We`re glad you`re here!



We`re glad you`re here!
Address: 252 East 9th Street, Cookeville, TN 38501
Web: Collegeside.org
Phone: (931) 526-2661 Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook.com/Collegeside I Twitter.com/Collegeside I YouTube.com/Collegeside
Assembly Times: Sunday: 9am I Class: 10:30am, Sunday Night: 6pm (5pm Nov-Mar), Wednesday Class: 6:30pm
We’re glad you’re here!
June 1, 2014
Thank you for being a part of today’s assembly at Collegeside.
What you’ll find at the Welcome Center:
We hope you will be uplifted and strengthened as we worship
A warm greeting from a Collegeside member.
and praise God together.
A list of Bible classes and where to find them.
Our Welcome Center is located at the right as you exit the
Details about ministries and how to get involved.
Christian Life Center.
More ways we can meet your needs.
Listening to the Heartbeat of God
Summer Series in the Small Auditorium, Wednesdays, 6:30 p.m.
Joe Roberts
[email protected]
Placing Membership:
Vern and Billie Jo Crabtree
Luke, Matthew (& daughter-in-law
1599 Randy Drive
Cookeville, TN 38501
931-261-5492 Vern
931-267-3127 Billie Jo
[email protected]
June 4 — Joe Roberts, Collegeside Church of Christ
June 11 — Chip Pugh, Collegeside Church of Christ
June 18 — Mark Smith, Laurel Church of Christ, Knoxville
June 25 — Dr. Scott McDowell, Lipscomb University, Nashville
July 2 — Kevin Daughrity, Sycamore Church of Christ
July 9 — Reid Hillin, Woodmont Hills Church of Christ
July 16 — Andre Massengile, McClellan Avenue Church of Christ
July 23 — Larry Cline, Hardin Valley Church of Christ
July 30 — Buddy Johnson, Jefferson Avenue Church of Christ
Brochures are in the Welcome Center outlining our fantastic
speakers. Come study the Bible with us!
June 1, 2014
Chip Pugh
Campus Minister
[email protected]
SOAR: Did you know every Tennessee Tech incoming freshmen enters the CLC
prior to beginning the fall semester? TTU uses our facility as part of their
―SOAR‖ program (Student Orientation Advisement & Registration). Please pray
that God permits us to connect with these young people. We know events like
these can give us opportunity to plant the Seed.
This Week:
Sunday – Bible Class in UCSC – Q & A
Wednesday – Summer Series @ 6:30pm
Thursday – Dinner & Devo @ 7pm at the Palks
Short Mountain Bible Camp: Our students will be leading evening worship and
activities at camp on Tuesday, June 17th. Please keep that event in your prayers
as we serve these young people and point them to Christ.
Teenside is getting the Summer started right. Bible Bowl has announced 1 Kings
as the book for this year. This week—June 6th--we will be having a
devotional Friday night at our house at 6pm. Dinner will be provided.
Kent Shepherd
Interim Teenside Minister
June—Short Mountain 15th - 20th. A record number from Collegeside have
helped us push the capacity of Short Mountain to the limit this year! If you want
to go but missed the deadline, let Christy know.
July—Caney Fork Float - tentative July 2nd
[email protected]
CampbellBall Campout/Service—6th-8th. We will be working with Jefferson
and Willow on this one.
Keep an eye out for more updates as we will have a lot going on this Summer.
Children's Worship Teacher: Leslie Eldridge; Children's Worship Helpers: Team
5: Bouton, Hall, J&K Smith, Robbins; Children's Basket Holder: Cooper & Carson
Nursery: Susan & Maggie Hall, Lori Boyd
Upcoming Events:
Kathy Mattson
Interim Kidside Director
[email protected]
*Short Mt. Bible Camp is June 15th-20th. Parents, check out the web site for more
info at www.ifiwerentatshortmountain.com .
*Mission Point Nashville is July 11th -13th : This is for children who have
completed third grade and their family. Please check the sign-up sheet in Kidside.
Deadline to sign up is June 4(we need to reserve rooms)
*This Sunday is PROMOTION DAY for our children. I am thankful for all my
teachers this quarter. Thanks very much!!
See you Sunday!! Mrs. Kathy
June 1, 2014
Prayer Requests
1st Wednesday Meal
Jean Barnes is at CRMC Room
543 and has developed
pneumonia. She would appreciate
your prayers and cards.
This Wednesday, June 4th will be
our 1st Wednesday Meal in the CLC
beginning at 5:15 p.m. Ginny
Henson will be our chef! And
remember it is most appreciated if
Wanda Qilliam, Joe Roberts'
sister, is in CRMC Room 643. She you who can
stay a few minis receiving dialysis right now.
utes after the
Nola Ethridge's brother Nelson
meal and help
Des Champs is at Erlanger in
clean up.
Chattanooga and is in the
Surgical ICU unit there, Room 10.
He has a back brace, fluid on his
lungs, and is in a great deal of
pain. Please lift Nelson up in your
A special Thank You to all the host
prayers for healing.
families for the Harding Academy
Chorus. You were such a blessing
to these students and we
appreciate your hospitality.
Thank You
Remember our New
Classes start today,
Sunday, June 1st!
Check the
Welcome Center for
This Week on Social
Join the conversation about:
Welcome to Collegeside, Vern,
Billie Jo, Luke and Matthew
Photo gallery of Seniorside’s
trip to Thomas House!
summer series, "Listening to
the Heartbeat of God!
Backporch devo with UCSC
and Teenside!
―Star Chucks Coffee!‖
Ladies in Prayer Service (LIPS) would
like to invite the ladies
of our congregation to
join them this Mon.,
June 2nd at 6:00 pm
in Room 107. LIPS is a
group of ladies of all
ages who meet to pray together as
well as to study about prayer to
strengthen our relationship with
God. Contact Deborah Allen at 5251880 or [email protected] for
more information.
Seniorside Trip
Everyone had a great time on their
trip to The Thomas House this past
Tuesday. If you would like more
information about our Seniorside
events, see Robert and Ann Breeding.
Upcoming Wedding
Everyone is cordially invited to the
wedding of Kendra Johnson and
Bart Hillis on Saturday, June 21st
at 7:30 p.m. at the home of Jeff and
Resa Roberts, 4035 North Quinland
Lake Road, Cookeville.
Dessert reception to follow. Kendra
is the daughter of Roy and Donna
Pantry Needs
The Pantry served
136 families this
past Wednesday.
We are in need of
toilet paper.
Bridal Shower
There will be a ―Couples‖ Bridal
Shower for Nancy Nabors and Jake
Lockert THIS Sunday, June 1st from
1:00pm-2:30pm in the GAP.
Jake Lockert was a UCSC student
director for two years & then our
UCSC Interim last year. Nancy Nabors
has been the Teenside Intern for the
past year.
June 1, 2014
Order of Worship
Sermon Outline
Faith in the Gym
Here I Am To Worship
Hebrews 10:32 – 11:6
A. If you never play, you never win.
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
1. Have we become too ____________________ or __________________ ?
You Are the Words and the Music
Scripture Reading: Dennis Weeks
2. God calls each of us to live by ___________________ .
Shepherd’s Prayer: Mike Palk
B. God uses ordinary people to carry out extraordinary assignments.
Why Did The Savior Heaven Leave
1. God asks His children to embrace _____________________ and
___________________________ assignments.
Thank You For The Cross Lord
2. For many, if not all of us our initial response to God may be ________ ,
_________________________ and/or a sense of _______________________ .
Lord’s Supper: Lane Ward
Thank You Lord For Loving Me
3. All of God’s assignments come with His ___________________ and His
________________________ .
This World Is Not My Home
There’s A Stirring
4. Every time you say ―________‖ to God you change a little. Your heart
gets a little _________________ , your spirit _______________ a little each
time and your addiction to comfort gets a little _______________________ .
Lesson: Joe Roberts
I Am Mine No More
Closing Prayer: Wesley Bray
5. You are never more fully alive than when you say, ―_________‖ to God.
―Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when
you stood your ground in a great contest in the face of
Communication Cards
Just For Kids
Cards placed in the seat in front of you help us
communicate better with our guests and
Kids are welcome to attend "Children's Worship"
for ages 2-5 or Focus" for ages K-2nd Grade
following our giving time this morning.
Please fill one out and
communion plate. Thanks.
Also, we’d love to care for your little ones during
our assembly in our nursery. Just exit the back
doors and enter the doors that say ―Kidside.‖
Have a Need?
Last Sunday by the Numbers
Every week two of our Shepherds will be available
immediately after this assembly to meet with
those who have questions, prayer needs, or simply
need a listening ear.
Sunday Assembly:
Sunday PM/CORE Assemblies:
Budget Needs:
Contribution Week 05/25:
Shortfall for Week 05/25:
$ 5,391.22
Positive for YTD 05/25:
$ 7,959.74
Elders available in Conference Room on 06/01:
Lloyd Franklin and Roscoe Limbaugh

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