Where`s My Refund- ACES Tutorial



Where`s My Refund- ACES Tutorial
Where’s My Refund- ACES Tutorial
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Welcome to the “Where’s My Refund ” ACES tutorial
The purpose of this tutorial is to assist students who
are receiving financial aid identify whether or not a
refund check has been issued.
To get started login to ACES, click on the student tab, and then web services. If you
need assistance logging in, go back & review the “Introduction to ACES” tutorial.
1. Click on Student & Financial Aid
2. Click on the Financial aid tab.
Click on Financial Aid Status
Robert Dinero
2. Select the Aid Year
you would like to view
The first thing you’ll want to check is whether you have any unsatisfied requirements. In this case the student is
being notified unsatisfied requirements exist. To see the specific requirement click on student requirements.
On this screen requirements are separated into two groups, satisfied & unsatisfied. Under the Unsatisfied
Requirements in the red box, students should check with the Student Financial Services office as many
By clicking on the Instructions box, more information
regarding the Requirement & instructions to complete
the process.
The next thing you’ll want to check is whether you are meeting the Federal Satisfactory Academic
Progress requirement. A student who is not meeting SAP can be placed on suspension at any
time, ultimately impacting your award. If you are meeting SAP, located in the red box, click on
awarded under the green arrow.
By clicking on the Award Overview tab, you’ll need to verify that you have an award
posted for the specific sememster you are expecting a financial aid refund.
Two important things to know about your refund:
Although you may see an award in your AWARD Summary, the award will not pay out nor
will a refund check be issued if you have not registered for classes.
Once your refund check is issued you must immediately pay for any additional courses you
enroll for.
Once the census date has passed the hours enrolled is considered your official enrollment.
students can still enroll for more courses however financial aid will not cover these courses.
Let’s look at a couple of scenarios in the next slide.
To check the status of your refund go to the Financial Aid Status page and click on
the Account Summary.
Common FAQ- I see my award in my Award Summary but I still have a balance, & I received an e-mail
reminding me of the balance. Will I be dropped?
Remember, if a Spring financial aid award is posted in your ACES account under the Spring term heading, and is
greater than the amount of charges it automatically saves spring course registration and a refund check is generated
for the amount of grant funds greater than the charges posted. The refunding process begins 10 days before the 1st
class day, and the actual check is typically released/mailed the week before classes begin.
When your aid pays the semester balance and a refund check is issued, you’ll know because you
will see both post to your Financial aid Account Summary as indicated below in the red box.
In the blue box, you will see the term balance that remains after your financial aid has been
applied. In this instance the student has a zero balance however if a balance remains, students
are responsible to pay the balance or risk being dropped from classes.
Refund Checks and Payment Deadlines
For the most up to date information regarding how to pick up your refund check or
obtain information on payment deadlines, visit the Business Office website. Financial
Aid does not distribute refund checks or take payments for balances.
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