HOUSE SALAD - Eldorado Grill


HOUSE SALAD - Eldorado Grill
Monkey Bar Gym approves this menu because it follows our core beliefs on
nutrition and eating: plant-strong meals composed to give you the highest
nutritional value possible. While following this plan, eating out can be a challenge.
Rest assured that this menu takes the complication out of the decision-making
and leaves nothing but delicious, plant-strong meals for you to enjoy!
We believe 90% of your meals should be made
of plants and seeds, but animal proteins can be part
of a healthy diet. If you’d like to add some protein
to your meal, choose from the following:
Baked corn tortilla chips served warm
with our very own signature salsa. 1.99
Fresh avocado with a touch of lime and garlic
and topped with pico de gallo. Small 3.99 Large 6.29
We slow cook ten different chiles, garlic, onions, vegan
chorizo, and vegetable protein, then top it all off with
guacamole and pico de gallo. Cup 3.49 Bowl 5.99
Mixed greens and red leaf lettuce topped with
chef-selected fresh vegetables and a lemon-cumin
vinaigrette. Side 3.49 Dinner 5.49
At the Monkey Bar Gym, our approach to
eating is simple: eat when you’re hungry,
eat until satisfied, and drink plenty of water.
Today, nutrition is such a complicated
topic. Most people avoid talking about it
like they avoid talking about religion or
politics. But honestly, we all instinctively
know what’s good and what’s bad for our
bodies, and physical fitness and nutrition
go hand-in-hand.
The Monkey Bar Gym promotes a
plant-strong lifestyle. We follow world
renowned nutritionists, scientists, athletes,
and doctors, including Dr. T. Colin
Campbell, author of The China Study and
Dr. Fred Bisci, author of Your Healthy
Journey. However, we also realize that
everyone is on their own path to optimal
health. Some people feel they can’t live
without the pairing of Chenin Blanc and
Camembert cheese every weekend or that
they can’t live without scrambled eggs,
bacon, and toast in the morning. Whatever
the case, it’s your path, not ours. As long
as you’re adding more plant foods and
water to your eating habits, you’re on the
path to a healthier you, regardless of the
specifics of your diet. Can you move to
eating more greens, more plants, and
less animals and processed foods? Taking
just this little step not only helps make a
healthier you, it reduces carbon emissions
and global warming. It also helps to reduce
or reverse the risk of heart disease,
cancer, osteoporosis, and brain diseases.
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At Monkey Bar Gym Madison, we
understand both high-level athletic
performance and physical limitations.
We’ve trained professional athletes
and weekend warriors, firefighters and
grandmothers, carpenters and cancer
Garlic-infused quinoa and seasoned roasted vegetables
in a smoked poblano pepper, topped with guacamole
and served over salsa Nortena and black beans. 16.99
Here you won’t be on your own,
winging it, like at typical gyms. You’ll
get individualized attention from a
professional instructor, whether you sign
up for one-on-one coaching or our hourlong classes.
Carrots, broccoli, bok choy, red onions, red cabbage,
garlic, and ginger tossed in a Thai dressing, seared
in a cast iron skillet, garnished with pico de gallo
and roasted peanuts, then served with red rice,
black beans, and fresh corn tortillas. 13.99
It’s no secret that MBG workouts are
hard. We’ll teach you how to do them,
and do them safely. We make it fun, too!
Each workout is different, so you’ll never
get bored doing the same old routine.
And it’s tailored to your skill level, no
matter how fit you are.
Our chef prepares a different taco selection each
day, using our CSA share with Burr Oak Gardens.
Ask your server for today’s selection. Served
with red rice and black beans. 12.99
The Monkey Bar Gymnasium has no
machines, our members usually train
barefoot, and we have no mirrors. We
specialize in natural fitness while providing
a positive, energetic environment. Our
workouts are run in a class format and
are led by one of our awesome certified
personal trainers, maintaining that not
only will you get a great workout; you’ll
train safely and effectively.
For more details about the Monkey Bar
Gym, please visit www.monkeybargym.
com. If interested in a free consultation,
ask your server for information.
744 Williamson Street, Madison, WI
608.280.9378 ·