Save Big!
Tired of hassling with money during lunch? Try the new Punch-a-Lunch card,
it’s easy and it’s hassle free. In today’s market, we all are trying to watch what
we spend. The Punch-a-Lunch card offers both economy and convenience.
You can purchase a Punch-a-Lunch card for any amount and use it in
the Dining Center/Cafeteria anytime during regular service hours. The
convenience of prepaid snacks and
meals is only half the benefit. For
each $10 you place on this card, you
receive FREE an additional $1. That’s
Management is not responsible if card is lost or stolen.
This card is not refundable.
up to 10% FREE food! You can
recharge the card at any time.
Consolidated Management Co. - Des Moines, Iowa
If you have questions regarding the
Any discrepancies not reported to Food Service Director
within 90 days will be considered final.
Punch-a-Lunch program, please
feel free to call 800-747-9774 and
ask to speak to someone about Punch-a-Lunch or just fill in the information
below and return it with a check or money order (payable to Consolidated
Management Company) to the Food Service Director in the Dining Center/
Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________
Name of College: ____________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _ _______________________________________________________________________________________________
City: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________
State: __________________________________________________________ ZIP: ____________________________________
Phone: (Day) ________________________________________ (Evening) ____________________________________
Amount Enclosed: $_ ________________________________________________________________________________
Order now to start off with the savings and
convenience of Punch-a-Lunch.
**Your Punch-a-Lunch card will be sent to you unless school opening is less than three weeks away.**