in touch
with you to discuss the possibilities. If you wish, we will place
your child on a waiting list. We may be able to offer you our
services at another childcare centre in the meantime.
Introductory interview
© Freek van Bemmelen
Once your child’s placement is officially arranged, we will invite
you at the childcare centre to get acquainted extensively with the
people who will take over (part of) the care of your child. During
the introductory interview, we will allow plenty of time for you.
We are very interested in your expectations and specific wishes.
Obviously, we try to respond to these as well as possible.
© Andrea
Andrea Ege
What does childcare cost?
What childcare will cost for you, depends on aspects such as your
income, the number of children for which you need childcare, the
type of care and the package you will choose. On our website, you
can find an overview of our current hourly rates.
You may be eligible for childcare allowance. The amount depends
on your level of income. On 2samen.nl you can find extensive
overviews with an indication of the net costs per income. You
can also find a link to the website of the tax authorities, where
you can have a test calculation made. If you do not have internet,
our Planning & Advice department will be pleased to make this
calculation for you.
Stichting Kinderopvang 2Samen
Februari 2016 (2,000)
Text and coordination: 2Samen, Freek van Bemmelen and Yolande Michiels van Kessenich
Photography: Freek van Bemmelen, KLAPSTUK Beeldmakers, Andrea Ege and others
Design: Shape design, Leiden
Print: Drukkerij Holland, Alphen a/d Rijn
For more
information, please
get in touch with our
Planning & Advice
070 338 55 00
Visiting address: Laan van Meerdervoort 70
2517 AN Den Haag
Postal address: Postbus 16555
2500 BN Den Haag
Telephone: 070 338 55 00
Fax:070 338 55 01
E-mail:[email protected]

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