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Excellence Through Innovation
The Robbins & Myers Fluid Management Group is a leading
• Innovating engineered system solutions that allow
provider of innovative fluid management solutions that
customers to increase production, improve processes
deliver superior performance, long service life and
and optimize profitability
exceptional value. The Group brings together its global
resources — engineering, manufacturing, application
expertise and cutting-edge, proprietary technology — to
deliver high quality, dependable products, effective system
• Applying extensive application expertise to ensure
• Cost-effectively satisfying process and operational
solutions and responsive support services to benefit
needs with both standard and customized products
customers worldwide.
manufactured with world-class equipment and processes
Satisfying a broad range of application needs, the Fluid
Management Group focuses its resources on the oil and
to achieve the highest standards of quality
• Monitoring, communicating and controlling operational
gas discovery and recovery, chemical process, water and
productivity by applying proprietary technology to
wastewater, food, biofuels, pulp and paper, pharmaceutical
develop automated solutions that save time and money
and numerous other industries. Through its customercentric, industry-savvy, solutions-based approach, the
• Providing time-tested, value-added support service
Group harnesses the strength of its global resources
programs as well as recognized individual efforts to
to help customers by:
help customers achieve success
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The Robbins & Myers Fluid Management Group is headquartered in Willis, Texas with facilities strategically located
throughout the world. Some of the products manufactured
and marketed include:
Customer Benefits
The Robbins & Myers Fluid Management Group provides
customers with value-added benefits that include:
• Ongoing development and application of advanced
• Drilling motor power sections
fluid management technologies and systems for
effective, innovative solutions
• Downhole pump systems
• Industry-leading knowledge and expertise in engineering,
• Automated solutions
design, manufacturing and application
• Grinders
• Dedicated resources to the advancement of
• Multiphase pumping solutions
progressing cavity technology
• Oilfield products such as wellheads,
stuffing boxes and more
• Advanced, fully equipped manufacturing facilities
to ensure the highest quality
• Oil and gas tubing wear solutions
• An extensive range of products to meet specific
application requirements
• Oil and gas imaging services
• Fully equipped oilfield and industrial pump service
• Pipeline and vessel closures
centers for responsive maintenance, service and
• Progressing cavity industrial pumps
repair support
• A global inventory of standard products supported by
localized distributors and technical representatives to
ensure attentive service and minimize downtime
• Chemineer®
• Moyno®
• StayTite®
Fluid Management Group
• Guardian®
• New Era®
• Tarby®
markets products under
• Hamer®
• Resun®
• Titan®
industry-leading brand
• Hercules®
• VisuWell®
• Magnum®
• Yale®
The Robbins & Myers
names that include:
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The company serves industries that include:
oil and gas, chemical process, water and
wastewater treatment, pulp and paper, food
and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining and
petrochemical. Moyno provides an extensive
range of products that include:
• High-solids sludge cake transfer systems
• Metering pumps
Moyno is a leading, global manufacturer and
marketer of Moyno® progressing cavity pumps.
For nearly 75 years, Moyno has pioneered
progressing cavity technology to deliver superior
performance and long service life in satisfying
a broad range of critical pumping applications.
Through advanced, in-house research and
development, experienced engineers apply
innovative design advancements that differentiate
Moyno products. An effective combination of
products, process solutions and service support
programs allow Moyno to keep customers’ plant
operations running smoothly and efficiently with
little downtime and minimal maintenance.
• Sanitary pumps
• Multiphase fluids transfer systems
• Single-shaft and twin-shaft grinders
Moyno’s products and services provide
significant customer benefits that include:
• Increased process productivity
• Reduced downtime and maintenance costs
• Low total cost of ownership resulting from
high quality, well-engineered products
• Application expertise that ensures the right
solution for every situation
• Proprietary Ultra-Technologies® that separate
Moyno products and services from all others
• Parts availability through the in-field
NetLink™ inventory management system
• Responsive in-field service and support
through Moyno’s Certified Service Facilities
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Chemineer designs, manufactures and markets
high-performance fluid agitation equipment
that meets an extensive range of process
application requirements for customers worldwide. Since 1952, Chemineer has served a
broad range of industries including: chemical,
polymer plastics, water and wastewater treatment, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, mineral
processing, energy, FGD, food and beverage,
agricultural and pulp and paper.
With a leadership position in the global mixing
industry, the company manufactures a complete
line of industrial mixing equipment, marketing
its products under the following brand names:
actual fluid flow patterns and fluid flow modeling
simulation as well as a fully equipped testing
Chemineer has the depth of capabilities, global
operations, the knowledge and experience to
effectively evaluate application requirements
and apply and/or customize its high quality
mixing equipment to provide innovative mixing
solutions. Customers benefit from more efficient, reliable and economical mixing and
long service life.
• Chemineer® — gear-driven, top-, side-, and
bottom-entering mixers ranging from portable
to large, fixed-mount units
• Prochem® — belt-driven, side- and topentering mixers
• Kenics® — static mixers and heat exchangers
• Greerco® — high shear mixers, homogenizers
and colloid mills
Its industry-leading, proprietary fluid-flow system
and mechanical mixer design software program,
CEDS®, simultaneously evaluates the process,
proposes a mixing solution and verifies the
integrity of the product design within a single
program. Chemineer engineers have access
to an extensive range of technologicallyadvanced resources for critical evaluation of
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R&M Energy Systems has been providing leadingedge solutions for the oil and gas discovery and
recovery industries since 1955 when it pioneered
the development of progressing cavity power
sections for downhole drilling. Today, innovation
remains the watchword as the company engineers
system solutions for its customers that:
• Reduce drilling time and cost
• Increase overall well production
• Improve multiphase pumping performance
• Optimize downhole pump efficiency with
automated control solutions
From onshore drilling, production and surface
transfer to offshore floating production storage
and offloading as well as pipeline and pressure
vessel closure, R&M Energy Systems has the
solution to meet the most critical application
requirement. With a solid commitment to ongoing
technology advancements, the company has
expanded its high-quality product line to include:
• Even Rubber Thickness (ERT™) power
sections that provide more power than
conventional power sections
• Proprietary Ultra-Flex® elastomers to handle
a broad range of downhole conditions
• An extensive line of artificial lift solutions
and accessories
• Wellheads, stuffing boxes and accessories
• Tubing wear solutions including rod guides
and rod and tubing rotators
• Pipeline and vessel closures
• Multiphase pumping solutions and surface
transfer pumps
• Automation solutions
R&M Energy Systems also maintains a network of
Service Centers to optimize performance, extend
product life and support customers’ needs.
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Tarby is a premier alternative source for progressing cavity pump replacement parts. With
more than 30 years experience, the company
manufactures high quality rotors, stators and
other components to fit nearly any brand of
progressing cavity pump.
Tarby replacement parts meet or exceed original
equipment manufacturers’ performance standards, providing long life and low total cost
of ownership. Testing by certified independent
labs validate the high level of Tarby product
quality, ensuring more value for the customers’
investment than other parts replicators.
One of the major advantages Tarby offers is that
all of its replacement parts are manufactured
to precise tolerances and quality checked to
ensure the perfect fit and function every time.
With its extensive in-field inventories of replacement parts readily available, customers can
minimize process downtime. Tarby also provides complete refurbishing services including
stator relining and rotor replating.
industrial pumps retrofit most brands of progressing cavity pumps and satisfy a broad
range of applications — from shear sensitive
and sanitary to slurry and sludge applications.
Tarby replacement pumps and parts satisfy
pumping applications in industries such as:
• Chemical processing
• Water and wastewater treatment
• Oil and gas
• Pulp and paper
• Food and beverage
Tarby also manufactures progressing cavity
replacement pumps. These general purpose
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zoom, rotate, pan and fly functions to accurately image the wellbore condition. By enabling
cross-wellbore 3-D visualization of common
conditions, the reservoir management team is
able to perform diagnostic analysis of the producing unit or the entire oilfield.
VisuWell correlates multiple producing wellbore
data into an understandable, dynamic, graphical
image using the internet and a simple 3-D
viewer. This allows near-real-time diagnosis
and collaboration by multiple reservoir management team members. No other producing
wellbore analysis service utilizes the technology
that has been embedded in VisuWell.
Effective downhole condition analysis can
provide significant reduction in lifting costs and
increase overall production. Additional benefits
that VisuWell offers include:
• Lower rod and tubing failure rates
• Improved run time
• The capability to obtain an objective, high
resolution wellbore deviation profile
The innovative, proprietary VisuWell® technology
is a wellsite service that offers an internetbased imaged solution to rod pumped wellbore
problems. It provides a comprehensive analysis
of the critical elements of the producing wellbore
above the pump, in a 3-D viewer that allows
• Accuracy in placing rod guides exactly where
needed to bridge a zone of high side load,
reducing rod and tubing wear
• Identification of the need to install a tubing or
rod rotator, special couplings or tubing liners
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