Mass Schedule - Holy Family Parish


Mass Schedule - Holy Family Parish
Mass Schedule
Rev. Frederick Walters, Pastor
Rev. Thomas Rekiel, Temporary Administrator
Rev. Krzysztof Liwarski, Parochial Vicar
Rev. Philip-Michael Tangorra, Weekend Assistant
Deacon Peter M. Fiore
Deacon William Ward, Retired
Virginia Akhoury, Pastoral Minister
Director of Religious Education, Anne Giedlinski
Director of Music Ministry, Randy Hertzog
Youth Minister, Jason Marx
Parish Bookkeeper, Barbara O’Connor
Parish Secretary, Celeste Walsh
Ralph Aurilia - 973-951-6508
Gene Miranda - 973-583-2469
Roger Siara - 973-822-1661
Ralph Aurilia 973-951-6508
Bob Cottam 973-887-1232
*Anne Feith 973-966-1314
Peter Fiore
Gene Miranda 973-583-2469
Roger Siara
*Michael Prokop973-301-0678
Bob Scirocco 973-377-1387
Fred Summa
*Parish Trustee
Sunday Mass Schedule
Saturday 5:30 pm
Sunday 7:30, 9:00, 10:30 am,
12:00, 7:30 pm
Daily Mass Schedule
Monday-Saturday, 8:15 am
Holy Day Schedule
Vigil Mass, 7:00 pm
7:30, 9:00 am, 12:10, 7:00 pm
1 Lloyd Avenue ~ Florham Park, New Jersey 07932
The office will be open Monday-Thursday
from 8:30 to 2:30 p.m.
[email protected]
Phone 973-377-1817
Fax 973-377-6350
[email protected]
[email protected]
SACRAMENT OF BAPTISM - First, second, third and fourth
Sundays of each month at 1:30pm. Baptism preparation for parents
first Tuesday of the month. Phone rectory for details and
HOLY FAMILY SCHOOL - An environment for growth in
faith, values and knowledge. Tiny Tots (2 1/2 yrs. old) through 8th
grade. For further information, please call the school office,
RELIGIOUS EDUCATION - A program of religious instruction
for grades 1 through 8. Confirmation preparation for high school
students. For further information, call the Religious Education
Office, 973-377-3101.
Ministry to the Homebound: Ginny Akhoury, 973-377-2315
Mary Scirocco,973-377-1387
Ministry to the Hungry: Anne Platoff, 973-822-0430
Sharon Carr, 973-568-5932
Hospital Visitation: Ginny Akhoury, 973-377-2315
KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS - Dr. McDowell Council - For
information, call Charlie Pane 862-368-8585. For Hall rentals, call
Ralph Aurilia at 973-301-0297.
PRO-LIFE MINISTRY - Frank and Barbara Tinari, 973-8220084. Important Contact Information: New Jersey Right to Life
( 732-562-0562.
CENTERING PRAYER meets at 7:30 p.m. in the O’Connell Room
(convent) on Monday nights.
ROSARY is prayed each day at 7:50 a.m. (before the 8:15 Mass).
MIRACULOUS MEDAL NOVENA is prayed on Mondays after the
8:15 a.m. Mass.
EUCHARISTIC ADORATION The Blessed Sacrament will be
exposed for veneration on the First Friday, after the 8:15 mass until
10:00 a.m., and every Tuesday after the 8:15 mass.
June 20 Centering Prayer Group: 7:30 PM; Convent
June 26 Fr. Fred’s Retirement Mass: 12:00 PM;
Followed by a Luncheon
June 27 Centering Prayer Group: 7:30 PM; Convent
Mass Intentions
Monday, June 20, 2016
8:15- Matt Angelillo,
11th Anniversary
- Special Intention
Tuesday, June 21, 2016
8:15 Wednesday, June 22, 2016
8:15- Anna Prokop
Thursday, June 23, 2016
8:15 Friday, June 24, 2016
8:15- Edward Halvorsen, Jr.
1st Anniversary
Saturday, June 25, 2016
8:15 - Fanni Nalon
5:30 - Carmela Rossi
- Joan Larsen
Sunday, June 26, 2016
7:30 - Carl Krah
- Jacqueline Ciardiello
9:00 - Marilyn DeLotto
- Paul Lanza
- Mary Elizabeth Salerno
10:30 - Rosemary Trainor
- Rocco Bravoco
- Camilo Sanchez
12:00 - William&Mary Walters
- John S. Durkin
- Marcos Sundiang, Sr.
-Bess Salerno
7:30 - People of Holy Family
Doretta Walker, (daughter of William De Angelis).
THE MARIAN CANDLE will burn in memory of
Hugh Croghan.
THE SANCTUARY LAMP will burn in memory of
James B. McCarthy, Sr.
Please pray for our parishioners, relatives and friends who are ill:
Alison Walters Soderburg, Brian Connolly, Fr. Fred, Alyssa
Blatt, Peggy Schneyer, John Mahoney, Kate Monteforte, John
Schneyer, Linda Ryan, Stephen Matuszek, Bernie Dorn, III,
Carol Padden, Ramona Baumgaertner, Theresa Veverka, Bob
McGurk, Steven Reich, John Veverka, Dave Kreutzer, Mary Ann
Senko, Fr. Paul Longua, Fr. William Santeliz, Curt Price.
ALTAR SERVERS Please be sure to sign up for Weekend Masses
and Special Events via SignUpGenius on the parish website,
PARISH EMAIL MAILING LIST The parish has a email mailing Select Altar Servers under the Groups/
list. The purpose of this is to quickly provide interested parishMinistries tab. Select Schedule and follow the links under the
ioners with important news and announcements are time sensitive Schedule to sign up to serve at masses and/or Special Events.
or notices of interest to parishioners who might be away on busi- Check website for upcoming events.
ness or vacation. To subscribe simply email [email protected] and your email address will be added to the A NOTE FROM THE PRINCIPAL
“I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parishioners
of Holy Family Church for your continued support of Holy Famthose serving in the armed forces:
ily School, not just monetarily, but in so many other ways. I
Major Timothy Renahan USA
have enjoyed my time as principal and appreciate your warm
Sgt. Jared K. Nucci, USA
welcome and continued interest in what we are doing and how
Matthew Manzione, USA
the children are faring. Please enjoy the lazy, hazy days of sumAS1 Brian Schramm, USN
mer and I certainly wish everyone only the best”.
HT2 Thomas Dwyer ESWS, USN
Master Sgt. Jennifer Sweetin USAF
PFC Patrick Montuore USMC
Sister Ann Kavanagh, RDC
Lt. Stephen Scirocco USMC
A televised SUNDAY MASS is now airing on ABC Family from
MASSES AROUND THE COUNTRY - To find the closest church in
6:30 to 7 a.m. each Sunday morning. For more information, go
the U.S., or go to
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662 Holy Family Church
A Not So Ordinary Season – What you need to know about Ordinary Time
What Does Ordinary Time Mean?
Before we can look specifically to the meaning of Ordinary Time,
we need to know something of the way the Church celebrates the
mystery of Christ during each liturgical year.
“Christ’s saving work is celebrated in sacred memory by the
Church on fixed days throughout the year. Each week on the day
called the Lord’s Day the Church commemorates the Lord’s resurrection. Once a year at Easter the Church honors this resurrection and passion with the utmost solemnity. In fact through the
yearly cycle the Church unfolds the entire mystery of Christ and
keeps the anniversaries of the saints.
“During the different seasons of the liturgical year, the Church, in
accord with traditional discipline, carries out the formation of the
faithful by means of devotional practices, both interior and exterior, instruction, and works of penance and mercy. “ (General
Norms of the Liturgical Year and Calendar, Chapter 1.1)
The Church’s liturgical year begins with Evening Prayer I of the
First Sunday of Advent. The seasons of the Church’s liturgical
year that celebrate a specific aspect of the mystery of Christ’s life
and mission are Advent, Christmas, Lent, the Easter Triduum and
Easter. The remaining 33 or 34 weeks (depending on the year) of
the yearly cycle make up Ordinary Time.
During Ordinary Time, as the days progress through the year, the
Church celebrates the fullness of the mystery of Christ, especially
on Sundays. Unlike those seasons where special focus is given to
the coming of Christ (Advent), the birth of Christ (Christmas), the
preparation for the Passion and Death of Christ (Lent) and the
Resurrection of Christ (Easter), Ordinary Time recalls the events
and mystery of Christ’s life in their totality.
It may have seemed to you at times, that this time is,
well, ordinary; in the sense that it is not as important. But that is
not so. Prior to the new missal that followed Vatican II, these days
were referred to as related to Sundays after Epiphany and Sundays
after Pentecost. This time is called Tempus per annum, “time
through the year.” It is from this that we render in English, Ordinary Time. Rather than meaning unimportant, it
means ordered, as in Ordered Time.
TITHING This week’s collection was $7,855.00,
(last year was $7,484.00).
Thank you for your continued generosity.
Yes, it’s that time of the year… we are looking
for proposals for next year for snow removal for
Holy Family Parish. If you or someone you
know is interested, please contact the rectory
office at 973-377-1817 or email [email protected].
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Five Ways to Effectively Observe Ordinary Time
Ordinary Time, then, is also a time during which we can grow
closer to the Lord and deepen our spiritual lives. As we approach the first Sunday celebration in Ordinary Time 2013
(commonly known as the Second Sunday of Ordinary Time –
see question below in our bonus quiz), let’s look at five things
we can practice to get the most out of our observance of Ordinary Time. These are things we can do any time, but let’s use
them to renew our commitment to Christ throughout the year.
1..Surrender to Christ – There is nothing we can do to be
saved or to progress in the spiritual life except by Christ.
Begin each new day by surrendering yourself to Him and His
Will. Replace the habit of pride with the practice of humility,
trusting in the Lord.
2..Enter into and Remain in a State of Grace – We can make
no progress in the spiritual life if we are not in a state of sanctifying grace. Those who believed and were baptized were
freed of sin and its eternal punishment. They were justified by
Christ’s grace and said to be in a state of sanctifying grace. If
they have not knowingly and freely committed a mortal sin,
they remain so. If you are not in a state of sanctifying grace,
you need to be. If you are not baptized, seek to be baptized in
the Catholic Church. If you are baptized, but have committed
a mortal sin, that sin needs to be confessed in the Sacrament of
3..Develop a daily prayer habit – If we love someone, we desire to be with that person. The same is true if we love God.
Prayer is how we spend time with God. Commit to pray daily
prayers of Adoration, Petition, Intercession, Thanksgiving and
Praise. Devotionals, such as the Rosary, and liturgy, such as
the Divine Office, are great practices to assist you.
4..Meditate on the Sunday Mass Readings – Spend time each
week prayerfully reading and thinking about the coming Sun
day’s Mass readings; what they mean and how they apply to
your life. The Magnificat is a wonderful publication to help
you do this.
5..Be Christ to Others – Jesus Christ came not to be served,
but to serve. He calls His followers to do the same. We cannot
claim to follow Christ if we do not serve those people He
places in our daily lives. Service always requires us to be
Christ to those around us, but we are also called to serve those
we do not easily recognize. Widen your outreach this year. In
what way can you help others? Who can you serve? Take
these questions to daily prayer and ask Jesus to show you
those in need for whom you can make a difference. Then get
on with the Lord’s good work.
The response to Holy Family Parish’s Memorial Pavers
Project has been excellent. Our plan is to extend this paved
walkway through the coming years as we continue to grow.
What a wonderful way to remember a relative or friend,
living or deceased! At the doors of the church are extra
order forms. Please remember the Paver contribution is
tax deductible. Any questions, call Chairman Ralph Aurilia, 973-951-6508.
662 Holy Family Church
Please join us as we mark
Fr. Fred’s retirement on Sunday,
June 26th @12:00 Mass followed by a
reception in the gym.
Please RSVP by Monday June 20th
or email [email protected]
First Eucharist 2016
Ava Adochio
Brady Harrington
Brooke Ahearn
Ashleigh Hawryluk
Daniel Amalfitano
Richard J. Hawtin
Lindsay Behre
Colin Heinold
Arabella Braca
Abigail Holmes
Kendra Brooks
Scott Hunter
Ava Caccavelli
Andrew Jankowski
James Casola
Adriana Kerekes
Sabrina Casola
Jack Kovacs
Bryce Cicchino
Juliana Madigan
Sophie Cicerone
Nico Malgieri
Jake Colatrella
Samantha Manias
Jack Connolly
Allison Massarano
Matteo Conte
Joseph Monticello
Carlie Corrao
Alex Ocejo
Anthony Cosentino
Matthew O’Leary
Milo Crimi
Theodore Petro
Ava D’Agostino
Julia Podkanski
Christopher DeTitta
Bruno Regalado
Allison DiBrienza
John Renzullo
Nicholas diFrancescantonio
Santiago Rojas
Gabriella DiGeronimo
Dante Rosato
Anthony DiLauri
Louis Rowe
Andrea DiSessa
Rocco Santillan
Vincenzo DiTacconi
Marcello Scalzo
Ava Esposito
Lauren Schmit
Nathaniel Estrella
Madelyn Shanley
Luke Ferrara
Sydney Shepard
Alejandro Foley
Julia Shrager
Matteo Foley
Caden Thomas
Ryan Fox
Arianna Ucci
Nolan Gabel
Elisa Verrico
Jack Galante
Robert Vogt
Laila Giuliana
Nicholas Zakhary
Gregory Glodek
Bradley Zwigard
Eric Harding
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“Congratulations to the Dr. McDowell
Knights of Columbus Council 2248 of
Madison/Florham Park on receiving the
Founders Day Award from the New
Jersey State Council of the Knights of
Columbus. The council, which serves
both Holy Family and St. Vincent Martyr parishes, received the award for having the largest percentage in
membership gain for their size in the Paterson Diocese.
The council won the award by adding 15 new members to
their roster this year. The award was presented at the
State Councils' Founders Day Dinner in Avenal, New Jersey on June 5th. We thank the efforts of all of our officers
and members, particularly our Grand Knight Charlie Pane
and our brother Knight Tom Natoli, in spearheading our
membership drive. Those who may be interested in joining the Knights, and helping us to continue to grow and
serve our church and our communities, please feel free to
talk to any of our members, or visit our website at:”
Boiling Springs Savings Bank is providing us with a special
opportunity for fund raising. The program is called the
Community Alliance Banking Program, and Boiling Springs
will make a quarterly donation to Holy Family based on the
average balances in all members’ designated accounts. Eligible accounts include
checking, savings, CDs, Premium
Checking, Money Market and Individual Retirement accounts. Both new and existing accounts are eligible.
When you open a new account, inform the Customer Service
Representative that you would like this account to be part of
the Community Alliance Program for Holy Family. If you
already have an account, visit one of their branches to fill out
an enrollment form designating the accounts to be included
in the Community Alliance Program for Holy Family.
All account information is kept strictly confidential with
Boiling Springs and no one from Holy Family has any
knowledge of any member’s account information. We encourage all parish members, teachers and parents to enroll
because the more members we have the larger the quarterly
bank donation becomes.
Holy Family received $742.62 from Boiling Springs Bank
for the quarter ending June 30. This is a donation from
Boiling Springs Bank. No money comes from members’ accounts.
662 Holy Family Church
Faith, Family, Academic Excellence!
We congratulate our 8th Graders who
will be attending the following High
Schools in September:
Aeryn Alvarez-Academy of St. Elizabeth
Samuel Label-Seton Hall Prep,
Elias Marquez-Regis High School,
Carly McNulty-Villa Walsh Academy,
Timothy O’Connor-Seton Hall Prep,
Aknai (Frank) Pan-Seton Hall Prep,
Arvin Valmores– International Polytechnic
High School (Pomona, CA).
Registration is being accepted for Tiny Tots
through Grade 8. Information about Holy
Family School can be obtained by calling 973-377-4181
or visiting the school office for an information packet.
Enrollment in kindergarten requires the child to have
reached his or her fifth birthday by October 1.
THE GIFT CARD PROGRAM is a year-long fundraiser
that everyone can participate in and support Holy Family
School. Simply purchase gift cards at face value to the
stores where you shop and those stores give HFS money
back. Please contact the school office, or Maggie Walsh 973
-377-5029 or Marisela Marquez 973-845-2333.
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662 Holy Family Church
FOOD PANTRY Thank you for your support of the Food
Pantry. This week’s item is cereal. Remember we cannot
accept expired items. Sharon Carr 973-568-5932, Anne Pla- Fall Semester Position Available at Assumption College for
toff 973-822- 0430.
Sisters, Denville: Instructor possessing a Master’s Degree in
RELIGIOUS ITEMS FOR THE MISSIONS Ginny History for World Civilization 1. Interested applicants should
Akhoury is collecting religious items, prayer cards, send resume to Sister Joseph Spring, SCC. presinovena booklets, medals, small statues, rosaries [email protected] by July 1.
(broken ones will be repaired) crucifixes and greeting cards, for distribution around the world. These items will be
sent to missions in Africa, India, the Philippines and many other
locations. Please leave any contributions in the baskets at the
doors of the church.
The Benedicta Leadership Conference for Women and
Women of Grace Retreat will be held at Malvern Retreat
House from July 7-10. The Benedicta Leadership Institute for
Women trains Catholic Women to be active leaders and mentors in accord with their state in life. The conference will be
held at Malvern July 7-8. This will be followed by the Women
PROLIFE NEWS Please check out the new titles in the
of Grace retreat that will center on the theme “Hail, Holy
Right to Life pamphlet racks at the church doors. They include Roe plus 40; A Catholic response to the death penalty; Queen, Mother of Mercy: Our Refuge on the Battlefield of
Healing after abortion; and Explaining the reality of marriage Life”. The retreat will include presentations by four speakers.
For more information please contact 610-644-0400.
to family and friends.
Villa Walsh Academy will be holding their Sports Camp with
has an urgent need for new volunteer members two session ns offered: Session 1; June 27-June 30; Session 2:
July 5-8. For information contact Jamie LoBue at 973-538to carry on the tradition of emergency readi3680x170
ness and response to keep Florham Park safe.
If you are at least 18 years of age, please con- Bayley Ellard Class of 66 It’s that “Golden Time” our “50th”
tact the Chief’s Office at 973-377-3241 to discuss this imReunion! Where are you classmates? Please call Ann Marie
mediate opportunity.
(Sandello) Brady @ 973-714-8638.
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662 Holy Family Church