PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05 - e



PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05 - e
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ISSUE 4 • 2005
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
In this the latest issue of the Extract newsletter from e-Xact Online, we’re
giving suppliers the chance to become the first ever e-Xact Supplier
of the Year!
We’re asking merchants to nominate entries in a number of categories –
it’s a bit like the Oscars only much more important! It’s all about using
e-Xact properly – taking advantage of the opportunities it gives to
help merchant customers. We want to hear from e-Xact users
who think an e-Xact entry is, or has been, particularly helpful to
them! More details are on page 11 of this newsletter – good
luck everyone!
A big welcome to all readers of this
slightly revamped version of the
Extract newsletter.
We say hello to two new suppliers in this
issue – ICI Paints and Rockwool – and
provide an opportunity for many other
suppliers to showcase their product
information or news.
There’s a competition on the back page
to let you all test your e-Xact navigation
skills – and, apart from giving you the
chance to win a ‘mega’ case of beer,
it will give you an opportunity to remind
yourselves just how simple and
user-friendly e-Xact is to help you on a
day-to-day basis.
Don’t lose sight of the fact that e-Xact is
there to help you do your job. However
clever and comprehensive it is, it exists for
one reason only – to distribute information
– quickly and easily. It does this with well
over 50,000 product updates each and
every month, featuring more than 35,000
linked product images, and in excess of
30,000 technical specifications, Health &
Safety sheets and other documents that
can be downloaded and printed off on a
printer near you!
Nine of the top ten UK builders merchants
use e-Xact and more than 3,000 builders
merchant branches can access the
information on it.
Inside this issue…
Meet our newest suppliers
Suppliers’ news
Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet a
bit, but we’re very proud of the service
e-Xact provides. But we’re not resting on
our laurels. In the next few issues of
Extract newsletter we will be outlining
further improvements, to make e-Xact
even more useful.
One final thing – if you have any
comments or suggestions on what you
would like to see in future issues of
Extract – do let us know. This is your
newsletter and whilst we like to take the
opportunity to share your news with our
readers, we are always happy to listen
to your suggestions for making it even
more readable.
News from merchants
e-Xact news – find out more about us
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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ISSUE 4 • 2005
ICI Paints has become the first major paint
manufacturer to sign up with e-Xact.
benefits for e-Xact users and I am sure will encourage
“We are thrilled to welcome ICI Paints on board,” says
David Cornish, UK Trade marketing manager from ICI
e-Xact’s Bev James. “We’ve been talking to them for a
Paints says joining e-Xact quite simply made sense:
while and they could clearly see the benefits of being
“We’ve watched e-Xact growing over the past year and
part of the service. Their presence means even more
decided this was the right time for us to be a part of
others to follow suit in the months ahead.”
the success story. We’re delighted that a
massive number of merchant staff around the
country will now have instant access to all the
information they and their customers need on
our huge range of products, across Dulux
Trade, Cuprinol Trade, Glidden, Polycell Trade
and Hammerite. We’re looking forward to seeing
our involvement pay dividends, for everyone
The ICI entry is one to be proud of with over
2,000 products, 900+ images and around 400
Technical and Health & Safety Data Sheets.
Why not have a look at the entry?
If you cannot remember your user name and
password, call 01270 875713 or email
[email protected]
ACO’s new ShowerDrain+
Drainage specialist, ACO Fulbora, has
launched ShowerDrain Plus – a new
stainless steel shower drainage system,
capable of being used in virtually all
domestic, leisure, hospital, commercial
and industrial arenas. There are two
configurations – ‘SDP-F’ for flexible sheet
floor applications and ‘SDP-T’ for tiled,
resin and cementious floors. All
are compatible
with ACO Pipe
stainless steel
pipework and all
plastic waste
pipe sizes.
The system provides a high drainage
capacity of 1.2 l/s and is easy to maintain
and clean. Both the SDP-F and the SDP-T
are packaged with all the components
necessary to complete installation and
onward connection.
Baxi Platinum –
with 5-year warranty
Baxi has launched Baxi Platinum HE – a
new range of high efficiency condensing
combis with a five-year warranty. The
range comprises 24kW, 28kW and 33kW
models with flow rates of 9.8, 11.5 and
13.5 l/min at 35°C rise respectively. The
24kW model has been designed and
developed specifically to meet the needs
of small families and single people – who
now make up a quarter of the households
spray and powerful body jets to ensure an
all-over body soaking experience.
Finished in stylish chrome, the
thermostatically controlled shower pole is
available in two contemporary designs –
the cross-handled Quadrant and the mono
handled Prism. There are matching ranges
of taps for each design to allow for fully
in the UK – and who have a lower
co-ordinated luxury bathrooms. Built-in
demand for hot water.
safety measures include a maximum preset temperature option as
The 5-year warranty reflects the
well as automatic shut-off
confidence the company has in the
in the event of water
stringent tests and field trials that have
been carried out on the new boiler range. failure. A simple lever
control diverts between
Bristan – in pole position
the overhead shower or
Bristan’s luxurious shower pole system
the hand-held shower
boasts a generous showerhead, hand-held with ease.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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Rockwool is the world’s leading manufacturer of
stone wool insulation for thermal, fire and acoustic
protection. As insulation is fundamental to improving
the energy efficiency of buildings, specifiers,
contractors and even homeowners are increasingly
on the look out for products that will minimise heat
loss as much as possible.
Rockwool Flexi not only provides thermal insulation, but
fire protection and acoustic insulation as well; a triple
combination that other insulation products find hard to
match. Ensuring a perfect fit is essential to maintaining
the thermal integrity of insulation. The development of
Rockwool Flexi has helped to address the issue of cold
spots caused by the poor fitting of insulation –
something which the revisions to Part L of the Building
Regulations focuses on heavily.
those commonly found in older constructions.
Rockwool stone wool insulation products are also
recyclable, making them one of the most environmental
and sustainable construction products on the market.
Rockwell has joined e-Xact as a vital way of making
itself available to merchant customers through merchant
teams. The Rockwool entry consists of 350 products
across three main ranges; Building Products, Industrial
Products and Slabs. All products have dimensions,
packaging weights, list prices and links to Health &
Safety and Technical Datasheets. Fixing Guides and
Environmental statements are also listed. Rockwool has
succeeded in making sure that merchants can easily
access all the information that they may need to buy
and sell their products.
Rockwool Flexi works in two distinct ways to reduce
noise, either by impeding the transmission of sound
through an element of the structure, or by absorption of
sound at the surface. As there are no gaps when
Rockwool Flexi has been installed, both the energy
efficiency and acoustic performance of a building is
consistently maintained – an essential requirement
following changes to Part E (Acoustic performance) as
well as Part L (Energy efficiency) of the building
regulations. Rockwool Flexi can be used for all
insulation applications in a building, making it suitable
for insulating walls, roofs and floors and is available in
various thicknesses. It is easy to cut into any shape and
is the perfect solution for buildings with frames which
flex with changing stresses or temperatures, such as
New Gyproc SoundBloc for
moisture resistant applications
British Gypsum has launched a moisture
resistant version of its popular Gyproc
SoundBloc board for lining bathrooms and
kitchens in apartments and other multioccupancy buildings required to meet Part
E acoustic regulations.
Gyproc SoundBloc MR provides the same
high level of sound insulation as standard
Gyproc SoundBloc, but includes water
repellent additives in the core and paper
liners, making it ideal for lining behind
areas to be tiled. It is therefore perfect for
bathrooms and kitchens adjacent to any
habitable room, where there is a
requirement to meet Part E Regulations.
The new Gyproc SoundBloc MR comes in
1200mm width, in thicknesses of 12.5
and 15mm, with tapered edges for taping
and jointing or skim plaster application. It
is available from all leading builders’
merchants and distributors.
New Ancon Gauge Tape
Ancon Gauge Tape features the standard
225mm brick/block gauge and clearly
illustrates the fixing position for frame
cramps. When applied to a structural
frame the tape provides a visual reference
to aid accurate masonry coursing.
This tape is an innovative, patented
product produced on high quality,
laminated film. It is supplied in rolls of 33
metres that are attractively packed for
display on either shelves or hooks.
Danfoss launches UK’s first RF
‘setting dial’ room stats
Danfoss Randall has launched the first RF
(wireless) analogue room thermostats with
the arrival of the stylish RET B(RF) range.
Simple analogue setting dials remain the
preferred method of setting and adjusting
room temperatures in most households.
The instant user appeal, coupled with their
quick, hassle free fitting and many
features not found on other room
thermostats, makes
RET B(RF) thermostats
the automatic choice
for both new-build
installations and
system upgrades.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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ISSUE 4 • 2005
Ibstock’s new Tradesman™ range of bricks
has been introduced with the smaller
builder in mind.
Carefully designed to replace
one of the most popular post
war bricks with a high
performance and durable
alternative, it is ideal for RMI
work at a competitive price.
Tradesman™ offers a wide range of
colour variations, with excellent colour
consistency and a range of surface finishes
for matching up existing brickwork, and is
ideal for all situations including boundary walls
and wall capping.
The six bricks include Tradesman™ Light (grey
buff) and the Tradesman™ Cheviot (pale orangepink). The four variations of red multi colours include
the Tradesman™ Heather, the textured Tradesman™
Sandfaced, the Tradesman™ Rustic with a subtle
herringbone imprint and the Tradesman™ Textured with a
random ‘orange peel’ surface appearance.
In addition, the Rustic and Heather are available in 73mm
format, for matching older bricks.
All the Tradesman™ bricks are classed as FL durable (F2S2 under BS EN771-1, the new standard for
bricks) and have low water absorption and soluble salts level. Good suction rates and high strength
mean that they are specifically designed to be easy to lay, with minimal wastage.
Take a closer look at the e-Xact entry for more details of Ibstock’s brick ranges.
Fernox launches Boiler Buddy
through the magnetic filter, the
contaminants are drawn into special
collection areas. Uniquely, a clear housing
allows the build up of debris to be easily
checked, enabling the condition of a
central heating system to be continually
number of
high quality
including the
True Cut
range of
Flex-seal hooks up with TCL
Flex-Seal, the world’s leading supplier of
building tools. The True Cut range includes
flexible couplings and associated drainage
a variable template tool for copying
products, have entered into a sole
shapes and angles, a circular saw guide
distributor agreement with TCL Supplies
that comes complete with a patented
Ltd to sell and market a range of tooling
system that automatically sets perfect
products into the UK and Ireland builders
The Boiler
mitres from any angle and also an angle
Buddy works merchant marketplace.
finder that can be used as a sliding
via a series of
square or bevel gauge and is ideal for
Marketed under the name Fernco Tools,
annular magnets and
the broad array of products will include a measuring roof pitch.
flux plates. As the water passes
A brand new addition to Fernox’s market
leading portfolio of energy saving products
is an in-line magnetic filter that will
revolutionise the way in which central
heating systems are maintained and
monitored. The Boiler Buddy is easily
connected to any condensing boiler
system to trap magnetite, rust and
magnetic materials to sub-micron levels,
ensuring that the system works at
Grundfos Alpha Pro gets an ‘A’
The new family of Alpha Pro circulators
from Grundfos breaks new ground,
drawing down to only 6W during normal
operation. As a result, the new models of
this product range will be the world’s first
domestic circulator pumps to feature ‘A’
class energy labelling, in accordance with
the energy label well known from
refrigerators and bulbs and now also
available for
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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Geocel has launched the UK’s first range of
environmentally friendly brick-care products
and is backing the launch with a substantial
promotional campaign. Safe to use, safe for
the environment, and safe to store, the new
EcoChem range of brick-care products
from Geocel offers fast and effective brick
care without damaging the planet or
harming people.
The range has been formulated not only with its green
credentials in mind, but also its performance. Even more
effective than many harmful brick-care products, the
EcoChem range does not compromise on performance just
because it is safe to use and non-harmful to the planet.
The full range of Geocel products is listed on e-Xact – and of
huge importance for chemicals, the entry includes Heath &
Safety Sheets and Technical Specifications.
The EcoChem range of brick-care products – comprising a
Brick & Mortar Cleaner, a Brick & Patio Cleaner, a Brick
Water Seal and an Algae Remover – contains no harmful
Because they are not solvent based, they are all safe to
handle, store, transport and dispose of and their odour-free
formulation makes them suitable for use indoors as well as
according to the most stringent EC regulations.
The products are suitable for separation and lower
flow rate filtration applications and can also be
specified for reinforcement projects because of their
high mechanical strength.
The new handy packs form part of a comprehensive
range of Hepworth woven and non-woven
ingredients like hydrochloric or phosphoric acid.
out. They are non-flammable and totally biodegradable
A new geotextile handy pack from Hepworth
Building Products is designed to meet the needs of
contractors dealing with smaller development
projects and avoid the need to store large quantities
of product between use. The 50m2 packs of woven
geotextiles are ideal for patio and driveway
(Non-woven geotextiles
are commonly used for
separation and filtration
applications calling
for relatively high
flow rates.)
The average circulator pump, of which the optimising energy efficiency levels very
majority of the installed pumps are, will
much in mind and will ultimately provide
belong to class D or E.
40 eco-friendly homes.
avoidance of toxic products. Products are
selected for characteristics such as low
embodied energy.
The new energy labelling enables
consumers to better identify the pumps
that only use the minimal amount of
energy necessary to run.
The homes at the village utilise such
features as passive solar gain, are highly
insulated, draught proof, and have active
solar systems and heat recovery units.
Sustainable drainage for
eco-friendly village
SuperSleve clay drainage systems from
Hepworth are to provide sustainable,
below ground drainage at the eco-friendly
village currently under construction by
developers Oakvale Homes for Living
Villages at Bishops Castle, South
Shropshire. ‘The Wintles’ development has
been designed with the environment and
Key criteria for the properties are
minimisation of heating requirements,
maximisation of energy usage, use of
natural or reclaimed building products, use
of natural light wherever practicable and
Reflecting the approach above ground,
below ground drainage systems must
match similar environmental criteria,
making clay drainage the natural choice.
Clay pipes require markedly less energy in
manufacture than alternatives and utilise
naturally occurring raw materials which
are available close to the point of
manufacture, minimising raw material
transportation requirements.
Once in situ they offer proven long term
performance and durability.
In addition to Hepworth clay drainage, the
properties are to make use of the
company’s terracotta flue liners, providing
similar sustainability benefits.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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ISSUE 4 • 2005
Rochdale based Selecta shower enclosures, a division of the Shires Bathrooms group of
companies, are launching many new ranges of products at KBB in January.
They have developed a range of framed enclosures capturing stylish looks and robust enough to withstand
modern building techniques through the UK supply chain. The product is made of 6mm toughened safety glass
with a polished chrome finish.
Also making its debut will be a range of ‘wet room options’ to complement their already popular range of Utopia
walk–in enclosures. These, along with several new over bath screens, together with 1700mm bath replacement
shower products, will make this a brand new re–launch of the selecta brand. Don’t miss the Selecta product range
at KBB on the Shires stand.
These new products are part of a new Gun
Foam System, which is designed to apply
Continuing the development of the existing Expanding Foam in a professional way for
a great finish.
Polyfilla Expanding Foam range, Polycell
Trade has extended the line with three
The advantages of this system in
additional products.
comparison to the ordinary spray can
application are obvious, as it allows the
foam to be dispensed more accurately,
allowing users to be more economical and
New Polyfilla Gun Foam
System from Polycell Trade
The system consists of an Applicator Gun,
Expanding Gun Foam and Gun Cleaner.
Catnic wins top product award
for Brikmat
For the second year in a row, leading
building materials specialist, Catnic, has
won the Professional Builder’s Top Product
of horizontal mortar joints when
constructing brick and blockwork. It is a
patented and BBA approved spacer
system that allows brickwork to be
constructed rapidly and to a consistent
course height without the need to check
gauge and level at every course. During
extensive trials, with both experienced and
inexperienced bricklayers, Catnic Brikmat
has proved to be up to 50% faster than
conventional building.
of the Year Award (2005), this time for its
innovative brick spacing system –
Catnic Brikmat.
Developed, tested and proven by building
professionals, Catnic Brikmat is an
installation aid to provide a uniform depth
Makita’s new slimline combis,
drill drivers and impact drivers
Makita has introduced further lithium ion
powered cordless drill drivers, combi drills
and impact drivers which deliver maximum
performance and yet are lighter, slimmer
and more powerful.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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Marley Roofing has extended its Universal range
of easy-to-fix roofing accessories with the
launch of a new dry fix hip system, HipFast.
Complementing RidgeFast, Dry Verge and Eaves Vent, Universal
HipFast offers an alternative to mortar bedded hips, whilst
providing the dry fix benefits of being quicker and easier to
install, weatherproof and maintenance free.
As with all Marley Roofing’s Universal accessories, the
components needed to install HipFast are contained in one
handy box, with enough products to install a 6m length of hip.
The one box solution makes it convenient for builders'
merchants to stock and sell and easy for roofing contractors to
purchase and transport to site.
Joanne Pearson, campaign manager from Marley Roofing,
comments: “With the current skills shortage in the roofing
industry, we are continually looking to develop systems which
address these issues. The simple roll out operation of the hip
roll provides a much easier fixing solution and the fact that it’s
universally compatible with other manufacturers’ tiles and slates
means that using HipFast couldn’t be easier.
“Not only does HipFast offer the contractor ease and speed of
installation, it also offers the end user a durable alternative to
mortar bedded hips, an area of the roof which is particularly
susceptible to wind damage.”
See the e-Xact entry for full details of this product.
TDP, the leading supplier of professional building and
landscaping products, is pleased to announce the
company’s award of ISO9001:2000 for quality
management. Known for its supply of products such as
Plantex weed control, TDP115 geotextile, Mortar Fleece
and roofing fabrics, TDP sees the achievement as a
reward for its continuous attention to detail and dedication
to customer support.
“Sustained pro-active customer service and support has
been our strategy for over 15 years,” states Rob Barlow
TDP’s managing director. “This has culminated in TDP
gaining the prestigious quality award of ISO9001:2000.
The award was granted with no non-conformances –
believed to be a distinction in its own right” continues Rob.
TDP also cites its planned continuous improvement
strategy and adherence to methods and processes as
testimony to its excellent quality management. Another
part of TDP’s quality ethos is to provide the end user with
useful technical information, Health and Safety Sheets and
detailed information on packaging. This information can be
found on TDP’s website – and is also
available via e-Xact for subscribers to download.
Tim Blackman, TDP’s product development manager
adds: “We are proud of our notoriety for supplying useful
information with the products. There is a need, however, to
streamline product information so that the end-user has
the right information for purposes intended. e-Xact seems
to have the capability to ensure that TDP’s customers can
access the right information at the right time and place.
We very much look forward to working with the e-Xact
team to help achieve our goals.”
TDP hopes to build on its success by extending its range
of products and to continue its excellent track record of
support and service.
For further information
contact TDP’s sales
office on 01629 820011,
or the TDP entry on
The long lasting Li-ion batteries are 40%
lighter than a similar 14.4v Ni-Mh 3.0Ah
battery and this, coupled with the new
slimline body, means that the BHP440
combi drill weighs just a handy 1.7kg. The
2-speed BHP440 delivers a massive
21,000 blows per minute and a hefty
38Nm of
enough to drive a
13mm hole through steel
and masonry.
The heart of this mighty
tool is the low-friction
4-pole motor, which
delivers maximum
available torque.
New Type 8 Fin Drain from Wavin in order to avoid unnecessary damage to
Wavin Plastics’ new Type 8 Fin drain is
perfectly suited for use in edge-ofpavement drains for the collection and/or
disposal of subsurface water in
accordance with the requirements of the
Highways Agency. Appropriate drainage
systems, such as fin drains, are an
important feature of good highway design
pavement foundations, earthworks and
structures, ensuring they remain safe for
pedestrians and motorists.
Wavin’s new Type 8 Fin drain acts as a
water channel directing any groundwater
and/or subsurface water directly into a
traditional piped drainage system.
The most modern cement kiln
in Europe up and running
Castle Cement’s kiln 4 at Padeswood
works in North Wales is now operational
and will enable the company to increase
production at the works from 500,000 to
over 800,000 tonnes of cement per year.
The kiln, the most modern in Europe,
operates to the highest environmental
control and performance levels. Central to
the greatly improved performance is the
use of alternative fuels, in which Castle
has been something of a pioneer.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
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ISSUE 4 • 2005
With Barry’s retirement, Paul Walters
will be fully responsible for the
management of the sales team.
After 37 years of working for Calder,
promote the lead industry, Barry was
Paul, who has been with Calder for 11
Barry Hands retired on 5 August.
also heavily involved in the Lead
years, is looking forward to his
Barry joined Calder in 1968 when the
Sheet Association and the Lead
challenging new role.
company was known as Associated
Contractors Association.
Lead Manufacturers and held various
positions throughout his career, most
recently as sales director.
Barry could see the need for greater
use of technology within the merchant
sector and was a great supporter
Barry was a judge for the Calder
Leadwork Awards and was author of
the Calder Guide to Good Leadwork,
of which over 1 million copies have
of e-Xact.
This enthusiasm lead to him being
instrumental in Calder signing up to
e-Xact as a Founder Member.
been distributed. Always one to
Caradon’s e-Xact entry, comprising over 1,700 products of Ideal boilers and Stelrad
radiators, is one of the latest to undergo an upgrade by the addition of a wealth of product
images and high quality technical documentation.
The entry, which includes a full range of domestic, commercial and industrial boilers in
addition to standard and designer radiators, already included full pricing and waste
packaging information. Following requests from their merchant customers, Caradon agreed
to upgrade the entry by adding JPEG images and technical brochures in PDF format.
Tom Anderton, Caradon Plumbing’s trade marketing manager was keen to ensure that the
upgraded entry met customers’ expectations and was amongst the best available on eXact. Nice one Tom – we think you’ve succeeded on both counts!
Hereward Homes once again
employs Vencel Resil’s Jablo
the majority of the four and five bedroom
houses. The 60mm sheets were easily
Hereward Homes has again chosen Vencel fitted on top of block flooring throughout
the houses. Jablo is very easy to work
Resil’s Jablo – a low lambda expanded
with on site and is easy to cut around any
polystyrene (EPS) insulation product –
gas or water piping. Jablo was cut to
to meet it’s flooring insulation
requirements at a new site of 12 houses triangular shapes to fit perfectly over the
pipes in the floors.
in Tinwell, Stamford.
The new Jablo insulation was installed in
£3.5m Thunderbird house a fab
showcase for Knauf Drywall
A futuristic luxury home in Poole provides
a stylish new setting for suspended
ceilings featuring products and systems
from Knauf Drywall.
one of the UK’s most expensive
addresses. It was designed and developed
by the award-winning Dorset builder,
Inspired by the dramatic lines of TV’s Tracy
Seven Developments.
Island, the £3.5 million Thunderbird house
occupies a prime site in Branksome Park, Beneath its sweeping semi-circular mono-
pitch roof, the house has flat ceilings,
suspended on Knauf Drywall’s MF and
C-Form I systems. Plastering
subcontractor Bourntex used 12.5mm
Knauf Plasterboard for ceilings in all
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
Page 10
Specialist garage door manufacturer, Garador, has introduced two new electric operators to provide smooth, safe
and secure automated opening of their entire garage door range.
The GaraMatic 10 & 20 operators
complement the range of Garador’s
Up & Over and Sectional garage
doors. With opening speeds up to
50% faster than any other operator,
transmitter and a second micro hand
transmitter supplied as standard, the
GaraMatic range is now the logical
garage doors.
I N S TA L L E R T R A I N I N G –
Tapworks, the leading supplier of
domestic ion exchange water
softeners in the UK, is taking its
highly popular training sessions
direct to installers and merchant staff
around the UK by working with a
number of merchants, taking their
training courses out and about to the
merchant branches. Attendees can
popular and which is available
through from Tapworks. Call 01494
sign up for Team Tapworks, the
installer group that benefits from
480621 for a supply.
regular contact with the company
and on-going access to promotions
and information throughout the year.
Tapworks has recently introduced a
new Installers Guide to water
softeners called ‘Soft Sell. Hard
Cash’, which has already been very
Everything and the kitchen sink high quality range of sinks and mixer taps, Pegler adds to heating controls decorative radiators and towel warmers in
which will meet with any kitchen
modern bathrooms and kitchens. This
Rangemaster – an AGA Company – has
expanded its product portfolio to include a personality whether workhorse functional
or über cool.
complements its manual and thermostatic
Pegler has added a number of new
heating controls to its already impressive radiator valve range.
‘Terrier’ branded heating controls portfolio,
a range that has seen increasing
acceptance in recent months by installers
and specifiers in the building sector.
The new sink collection includes every
possible configuration, including sinks
with single, double and one-and-a-half
bowls. They are available in a range of
materials including stainless steel, granite The range includes state-of-the-art
effect, coloured synthetic and ceramic.
programmers, along with simple to use
electromechanical programmers, radiator
There are even sinks and taps designed
valves – manual and TRV’s – room, frost
to match the huge variety of range
and cylinder thermostats, wiring centres,
cookers available from Rangemaster.
motorised valves and circulating pumps.
The 12 mixer taps in the collection
In addition, Pegler recently launched its
include traditional and contemporary
range of decorative radiator valves to cater
styles and are designed to co-ordinate
for the hugely growing market for
with the sinks.
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
Page 11
ISSUE 4 • 2005
e-Xact bundled with Unimer MX
A facility to automatically login to e-Xact and
browse the e-Xact database is included within the
MX software launched by Unimer at the Café Royal
in October 2005. The first batch of 200 discs was
mailed out at the end of October.
Unimer MX is entry level e-Trading software that
will allow Unimer members and suppliers to send
and receive electronic invoices and orders ‘out
of the box’. The availability of the e-Xact
database will allow users to identify products
(including suppliers’ codes and bar codes) for
inclusion on orders. e-Xact and API (the MX
software developers) are discussing how future
releases of MX could seamlessly integrate with
e-Xact - making ordering a very simple process
and producing error-free orders for suppliers.
“The development of Unimer MX represents a
major step forward for the whole industry,”
says Unimer managing director Howard Grant.
“MX puts in the hands of every merchant
and manufacturer the same technology
which is being used by the very largest
groups to enable their suppliers to drive
down cost and improve efficiency.”
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PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
Page 12
C O U L D YO U B E T H E F I R S T E - X A C T
At e-Xact we believe that all customers are ‘good news’ but there are some
suppliers who we definitely classify as an ‘A’ grade supplier.
So what constitutes an ‘A’ grade supplier? Basically, a supplier who has a
quality entry that adds value to the e-Xact service and its merchant users.
The things that make a ‘quality’ entry include:• Regular update of the entry when new products are added or old products
are discontinued.
of the lier
• Notification in advance of changes to list prices (where applicable).
• Inclusion of non-mandatory data e.g. dimensions, weights, waste
• Addition of ‘rich’ content – images, COSHH (Health and Safety Sheets),
Technical Specifications and other product related documents.
• Submission of press releases, brochures and other general information.
• One with good descriptions, that users can easily browse or search to find the information they require.
Ultimately, it is the user that is the best judge of how helpful an entry is. With this in mind, quality entries will be
recognised via the introduction of a ‘Supplier of The Year’ award where merchants can vote for their
preferred supplier.
In recognition of the fact that some suppliers do not have list prices, that some do not have COSHH data or complex
Technical Specifications and that others do not have great fluctuation in the product range, there will be a number
of categories:• Best New Entry
• Best Heavyside Supplier
• Best Lightside Supplier
If you are an e-Xact user who wants to nominate a supplier whose entry has been particularly useful, please let us
know by e-mailing [email protected] or enter via the web-site at
Supreme launch Supremelite –
heavy demand expected for
lightweight product
SupremeLite, Supreme’s revolutionary new
concrete mix, may make the workload lighter –
but merchants are gearing up for seriously
heavy demand.
One of the most significant innovations the
industry has seen, SupremeLite combines the
strength and durability of traditional products in a
lighter formulation – which means easier handling
and transportation for merchants – who in turn
will be able to carry bigger
stocks, cut deliveries and
use less manpower. While
many have aspired to
producing a lightweight
concrete mix, Supreme has
steadily worked at perfecting the technology and,
after five years of development, achieved its
breakthrough with the combination of a new
specialist low-density aggregate and modern
admixture technology.
The Vale of Glamorgan Council
selects Valliant’s high effieciency
system boilers
The Vale of Glamorgan Council has opted for
Vaillant’s ecoMAX 828E high efficiency
condensing combination boilers for the
refurbishment of its tenants’ heating systems on
the Shakespeare Estate in Barry, Wales. A total of
45 boilers were installed along with Vaillant’s new
innovative Variable Termination Kits.
This new accessory avoids problems of plumage
where housing is situated close together or in
small courtyards, such as Heating Engineers Push For Tectite
this particular estate by
A heating engineering company on the Wirral has
redirecting the plumage
installed Yorkshire Fittings’ Tectite push-fit fittings
away from the
neighbouring properties. as part of a working heating and water system in
their showroom.
The Vaillant ecoMAX
Alan D Scoffield Heating Engineers Ltd specialise
828E condensing boiler
has a maximum DHW output of 28kW and falls in in installing and servicing domestic fires, boilers,
SEDBUK Band ‘A’, providing efficiencies exceeding and showers. The company employs twenty
91%. It features a stainless steel heat exchanger qualified installers, all of whom have now been
shown the benefits of Tectite. Says owner Alan
and Vaillant’s ‘AquaComfort’ system, which is
Scoffield: “The visual appearance of Tectite is what
designed to provide instantaneous hot water and
sold it to me – it looks
constant temperature. The pump, expansion
quality. Being heat-free,
vessel, automatic air vent and bypass, plus the
frost thermostat, are all built in and this model also it’s a nice clean
incorporates a diagnostic and status display. It also installation. We’d never
use plastic where an
comes complete with a two-year guarantee.
installation is on show.”
PR7901 E-xact N,letter 10.05
Page 1
ISSUE 4 • 2005
Here’s a chance for you to win a mega case of beer!
Simply use your e-Xact navigation skills to find the answers to the questions below, and email them to
[email protected]
Entries must arrive by no later than 16th December 2005. The lucky winner will hear from us before Christmas!
1. What is the thermal conductivity of Hanson Old English Russet bricks?
2. What is the chemical name of Hunter’s Silicone Fluid (lubricant)?
3. What’s the list price of a Keystone 1800mm eaves lintel?
4. What is Simpson Strongtie’s product code for a S/S Crocodile wall profile?
5. How much is a Premdor Durador OV 762 x 1981 x 35mm?
6. What is the approximate coverage of a pack (12.5kg) of Lafarge Cove Adhesive?
7. What are the two brand names for particleboard flooring from Norbord?
8. How many Health and Safety (COSHH) documents are available on e-Xact for Lafarge Cement?
9. What is the weight of a Marshall’s 900 x 600 x 50mm standard flag?
10. What is a “42034531” from Calder Lead?
Did you know that if you are an e-Xact subscriber who supplies Buildbase or CBA
Group you can send editorial for customised special edition newsletters that are
circulated to the branches of these groups. As with the e-Xact monthly and quarterly
newsletters and the e-Xact press release service, inclusion of items in either of these
publications is free of charge for subscribers.
The newsletters, designed to explain to branch staff the ways in which e-Xact can be
used, include special supplier features and they regularly include a competition to test
e-Xact navigation. In a recent competition two Buildbase branches each won a
‘mega-case’ (100 bottles) of beer for sharing amongst staff. The lucky branches whose
entries were first out of the hat were Ludlow and Kings Norton. Ivan King, manager of
Buildbase Kings Norton said, “We were delighted to win this most acceptable prize! But
seriously, we find e-Xact’s a vital tool in our everyday work. It’s a source of information
that we value very highly.
If you would like to win a case of beer, have a go at the competition on the
back page of this newsletter.
Telephone 01270 875713
Fax 01270 872429
e-Xact’s Bev James delivering the beer to Ivan King, manager
of Buildbase at Kings Norton.