Do Proper Check
Before you proceed to rent or convert your premises into a
childcare centre, it is advisable for you to check whether a
planning approval is required for the change of use and if
required, to obtain the approval and compliance with all
the technical requirements.
If you need any clarification, you are welcomed to contact
our customer service officers or write in to seek advice
before submitting a change of use application.
More detailed information on the guidelines for change of
use, registering your businesses as well as other
registration requirements can be found in our website at
Making An Application
For your convenience, you can submit the application for
licences and approvals required for your business via the
Online Business Licensing Service (OBLS) which is a onestop integrated form, allowing you to apply for multiple
Other Technical
Agencies to Consult
Land Transport Authority
Hotline: 1800-228-5582
Fire Safety & Shelter Department
Hotline: 1800-734-4308
Ministry of Community Development, Youth &
Hotline: 1800-258-5812
Ministry of Education
Contact: 6872-2220
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Follow these steps:
1 Log on to
2 Click on “New Application” for applying new
licences and approvals for childcare centre use.
3 Click on “Services”, and the click on “Childcare
45 Maxwell Road
The URA centre
Singapore 069118
Hotline : 6223-4811
Email : [email protected]
For further information, please visit our website
4 Click on “Licence Application Guide” and follow the
step-by-step licence application guide to complete
your online application.
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» Quick Guides!
to making change of use
» Includes childcare centres
registered with MCYS,
kindergarten registered with
MOE and student care centres.
Instant Approval
Processing Time
If you intend to convert a premise into a childcare
centre, you might need to obtain approval from URA
before you can proceed. This quick guide provides
you with easy to understand information on when
approvals are required or not required and how to go
about making an application.
You can obtain instant approval for childcare
centres that are located in these following
premises under the Plan Lodgment Scheme1.
If you submit a lodgment application and it complies
with the lodgment criteria, a receipt will be issued
immediately and you may proceed with the change of
use proposal.
No Approval needed
Planning approvals are not required for change of use
to childcare centres that are located at these premises
(subject to certain conditions1) located at:
HDB void decks
Place of worship
Factory and warehouse developments
Hotel developments
Private apartments/ condominiums (for
proposed childcare centre that is located
within premises approved for communal use
e.g. clubhouse within the development)
Please refer to conditions and lodgment criteria at
Commercial buildings (e.g. offices, shopping
centres, HDB commercial premises)
Mixed Commercial & Residential (for proposed
childcare centre that is located within premises
approved for commercial use in the development)
Hotel (for proposed childcare centre that is
located within premises approved for commercial
use in the development Civic and Community
institutions (e.g. community centres, association
Approval Needed
Factories, Warehouses and Business Parks (for
proposed childcare centre that is located within
premises approved for ancillary, secondary or
commercial uses within the development)
Sports and Recreation premises (e.g. clubhouse)
Non-residential government buildings leased out
for interim uses (subject to lease conditions)
Please refer to URA-Online:
Landed housing estates (please refer to
guidelines for the change of use at URAOnline)
Premises which do not satisfy the conditions
for authorisation or do not qualify under the
lodgement scheme
Types of Application
Lodgment application - $100*
Formal application - $300*
Renewal of Planning Approval - $150*
(*Subject to GST. The processing fees paid are nonrefundable. The fees are subject to review. For latest
figures, please visit URA-Online)
application, it will be processed within two
the date of submission. On successful
you will be issued a Temporary
The decision will be conveyed to you via
Required Information for
A formal planning approval is required for childcare
centres that are located within these places:
Education institutions (e.g. schools, universities,
Medical and Healthcare buildings (e.g. hospitals,
For a formal
weeks from
A SingPass. Please visit
Consent and particulars of the owner(s) of the
subject premises. If the building is owned by the
State, approval from SLA and the government
agencies managing the building (e.g. HDB for HDB
premises, PA for community centre, JTC for
factory, warehouse and business park) is required
prior to the change of use
Postal Code and floor area of the premises. If you
do not have the information, please click here to do
an online check. Please enter the property address
of the subject premises and select the option
“Postal Code Finder” to do your search. Click here
for guidance.
Particulars of the applicant
Documents to Submit
Completed application form
Processing Fee
Floor plan/ internal layout plan of the subject
premises. Please provide correct and complete
information, to avoid delay in the processing of
your application.
*exclude partywall shophouses/shopflats
Shophouse/shopflat refers to a building with a covered walkway or five footway at the front and with shop(s) at the first storey and commercial use or residential accommodation at the upper storey.
Shophouses/shopflats are typically built with no or minimal carparking provision

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