Patti Labelle Concert Program


Patti Labelle Concert Program
A thousand mistakes are an
education if you learn something
from every one. - Patti’s Pearls
She has survived the fads and trends and like
the perennial phoenix, she has transformed
herself time and again. The road has not
But she will tell you with a smile as broad as
always been paved with gold for Patti LaBelle
her high octane vocal range that she
as she has journeyed from ‘60s girl group
considers it a blessing that she has sustained
leader to a new millennium powerhouse diva.
her career and that she can make a living at
what she loves doing most, purely and simply,
singing her heart out!
Born Patricia Holt in 1944, Patti s
earliest years were spent much like
those of her musical
contemporaries singing in church.
Patti LaBelle has been dishing out
popular R&B pop tunes for close
to forty years, accumulating gold
records, fame, fans and wealth in
the process. From her early days
as part of her self-titled soul-group
LaBelle, to her departure to pursue
a solo career. Patti has remained
as visible, and as talented, as her
first day on the scene.
In addition to musical prowess, Patti
LaBelle has proven that she is neither
a theatrical, movie or television
lightweight. Her credit s include
television s Emmy-Award winning
Motown Salutes The Apollo and the
long-running A Different World; the
silver screen s A Soldier’s Story,
Broadway’s Your Arms Too Short To
Box With God and the musical House
of Flowers. Perhaps best known for
her more than 40- year career in the
entertainment industry, Patti LaBelle
is also a dedicated social servant.
Patti has worked on behalf of such
causes as cancer and AIDS
awareness. She is truly a
humanitarian. She is a true believer
in who she is and what she ventures
into, which is a testimonial to her
abilities, and her dedication.
I still have so much more to do, so many oth
a lot to be thankful for but I m always exci
her things to try. I have a lot of blessings,
ted about what else there is for me to do.
The Hardest Working Woman
in Show Business...
Making a living is not the same as
making a life. - Patti’s Pearls
Patti LaBelle is truly an American icon;
she has proven to be the hardest working lady in show
business. Patti received the Lena Horne Lifetime Achievement Award
in October 2001 and also BET honored Patti LaBelle for the 7th Annual BET
Walk of Fame Award. Patti LaBelle is busy as a bee, with new adventures in the making!
2001 Lena Home Lifetime Acheivement Award
2001 7th Annual BET Walk of Fame Award
1999 Grammy Nomination
1999 NAACP Image Award - “Patti LaBelle
Live! On Broadway: One Night Only”
1997 NAACP Image Award - Best Literary
Work (Nonfiction) - “Don’t Block the Blessings:
Revelations of a Lifetime”
1997 NAACP Image Award - Performance In
A Variety Series or Special: “The 1996
Essence Awards”
1994 Video Soul Hall of Fame Award
1993 American Music Award - Favorite R&B
Female Vocalist
1992 Grammy Award - Best R&B Female Vocal
1993 Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
1990 Essence Award
3 Soul Train Music Awards
1997 Pennsylvania Governor’s Award
1994 Howard University Hospital Legacy of
Leadership Award
Philadelphia Key To The City
Honorary Doctorate: Berklee College of Music
A Medal from the Congressional Black Caucus
Cable Ace Award: “Sisters In The Name
of Love”
Research Foundation
“Double Patti” commercials for McDonald’s
A Citation from Congress on her 20th Anniversary
in the Music Business
The B’Nai B’rith Creative Achievement Award
NAACP Entertainer of the Year Award
(her second)
NAACP Image Award
(for three consecutive years)
Ebony Achievement Award
Martin Luther King Lifetime
Achievement Award
Three Emmy Nominations
Eleven Grammy Nominations
A Special Research Laboratory for Cancer was
dedicated in her honor at the famed Sylvester
Comprehensive Care Center at the University
of Miami
Spokesperson for National Cancer Institute
Spokeswoman for National Medical Association
Spokesperson for American Diabetes
Spokesperson for National Board of Directors
for the Alzheimer’s Association
National Chairwoman of the Black Health
Guest on: “A Different World”
Her own show: “Out All Night”
NBC TV Special: “The Patti LaBelle Show”
Movie: “A Soldier’s Story”
Movie: “Sing”
Movie: “Unnatural Causes”
Movie: “Fire and Rain”
Rock Opera: “Tommy”
Broadway Play: “Your Arms Are Too Short To
Box With God”
Book: “Don’t Block the Blessings: Revelations
of a Lifetime”
Book: “LaBelle Recipes to Sing About”
Book: “Patti’s Pearls: Lessons in Living
Genuinely, Joyfully, Generously”
Big Sisters of America
United Negro College Fund
National Minority AIDS Council
American Cancer Society
Save the Children
You don’t need a certain
number of friends, only a
number of friends you can
be certain of.
- Patti’s Pearls
Even with all of her many accolades, and accomplishments
Patti complements herself creatively and artistically. In
1995, Patti launched the Patti LaBelle Signature Lip and
Nail Collection; a collection of lipsticks and nail polishes
which captured the style and flair of the diva herself.
In 1996, along with Laura B. Randolph, Miss LaBelle started writing her
long awaited biography Don’t Block The Blessings: Revelations of a Lifetime.
Queen Diva Patti LaBelle once again outdid herself
with her new cookbook LaBelle Cuisine-Recipes to
Sing About!! She shares the secrets to more than 100
of her most cherished dishes. She recently released her
new book entitled Patti’s Pearls: Lessons in Living
Genuinely, Joyfully, Generously where she shares her
secrets for living wisely and well.
Patti LaBelle soars, releasing many hits, singles and albums. The new
millennium is here and Patti LaBelle is still giving the audience what they
want. In October of 2000, Patti released her latest album, When A Woman
Loves. This album is a chart-topper; filled with sultry love songs, heart
wrenching ballads and funky calypso tunes.
Patti LaBelle is stepping into a brand new venture
celebrity shoe design. A self-proclaimed shoe
queen and collector who owns more than 3,000
pairs of shoes, teams with Sears, Roebuck and Co.
to create a limited-edition pump to benefit Sears
Fashion Takes Action—Clothes That Work!
Patti has been anointed with much love; noooobody works a room like Patti. She is indeed A Star,
A Phenomenal Woman!!
Don’t try to change the wind,
change the sails. - Patti’s Pearls
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