Talinda East Africa is the leading reseller and system integration service provider of IT,
Telecommunications & Audio visual solutions for Mid-size businesses in East Africa.
Talinda East Africa is a Limited Liability Private company incorporated in Kenya.
The Company was founded in August 2009. It was initially registered and operated as
a partnership and later incorporated.
At Talinda East Africa our pride lies in the work that we do, we are trusted advisers
to our clients and offer excellent execution in the way we carry out our work. By
providing reliable local support to our clients we ensure that the clients business
is always running smoothly. Talinda East Africa is tax registered, is Tax Compliant,
Registered with Communication Authority as a Telecommunication Contractor and is a
Certified Youth Business under the YAGPO (Youth access to Government Procurement)
program initiated by the government for 30% procurement of Government
expenditure to youth & Women.
Eastern Africa’s Leader in ICT solutions for Hospitality and Education.
We consistently provide ICT solutions to the Hospitality & Education sectors in
East Africa that deliver an outstanding customer experience and long term
commercial value.
Our Core Values
We handle
handle all
all interactions
with thoughtfulness,
responsibly && in
in empathy
In everything
everything we
we do.
We seek
seek to
to yield
yield maximum
value for
for the
the customer
and for
for the
the business.
With high-definition video, voice, content sharing,
messaging, and chat, our solutions help you to:
• Offer video conferencing as a service.
• Increase employee and guest engagement,
mobility & productivity.
• Define Luxury with elegant design.
• Collaborate in training & Management of several
properties from head office.
Strategic Partners for
solution delivery
Leading Brands Choose Us
Our Offering
Today’s business traveller has a high appetite for high speed internet services.
We resolve these This is being driven by
1. User Devices, multiple, different, dynamic
2. Advancement in Applications
3. High dependency of business on technology
We deliver to Hotels & Hospitals, reliable robust and easy to manage Wi-Fi , IP TV solutions, Hotel
& Hospital TV displays, linen RFID tagging and digital signage solutions.Turnkey structured cabling,
IP Telephony & Wirelessnetwork. Guests at the hotel enjoy;
• reliable wireless internet access
• Soft key in phone directory instead of paper guides
• reliable delivery of service based on a stable network infrastructure
Leading Brands Choose Us
Network infr
• Improved w
• enabled en
• reduced co
Colleges and universities are all challenged by the proliferation of mobile devices on campus
and the increasing demand for online educational content.
Our Offering
Schools face increasing challenges to provide higher-speed, more reliable WiFi to students,
teachers and staff. New mandates such as digital textbooks and 1:1 initiatives require entire
classes to concurrently get online to view material, collaborate on projects and present
their work.
We deliver WiFi, classroom imaging and infrastructure for Digital learning solutions that meet
student, teaching and non-teaching staff needs.
Our Offering
Advanced te
• Increased p
• Improved c
Migration fro
• more flexib
• Improves m
• Reduces an
Service Prov
solutions Sub
Media gatew
Baraka Center, Suite 4, Opposite EKA HOTEL, Mombasa Road
P. O. Box 6560, Nairobi, Kenya Mobile:+254 20 8077704
[email protected]
Baraka Center, Suite 4, Opposite EKA HOTEL, Mombasa Road
P. O. Box 6560, Nairobi, Kenya Mobile:+254 20 8077704
[email protected]

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