FREDDIE MERCURY Joe Retta or Greg Finsley


FREDDIE MERCURY Joe Retta or Greg Finsley
Joe Retta or
Greg Finsley
Mike McManus
There is little doubt among the pure rock community that legendary
band Queen and lead performer Freddie Mercury rank as one of the most
powerful and iconic groups in rock history. Queen, the kings of arena
rock, performed to packed stadiums around the globe for more than two
decades; Freddie took showmanship by a rock front man to a new level,
mesmerizing audiences with his charismatic energy and larger than life
stage persona. Upon his death in 1991, a huge void was left in the rock
concert world.
QUEEN NATION, a tribute to Queen, was formed in 2004. The
mission of the show is to carry on the musical torch and pay
Pete Burke
Parker Combs
homage to the golden age of vintage Queen concerts. Queen
Nation’s 90-minute production of Queen’s greatest hits preserves
the image, sound, and stage persona of vintage Queen. Audiences
are amazed at the accuracy of Queen Nation’s live retrospective
journey through such well known Queen songs as We Will Rock
You – Bohemian Rhapsody – We Are The Champions – Crazy Little
Thing Called Love – You’re My Best Friend – Another One Bites
The Dust – Under Pressure and many more. The tribute group
has performed in front of thousands of people at casinos, fairs,
festivals and private affairs

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