We would also like to remind you that we can



We would also like to remind you that we can
4th Quarter, 2014
Hospitality “Newsletter” is a
publication of HI’s Marketing
Department. To comment or
provide articles for this publication please contact the
Marketing Department at
oom rates and hotel policies should be loaded in
RezView for your hotel to be
bookable on your branded booking engine, www.BookRooms
Now.com and numerous other
Internet reservation websites.
We would also like to remind
you that we can provide training on
how to use RVNG. All rate changes,
room inventory changes, close outs,
and so forth must be done by HI,
and not by Pegasus (except holidays,
weekends and after hours).
Room Rates do not roll over
from year to year; therefore, you
must submit your room rates before
the end of the year so that Hospitality International’s Marketing Department can insert your room rates in
BookRoomsNow (RezView) for
Special Note: With the impending
increase in GDS reservations, now is
the time to discuss other reservation
resources that do not cost you additional fees. Remember there is no
additional cost for voice reservations
or reservations made on your booking engine . . .
This is also a good time to update your information, such as increased tax percentages, professional
photos of property improvements
and upgraded guestrooms, and general information that may have
changed recently.
For assistance please
contact: Misty Maples
at 866-662-1611 or
[email protected],
or contact Toetu
Faletagalo at toll free
800-247-4677, ext. 141,
or [email protected]
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In-room Tent Cards Replacing
Hotel Reference Directory
The trend among hotel chains and even individual hotels is to go paperless; thus the trend of digital
collateral materials such as hotel directories have
evolved over the past five or more years, and as a
consequence, printed hotel directories are no longer
available. Consumers can print out information
needed, including individual hotel listings, maps and
directions, etc. from the hotel’s reservation booking
Hospitality International has therefore decided to discontinue its ‘printed’ Hotel Reference Directory and will furnish Tent Cards to be placed in
the guest room for quick reference on how a guest
might get information about a Red Carpet Inn,
Scottish Inns, Master Hosts Inns, Downtowner
Inns or Passport Inn. The Tent Cards have been
shipped to Hospitality International’s franchises. Please ensure you have placed a tent
card in all of your guest rooms. Need more?
Contact Shirley Mollison at [email protected]
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Spotlight on Greenwood . . .
The Red Carpet
Inn in Greenwood, Indiana
is also a Fantasuites. This unusual
lodging facility provides standard lodging accommodations as
well as a number of themed rooms catering to the whimsy and
adventurous side of the hotel’s guests.
The Franchisee, Dr. Ahmed Mubarak (shown in the
bottom left photo), along with his staff ,including his manager
Tina (in the small inset photo below) are dedicated to improving the Red Carpet Inn and their Fantasuites with an ongoing
renovation, updating the Fantasuites, and both the
public areas and standard guestrooms.
rooms are also going
green with new wood
floors being installed,
replacing outdated
Repeat business is important to all
hotels and many of
their hotel’s guests do
return. Many a guest
review reflects on how
helpful the hotel staff
You can view
photos of the
Red Carpet Inn
featuring a number
of themed rooms such
as the Geisha Garden
Room, depicting the Far East
with its
warm golden tones and spacious Jacuzzi tub, along with
the Wild Wild West, Arabian Nights, and a room with a
full-sized PINK CADILLAC, among many others on
www.BookRoomsNow.com and their own
ebsite: www.greenwoodfantasuites.com.
and the uniqueness of the
Fantasuites themed rooms . .
. . . stating they will be returning. Management also
responds to guest reviews,
even if non-complimentary.
It is their way of thanking
their guests and ensuring
they will take corrective measures to ensure guest satisfaction. Hospitality International applauds
Dr. Mubarak and his
manager and employees for their ongoing
dedication by improving the Red Carpet Inn & Fantasuites
in Greenwood.
From your