McFly egg - Total Flyfisher Magazine


McFly egg - Total Flyfisher Magazine
McFly Egg
Hook: Hanak 200BL, size 16 Bead: 3mm chartreuse
Thread: White Egg: McFly Foam, Early Girl and Cerise
n the US egg flies are pretty big
business. They are the real deal
when it comes to targeting wild
rainbows and browns; a legitimate
copy of what the trout are feeding
on at certain times of the year.
In this country they seem to be
frowned upon, but why? They work
on still and running water, so it’s
strange that we don’t use them
more. This one is easy to tie and
has additional weight in the form
of the bead – great for fishing it
down on the lake or riverbed.
Try using different colours to
see which works for you on your
total flyfisher
Place the bead onto the hook
shank and then secure the hook
in the vice. Wind on some tying
Using the tensioned thread, wrap
around the foam and attach it to
the hook shank.
Using the thread, create a taper
so that the thread butts up and
into the gap behind the hole in the
bead. Superglue.
Cut the McFly Foam into 3in
lengths, four of the Early Girl and
one thin strip of Cerise.
Turn the lengths sideways, as with
spinner wings, and figure-of-eight
wrap in between the foam.
Pull the foam back and whip finish
behind the bead. Snip the foam in
a nice clean cut the same height
as the depth of the hook.