Sport 2014 - Kamo High School


Sport 2014 - Kamo High School
“Welcome to Sport at Kamo High School”
Cross Country
Cycling – Road,
Fun runs
Get to Go
Indoor Bowls
Lawn Bowls
Moto X
Pistol Shooting
Rock Climbing
Rugby League
Sevens Rugby
Table Tennis
The School offers a wide range of sports including our sports Centre of
Excellence for Rugby, Hockey, Cricket and Basketball. Kamo High School
welcomes students of all abilities, to get involved, whether it is at a high level,
to improve fitness or as a social participant.
Continue to promote a culture of pride in
representing Kamo High School in sport.
Improve our results at Northland Secondary
School tournaments and at National level.
Provide competent coaches for teams and offer them
qualification opportunities and support.
Develop a sense of responsibility and self-motivation in students
involved in sports.
The school has excellent facilities including a
swimming pool, two gyms, turf area for tennis,
netball or hockey, rugby field, 2 soccer fields,
outdoor basketball area and cricket nets.
The gymnasiums are equipped for netball,
basketball, volleyball, futsal, indoor hockey,
badminton, table tennis, as well as a well
equipped weights training room.
On offer is a High performance where
students are given guidance in their
nutrition and in sport-specific strength
and conditioning programmes.
are tailored for individual needs and for
different parts of the training and
competition year. Advanced fitness
testing also features for all students on a
regular basis throughout the year.
Whanau Sports
Swimming 7th March
The Whanau sports competitions are a popular part of the
sporting calendar. Kamo High School is famous for their
colourful Whanau swimming sports day at the beginning
of the year. Students compete in their Whanau groups
doing fun competitions such as "Synchronized swimming",
chariot races, and march and chant . Points are earned
for your Whanau for participation. Other events on the
calendar are Cross country and tabloid sports. Lunchtime
challenges happen throughout the year and include
unihoc, volleyball, indoor soccer, and ultimate Frisbee.
Both senior and junior students are encouraged to have a
go, with whole Whanau participation in one of the events
throughout the year – the goal. The five Whanau groups;
Tapere, Rangi, Moana, Kaha and
Waima challenge each other at different activities – not
Just sports - with the Whanau shield going to the
overall winner at the end of the year.
Kamo High School Championship Events
Swimming –14th March
Athletics – Kensington park – 21st March
Events Term one 2014
Market day – sign up for sports and clubs
KHS Hall
13th Feb
KHS Athletics Championships
21st Feb
NSS Northland Athletics Championships
19th March
NSS Lawn Bowls tournament
11th April
NSS Bruce Scott Cricket – Seniors
19/20th Feb
Leaf Cup Cricket – Girls
3rd /4th March
NSS Show jumping
Barge Park
21st March
NSS Eagles Golf team competition
Northland Golf
24th March
Sport Northland Beach To Basin
Onerahi – to WHG 2nd March
NSS Futsal tournament – Boys
11th March
NSS Futsal tournament – Girls
12th March
NSS Mountain Biking
25th March
KHS Rugby 1 XV hosting team from Japan
17th March
Rugby League – Adam Blair starts
26th Feb
Rugby League - Adam Blair finals
16th April
KHS Swimming Championships
KHS Pool
14th Feb
NSS Northland Swimming Championships
27th Feb
KHS Whanau Swimming
KHS Pool
7th March
Scholastic Surfing #1
21st March
NSS Open singles – Tennis
Thomas Neale
8th April
NSS Touch Tournament – Seniors
28th Feb
NSS Teams Tag Triathlon
Marsden cove
11th March
NSS Individual Triathlon
Kai Iwi Lakes
28th March
NSS Volleyball prelim Senior Girls
5th March
NSS Volleyball prelim Senior Boys
6th March
NSS Volleyball Finals
13th March
NSS Beach Volleyball - Seniors
10th April
These dates may change. Students will be notified through the daily school notices of events and confirmed
dates and venues.
Centre of Excellence Programmes
Kamo High School runs a Centre of excellence programme for the following sports; Hockey, Rugby, Cricket
and Basketball. These centres are used to develop skills and fitness for players in the top teams as well as
developing potential players for the next season. COE programmes are dedicated one school period per
week (plus lunchtime) to use for specific training exercises, while they are still expected to attend separate
team trainings after school hours. We have a very dedicated and high level quality of coaches running each
of these centres; there is no extra cost to players above that of their sports fees.
The Kamo High School Rugby centre of excellence was
established by Brad Miller in 2013 who is a PE teacher at the
school with the aim to raise the standard of school boy rugby in
Northland. The centre focuses on nurturing and holding onto
talented young players and providing an organised rugby
programme to challenge, progress skills, fitness and tactics.
Students in the centre will have access to Initiatives and tools
aligned to the current NZRU high performance programme and
individual performance plans. The centre is for the 1st XV and JB9
players as well as younger emerging players who show promise.
Coach in Charge
Brad Miller
Ex Northland, North
Harbour and Waikato player
To be set in term one
Trials & COE
Held in Term one at KHS. COE is held every Monday during lunchtime and Period
5. Competition date March – The 1st XV play in the Northland U18 competition on Saturdays. We
would like to start up teams in the JB8/ JB7 grades. If you are able to assist please contact
The centre has a mentor programme which involves former KHS players who have
all gone onto careers as professional rugby players. They include; David Holwell,
Justin Collins, Scott Linklater, Brad Taylor and Hayden Taylor.
Kamo High School has the services of an employed cricket coach who works with all of the schools boys and
girls teams. Sam Walker is a qualified Level two cricket coach as well as having a degree in sports
development. He is working with all levels of cricket in the school as well as player/coach of the 1 st XI boys’
side. The centre offers Kamo High school players a high level of coaching with which to enhance and
develop their techniques and playing ability. Sam is also available for one to one coaching sessions with
any students wishing to improve their skills or game play.
Coach in Charge
Trials & COE
Competition date
Sam Walker
Level 2 coach and Premier player
To bet set early Feb 2014
Held in Terms one and four (for differing seasons). Training dates for 2014 will
be confirmed early term one.
The 1st XI boys’ team play in the Men’s reserve grade, while the boys 2nd XI team play
in the 3rd grade. The girls team compete in the Northland Leef cup in term one.
Northland cricket is currently trying to get a girls league to run in the weekends.
Northland schools tournaments are held for both boys and girls – Senior
competitions in term one and junior competitions in term four.
Laura Douglas formed the Hockey COE in 2012 as an ex KHS player who wanted the schools proud hockey
tradition to continue. The centre allows players to up-skill
their techniques and push their fitness levels. The goal is to
get both 1st XI teams into the top secondary schools
tournaments. Term one is focused on trials and selection of
first eleven teams. Extra players are also invited to attend
the COEs as the identified next level of players in the school.
Term 2 and 3 focuses on the 1st XI sides and working up to
tournament in early September. Term four will be for all
interested Yr 9 and Yr 10 players to train once a week to
help develop their game.
Coach in Charge
Laura Douglas
Ex Black
Stick and current Northland Rep
To be Set early term one
Trials & COE
Held in Term one at Northland
Hockey turf. COE is held every Monday during lunchtime and Period 5.
Competition date
April – at Northland Hockey, Girls 1st XI team play in the Women’s Reserve A grade
Usually played on Friday nights. The Boys 1st XI team play in the Men’s Reserve grade,
games are on Thursday nights. The school also fields boys, girls and mixed teams into
the collegiate competitions held on Monday and Tuesday nights; this is for school aged
teams only. Both 1st XI teams travel away to Secondary schools tournament week in
the first week of September.
Basketball is a growth sport at Kamo High. Aaron Sadler has taken the Boys Senior team to consecutive
victories in the Northland Secondary schools competition since he started coaching here in 2012. He is the
current Northland Suns development officer and works with both junior and senior boys teams here at KHS.
Coach in Charge
Trials & COE
Competition date
Aaron Sadler
Northland Suns Development and premier men’s player
To be set early term one.
A rally will be held in term one for all interested Senior and Junior players. COE will be
held during lunchtime and period 5, with alternating weeks between junior and senior
players. Day of the week is still to be confirmed.
The Senior boys basketball competition dates are: Western Heights 10-13th April;
Northland secondary schools 8th and 22nd August.
The Junior boys’ basketball competition dates are: 6th and 22nd August.
All those wishing to apply for one of the KHS COEs need to fill out an application
form and return that to the sports office.
Kamo High School Sports Department
If you require further information or assistance please contact us in the Sports Department:
09 4351688
[email protected]
Cheryl Baker
Sports Coordinator
[email protected]
Cheryll Pitman
Sports Administration Assistant
[email protected]
Rugby League
Newly brought back into Kamo High School
and driven by Joe Henare and Peter Gray,
League is looking at being one of the major
sports at KHS. The 1st XIII play in the Adam
Blair tournament which is an 8 week long
Northland Secondary Schools tournament
starting in February. The team also
looks to attend the National tournament
in Pakuranga during the first week of
September each year.
The team trains all year in order to
achieve their goals
- Which are to be the best Northland
- School and get into the top division
at the National tournament.
Pistol Shooting
Introduced in 2012 Kamo High School has had
success already in the sport of Pistol shooting.
Whangarei shooting club mentors interested
shooters in a six week course leading up to the
McMillan Cup which is a national pistol shooting
competition. Jared Wickliffe received “rookie of
the year” in 2012 and Kamo High team placed 2nd
in 2013. This is a growing sport in the school and
is open to boys / girls, seniors and juniors. You
do not need prior experience or your own
equipment – all is supplied by the shooting club.
Volleyball has always been a popular sport at
Kamo High School. We have regular coaching
for both boys and girls teams during lunchtimes
and afterschool. We offer both codes – indoor
and beach and look to keep it a strong sport
within the school. Trainings for the boys are
taken by John Pelasio and the girls are coached
by Ashok Unka. Our Volleyball teams compete
at the Northland school competitions as well as
the Orewa exchange at the end of the year.
Sporting success 2013
Deanne Carpenter
Dallas Olsen
Sporting Excellence
Sportswoman of the year
Jesse Chapman
Sportsman of the year
Margaret Maxwell Shield for National selection in sport
Jared Wickliffe
Pistol Shooting
Kaitlyn Hand
Rachyl Edge and
James Witehira
Junior Sportswoman
and sportsman of
the year.
Leeshaan Tangariki-Pou
Hip Hop